. . . "WHO IS GOD?" . . .


( 1 ). If the readers desire to have a part in the LORD'S work as soul workers, it would be great for them to begin their own tract ministry by down-loading our messages and send or give copies to others. What could be more important for you as an ambassador for CHRIST than to support the BODY OF CHRIST in this way? The messages are already written, so why not pass them on to others? Read { I- Corinthians 5:17 - 21 }.

( 2 ). As to the writers belief and doctrine . . .,

No - { 1 }: "We are strictly Biblical and our Denomination is the BODY OF CHRIST, { Ephesians 1:20-23; - 2:15-16; 4:4, 12-16; - Romans 12:4-6; - Colossians 2:10, 16-19; - & - Etc. }!"


No - { 2 }: "We adhere to no denominational beliefs unless what they teach is taken from the true Word of GOD and taught in the correct context." Read { 2- Timothy 3:14-17 }.


No - { 3 }: "We believe that we are to be busy proclaiming the truths for this present Age of Grace, in view of the soon coming of our LORD JESUS CHRIST." Read { 1- Corinthians 15:51-52 - & - 1 - Thessalonians 4:16-18 }.


No - { 4 }: "We believe in the verbal inspiration of the Word of GOD. Again please read { 2- Timothy 3:16 }."


No - { 5 }: "We believe in the past, present, and future, eternal DEITY of the LORD JESUS CHRIST," and that He is the Second Person of the "TRINITARIAN GODHEAD { Titus 2:13; - & - 2 - Corinthians 13: 14 }."


No - { 6 }: "We believe in the total depravity of man", and "everlasting punishment of those who reject JESUS CHRIST as their Saviour, and their GOD { Romans Ch. 3; - John 3:36; - & - Revelation Ch. 20:15 }."


No - { 7 }: "We believe in 'Redemption by the blood of CHRIST', and "salvation is through and according to GOD'S Grace, not of one's personal works { Titus 3:5; - & - Ephesians 2:8-9 }."


No - { 8 }: "We believe in Everlasting life and the eternal security of every Christian { John 10:29 }."


No - { 9 }: "We believe in the personality and everlasting punishment of Satan { Job Ch. 1; - & - Revelation Ch. 20 }."


No - { 10 }: "We believe in the 'imminent Rapture [ Resurrection,' ] of the BODY OF CHRIST", followed by "the great 7 year Tribulation Period and the literal Millennial Reign of JESUS CHRIST as the future MESSIAH and KING OF KING'S on this very earth { 1- Thessalonians 4:16-18; - 1 - Corinthians 15:50-55; - & - Revelation Ch. 20:1-6 - Etc. }."


( 3 ). The reader will notice that we have put words in parenthesis in the various Bible verses, this is done to help the student have a better understanding of the old King James language which is often a little bewildering to some folks who are not use to that kind of speech. Therefore, please bear with us as we teach the message.

( 4 ). One more thing we might mention, sometimes when writing a message, we may recopy various verses to bring out something that we may have over looked the first time. Plus, we will also paraphrase various verses at different times to give a more comprehensive interpretation of the text.

( 5 ). A good idea would be to read your Bible along with each verse we have quoted. It is also very important for the student to look up all the added Bible texts that we have referred to in the message. This will give the reader much added information! Another thing we should mention is that when we copy a verse from the Bible we will change much of the spelling from the archaic 16th century King James language to the modern way of spelling. Such as . . .

( 6 ). "Searcheth to searches ..., thy to your ..., standeth to stands ..., knoweth to knows ..., maketh to makes ..., nay to no ..., bringeth to bring or brings ..., hath to has or have ..., saith to says ..., doeth to does ..., justifieth to justify ..., helpeth to help ..., liveth to lives ..., ever to always and etc.

( 7 ). None of the above will take away from the true meaning of the original text."


( 8 ). Scripture: "In the beginning GOD created the heaven and the earth, { Genesis 1:1 }."

( 9 ). The above { V. 1 } paraphrased below in commentary form . . .


( 10 ). Scripture: "In the beginning GOD { ELOHIM } created the heaven [ atmosphere, the: 'first Heaven, out of three mentioned in the Bible' ] and the earth [ within the atmosphere ], { Genesis 1:1 }."


( 11 ). Commentary . . . The first Heaven contains the atmosphere surrounding this earth. The second Heaven surrounds this first Heaven, and the second Heaven contains all the starry Galaxies in it. The third Heaven mentioned in the Scriptures contains the place where GOD sits on His throne and obviously there is no end to the third Heaven. The third Heaven it seems goes out into eternity as far as the east is from the west, read { Psalm 103:11-12 }. [ Naturally, some of this is this writers own comprehension of the Scriptures. ] Read { 2: Corinthians 12:2 - & - Ephesians 1:3 }.

( 12 ). In the beginning, not of eternity, but of the creation of this world as described in this chapter. This marks the first break in the past endless eternity. GOD. Literally; ELOHM, a generic term for deity as well as a proper name for the true GOD. There are many names of GOD in the Scriptures! and we will name a few of them.

( 13 ). "The - ADONAI,: The LORD, which is a plural word", - "The ELOHENU: of the SHEMA is 'our GOD' and is plural - a plural unity." "Echad - is a 'compound unity,' meaning several or many in one." "The Hebrew word 'YACHID' is an absolute unity, meaning absolutely and indivisible one." "GOD in { Genesis V. 1 } is also translated in our Bible as 'the most high GOD," [ "EL ELYON" ] 'El' is a shortened form of ELOHIM and speaks of GOD'S strength, Mighty leader, Supreme Deity, meaning the plentitude of power and Majesty and allowing for the N.T. revelation of the TRIUNITY of the GOD HEAD, He is the strongest strong One, or the most high GOD, the possessor of Heaven and earth." [ "The word 'ELOHIM is the plural of ELOAH' ] He is the "THREE IN ONE."


( 14 ). Scientist agree that the human memory bank brings back to memory, not more than one-tenth of the knowledge that people have ever heard. And, perhaps that is enough if we will adequately use this knowledge in the correct way.

( 15 ). This writer has spent well over fifty years in a serious study of the Word of GOD, and I confess to my appalling ignorance in certain areas. I assure you that I do believe in the "TRINITY" with all my mind.

( 16 ). I revel and rejoice in it, believing that it is not only a great truth, but one of the unique truths of the Christian faith. I confess that I find it an enigmatic mystery. I find it an inscrutable riddle.

( 17 ). I find that it is complicated, and complex, and bewildering. And, I find that it is impossible to explain adequately. One reason for this is that the "TRINITY" is not geared to this mechanical age.

( 18 ). Tensions and pressures hurry us through life. A cartoonist has pictured a man sitting in a one-table restaurant, giving his order to the one waitress present. He is saying, "I want one-minute oatmeal, three minute eggs, two minute bacon, forty five-second toast, and instant coffee. I have to be at work in twenty three minutes."

( 19 ). An age that goes at a pace such as this is not an age that will ever know very much about The "TRINITY Of GOD" it cannot be explained in just a few moments. It is doubtful if it can ever be satisfactorily explained, yet we need to study it carefully.

( 20 ). For several hundred years after the age of the Apostles, the "TRINITY" was a most important subject to intelligent men. It was the all engrossing topic that men of intellect spent their time upon. Men such as Irenaeus, Tertullian, Athanasiu, and Augustine gave themselves to much study of this great doctrine.

( 21 ). The doctrine of the "TRINITY" broadly affected the life of Europe for centuries. From the day of the Apostles until about the seventh century it was very important to multitudes of people.

( 22 ). The economic, the political and the social life was essentially influenced by this truth. Rulers reigned, armies marched, diplomats conversed as this truth helped shape the destiny of Europe.

( 23 ). All so-called Liberalism is basically off at this point. Back of the denial of the DEITY of CHRIST is the denial of the "TRINITY." This denial came into America by way of New England through the Congregational Assemblies that became largely Unitarian, and of course we must add the Christian Science, Mormon, and Jehovah Witness denominations.

( 24 ). There is an ancient adage which warns that he who would try to understand the "TRINITY" would lose his mind; and he who would deny the "TRINITY" would lose his soul. And right now, we are caught in that kind of a dilemma, although we shall not be able to understand it fully, or perhaps not even satisfactorily.

( 25 ). We shall at least stand on the fringe of this great truth and worship. We shall look at the definition of the TRINITY, then the declaration in Scripture of the "TRINITY," and finally see some illustrations from creation of the "TRINITY."

The TRINITY Defined . . .

( 26 ). I have at times been ask to define the three GOD in one mystery more than once, and to do this in just a few short words, I have tried to do it in this manner. If we will take a common peach and use it as an illustration it will give us a basic understanding of how three beings can actually be "one."

( 27 ). If we will consider the "Flesh" of the peach as being typical of GOD the FATHER, then we have the "Seed" of the peach; we should consider it as being typical of GOD the SON. Last, we have the "Kernel" in the seed, we should consider it as being typical of GOD the HOLY SPIRIT. Therefore, we have three basic parts of the peach but yet "ONE PEACH, which depicts Unity."

( 28 ). There is this danger, when speaking of the "TRINITY," to have in mind three Gods. That is a false concept! There is the other extreme of going to the opposite side by holding that the one GOD has expressed Himself in three different ways, which is also false.

( 29 ). This error is known as modal Trinitarianism and was thoroughly answered by some of the giants of faith who we have already named. I turn now to the statement which I believe to be the best that has been made on this subject. It is in the Westminster confession of faith. Even though I find fault with many things employed in several of the various so called confessionals, this particular teaching seems to be mostly of a sound doctrine.

( 30 ). The question is asked: "How many persons are there in the GODHEAD?" The answer is: "There are Three Persons in the GODHEAD: The FATHER, the SON and the HOLY SPIRIT; and the Three are ONE God, the same in substance, and Co-equal in power and glory." That definition is the finest you can find.

( 31 ). Now notice that three persons constitute one Being, ONE GOD! Peter, James, and John are not a trinity. They are three persons, but they are not the same nor do they always have the same attributes, they are not equal, and they are not Deity.

( 32 ). There are three chairs before me, they look alike and are constructed of the same material and possibly from the same tree, yet they are not a trinity. GOD is one Being, yet He is three Persons!

( 33 ). These three have one nature: the nature of the three. For instance, a great many folks like to make a distinction in the nature by stating that GOD is Holy, CHRIST is love, and the HOLY SPIRIT is infinite.

( 34 ). Such is a false distinction, for GOD THE FATHER is holy, GOD THE LORD JESUS CHRIST is holy, and GOD THE HOLY SPIRIT is holy. 'GOD THE FATHER is love: [ that is one of His definitions' ], GOD THE LORD JESUS CHRIST is love, and GOD THE HOLY SPIRIT is love. GOD THE FATHER, GOD THE LORD JESUS CHRIST, and GOD THE HOLY SPIRIT are infinite. They are THE ONE Trinitarian GOD.


( 35 ). { 1 }: When GOD created the Heavens and the Earth, all Three Persons of the GODHEAD worked together as a unite in order that His will would be accomplished in perfect order. GOD the FATHER in His Infinite wisdom created the Heavens and the Earth through the "WORD," and then the "WORD" Who is, and was at that time, none other than GOD The "LORD JESUS CHRIST Himself." And since He is called LORD, it must be understood that there is only one true LORD, and this can only refer to GOD: THE LORD JESUS CHRIST!

( 36 ). After the creation, one more thing had to be added in order to perfect the creation. The HOLY SPIRIT breathed life upon the creation, and it became a living substance in full perfection.

( 37 ). { 2 }: When GOD created "Adam," He created him in a perfect manner and in perfect perfection, Adam's perfection was accomplished in the same perfect way that the LORD caused the rest of His creation to be established.

( 38 ). The LORD doesn't do things in a half hearted manner, every literal thing He has done, He performed it perfectly, and, who is the person that would deny this fact?

( 39 ). Therefore, to repeat myself: "GOD the FATHER in His Infinite wisdom created the Heavens and the earth through and by the "WORD," and the WORD Who is now, and was at that time in history, none other than "GOD THE LORD JESUS CHRIST Himself."

( 40 ). As we have stated, nothing would have been performed in a perfect manner without the combined effort of the entire TRINITARIAN GODHEAD.

( 41 ). After Adam had been formed into a perfect man, and after Eve had been formed for Adam's helpmate, neither one of them could have existed as such had GOD THE HOLY SPIRIT not breathed the spirit of life into them that they might become living 'human beings [ souls' ].

( 42 ). As we have before stated: the life of the individual is actually the soul of that person, there has been much confusion in the past of what a soul consist of. This man and woman could have never lived as human entities without the soul being breathed into them, and the same thing applies to you and I today!

( 43 ). We would challenge any reader to refute what we have stated by Scripture if you can! When GOD the LORD JESUS CHRIST came down to this very earth, He did this, that He might become the SON of man in the flesh:


( 44 ). { V. 16 } Scripture states: "For GOD so loved the world that He gave His only begotten SON, that who so ever believes in Him should never perish, but have everlasting life,

( 45 ). { V. 17 }: For GOD "SENT" not His SON into the world to condemn the world; but that the world through Him might be saved, { John 3:16 -17 }."


( 46 ). The above { Vs. 16-17 } paraphrased in commentary form . . .

( 47 ). { 16 } "For GOD THE FATHER so greatly loved and dearly prized this present world and its people - that He even gave up His only unique AND HOLY SON, so that whoever believes in Him and places all his trust 'in Him [ that is, in GOD The LORD JESUS CHRIST ]: by clinging to Him and relying on Him - shall not perish or in any way come to destruction, by becoming lost again . . . but will have eternal [ i.e., . . . everlasting life ].

( 48 ). { 17 }. For GOD THE FATHER did not send GOD THE LORD JESUS CHRIST His Eternal SON down from Heaven to this world in order to have Him judge, reject, to condemn, or to pass sentence on the world; but that the people upon the earth might find salvation. [ And, that the earth will become safe and sound through Him." ]


( 49 ). Commentary ... The fact that JESUS CHRIST, the Second Person of the GODHEAD, descended down to dwell upon the earth even for just a short time, He would have had to believe in the same things as the FATHER.

( 50 ). Or, He would never have had a desire to come down to a sinful world, and sacrifice His very life for a very wicked undeserving multitude of people in the first place!

( 51 ). At the time CHRIST decided to leave Heaven, being of the same mind as the FATHER ..., "He GOD THE LORD JESUS CHRIST ..., GOD the FATHER, and GOD the HOLY SPIRIT, all consisted of the TRINITARIAN GODHEAD in all unity and perfect completeness. In order for JESUS to dwell among flesh and blood humanity, He had to become the "GOD-MAN in the flesh!"

( 52 ). In other words, JESUS had to have a physical body so that He could live as a human being upon this earth the same as other humans, and take on the same human characteristics as the rest of humanity.

( 53 ). The next phase of the LORD'S life, was to be born as a baby from the womb of a young virgin lady whom the FATHER had already chosen for this purpose. This was an absolute necessity in order to bring about the fulfillment of past prophetic utterances! such as . . .


( 54 ). { V. 14 }: Scripture . . . "Therefore the LORD Himself shall give you a sign; Behold, a virgin shall conceive, and bear a SON, and shall call His name IMMANUEL:

( 55 ). { V. 15 }: Butter and honey shall He eat, that He may know to refuse the evil, and choose the good, { Isaiah 7:14-15 }."


( 56 ). The above { V. 14 }: paraphrased in commentary form . . . "Therefore, the LORD Himself shall give you [ Israelites ] a sign, Behold, the young lady who is unmarried and a virgin shall conceive and bear a son, and shall call his name IMMANUEL - which means "GOD WITH US." . . . Read { Matthew 1:22- 23; - Jeremiah 31:22; - & - Micah 5:3-4 }. [ The fulfillment of the LORD'S birth was as follows ] . . .,


( 57 ). Commentary . . . There are many proofs in our Bible that JESUS CHRIST is GOD, and many of them are spoken of in the Old Testament and refer to His birth and His Person as GOD!


( 58 ). { V. 6 } Scripture: "For unto us a child is born, unto us a Son is given: and the government shall be upon His shoulder: and His name shall be called Wonderful, Counselor, The MIGHTY GOD, The Everlasting FATHER, The Prince of Peace.

( 59 ). { V. 7 }: Of the increase of His government and peace there shall be no end, upon the throne of David and upon His Kingdom, to order it, and to establish it with judgment and with justice from henceforth even forever. The zeal of the LORD of hosts will perform this, { Isaiah 9: 6-7 }."


( 60 ). The above { Vs. 6-7 } paraphrased below in commentary form ...

( 61 ). { 6 } Scripture: "For unto us a child is born, unto us a Son is given: and the government shall be upon His shoulder: and His name shall be called 'Wonderful [ The Supernatural,: ] Counselor", 'The MIGHTY GOD [ ELOHIM,' this is also applied to YAHWEH which predicts the ultimate victory of MESSIAH over evil ], 'The Everlasting FATHER [ of Eternity' ], The Prince of Peace. ... [ The One Who brings peace in the fullest sense of wholeness, prosperity, and tranquility ]. Read { Luke 2:11; - Matthew 28:18; - Hebrews 1:8; - & - Ephesians 5:14. }

( 62 ). { 7 }: Of the increase of His government and [ of ] peace there shall be no end, upon the throne of David and 'upon [ and over' ] His Kingdom, to 'order it, and to establish it with judgment 'and [ to uphold it' ] with 'justice [ and with righteousness' ] from 'henceforth [ from the time of [ CHRIST i.e., The MESSIAH'S Second Advent onward': ] even forever. The zeal of the LORD of hosts will perform this, { Isaiah 9: 6-7 }." ... Read { Daniel 2:44; - & - 1- Corinthians 15:25-28. }


( 63 ). { V. 1 } Scripture: "And there shall come forth a Rod out of the stem of Jesse, and a Branch shall grow out of his roots.

( 64 ). { V. 2 }: And the SPIRIT of the LORD shall rest upon Him, the Spirit of wisdom and understanding, the Spirit of counsel and might, the Spirit of knowledge and of the fear of the LORD.

( 65 ). { V. 3 }: And shall make Him of quick understanding in the fear of the LORD: and He shall not judge after the sight of His eyes, neither reprove after the hearing of His ears:

( 66 ). { V. 4 }: But with righteousness shall He judge the poor, and reprove with equity for the meek of the earth: and He shall smite the earth with the rod of His mouth, and with the breath of His lips shall He slay the wicked.

( 67 ). { V. 5 }: And righteousness shall be the girdle of His loins, and faithfulness the girdle of His reins, { Isaiah 11:1-5 }."


( 68 ). The above { Vs. 1-5 } paraphrased below in commentary form ...

( 69 ). { 1 } Scripture: "And there shall come forth 'a Rod [ a Shoot' ] out of the 'stem [ stock family': ] of 'Jesse [ King David's father' ], and a Branch shall grow out of his 'roots [ descendants' and the Branch shall grow and bear fruit. ] Read { Revelation 5:5 - & - 22:16. }

( 70 ). { 2 }: And the SPIRIT of the LORD shall rest upon Him, the Spirit of wisdom and understanding, the Spirit of counsel and might, the Spirit of knowledge and of 'the [ reverential and obedient' ] fear of the LORD. [ That is, this SPIRIT in the verse literally refers to The SPIRIT of JEHOVAH. ] . . . Read { Judges 15:14 }.

( 71 ). { 3 }: And shall make Him of quick understanding [ i.e., and His delight shall be a reverential and obedient fear, 'that is, ] in the [ reverential: ] fear of the LORD': and He shall 'not judge after [ or by' ] the sight of His eyes, neither 'reprove [ decide' only by or ] after the hearing of His ears:

( 72 ). { 4 }: But with 'righteousness [ and justice' ] shall He judge the poor, and 'reprove [ decide' ] with 'equity [ fairness' ] for the 'meek [ poor and downtrodden' ] of the earth: and He shall smite the earth [ and the oppressor ] with the rod of His mouth, and with the breath of His lips shall He slay the wicked. ... Read { Isaiah 65:20 }.

( 73 ). { 5 }: And righteousness shall be the girdle of His 'loins [ waist' ], and faithfulness the girdle of 'His reins [ loins' ], { Isaiah 11:1-5 }." [ All of this will be fulfilled during the future thousand year reign of MESSIAH. ] Read { Revelation 20:4 }.


( 74 ). Commentary . . . This is a great vision of the future which this whole chapter unfolds. Apostate critics deny that the blessed Person mentioned in the opening verses is our LORD JESUS CHRIST. They think that Hezekiah or Josia is meant. But, { 2- Thessalonians 2:8 } shows that it is our LORD JESUS.

( 75 ). When we link the above { Isaiah 11:1-5 } with chapter { 9:6-7 } we find proof of the fact. Again His coming in humiliation and His coming in exaltation are here interwoven, and we behold His eternal righteousness.


( 76 ). { V. 26 } Scripture: "And in the sixth month the Angel Gabriel was sent from GOD to a city of Galilee, named Nazareth,

( 77 ). { V. 27 }: To a VIRGIN 'espoused [ engaged': through a Hebrew engagement ceremony ] to a man whose name was 'Joseph [ a descendant ], of the house of David'; and the virgin's name was Mary, { Luke 1:26-27 }."


( 78 ). Commentary . . . The word "Gabriel" means "man of GOD." According to Hebrew law, the espousal or engagement was as binding as marriage.


( 79 ). { V. 30 } Scripture: "And the Angel said to her, Fear not, Mary: for 'you have found [ grace ... free, spontaneous, absolute ] favor [ and loving kindness' ] with GOD.

( 80 ). { V. 31 }: And, 'behold, [ listen! pay strict attention - Mary and take particular notice':] you shall conceive in your womb, and bring forth a Son, and shall call His name JESUS, { Luke 1:30-31 }."


( 81 ). Scripture: "Now the birth of JESUS CHRIST was on this wise: When as His mother Mary was espoused to Joseph, before they came together, she was found with child of the HOLY SPIRIT, { Matthew 1: 18 }." [ Referring to CHRIST'S Incarnation { V. 20 }.


( 82 ). { V. 20 }: above paraphrased in commentary form . . . "Now the birth of GOD The LORD JESUS CHRIST'S Humanity took place under these circumstances: When His mother Mary had been promised in marriage to Joseph . . ., before they came together in an actual marriage, while they were as yet just engaged, she was found to be pregnant through the power of GOD the HOLY SPIRIT."


( 83 ). Commentary . . . Here we have the proof that GOD works in a TRIUNE manner. All three parts of the GODHEAD are used co-equally. Thus, as we have before mentioned earlier we have GOD the FATHER sending GOD the SON down to the earth. The FATHER merely voiced the "WORD," and the WORD was the LORD JESUS CHRIST."

( 84 ). GOD the HOLY SPIRIT overshadowed Mary and CHRIST'S Humanity, "the Man-child appeared in Mary's womb, thus, THE BABY LORD JESUS CHRIST" became a living "SON of MAN" for He came

out of woman but He also was "GOD The SON" because "Mary was found with Child of GOD the HOLY SPIRIT, { Matthew 1:18 }." CHRIST was naturally also "GOD in the SECOND PERSON OF THE TRINITARIAN GODHEAD."

( 85 ). All of us must be careful here and not go past what Scripture states. Millions will read these verses and interpret them as saying that Mary gave birth to GOD. This is positively false doctrine! Mary actually gave birth only to the LORD JESUS' [ IMMANUEL'S ] humanity.

( 86 ). CHRIST, Who now became the MAN CHILD as GOD in the flesh had always existed in eternity past as GOD in the Spirit until He voluntarily took on the human body of flesh, blood and bone! . . . He as

The eternal GOD never had a mother! Never could a human give birth to the everlasting GOD in the past, present or future tense!


( 87 ). We now hasten to state that the word "TRINITY" is not used in the Scripture. But neither is the word "ATONEMENT" found in the New Testament.

( 88 ). The word incorrectly translated atonement in { Romans 5:11 } is RECONCILIATION ]. Although the word atonement does not appear in the N.T, it certainly teaches what the O.T. presents as the atonement.

( 89 ). It isn't necessary to have the word, for that which the word signifies is taught in the N.T. Scripture. Since the word "TRINITY" doesn't appear in Scripture, does the Bible actually teach the "TRINITY?" If it doesn't, we can dismiss the subject and forget it, and thus millions of ministers have been taught wrong! because, millions of ministers in the past have also taught the same thing that we are teaching in this thesis!!!

( 90 ). But if the Bible teaches the "TRINITY," then we should believe what it says. Someone might state: "Before I believe it I want to understand it." If truth is only what we understand, then there isn't much that is true today, for we are quite limited in our understanding of many subjects in our Bible, and the same is true about the "TRINITY."

( 91 ). On such a basis, trigonometry and organic chemistry are not true ... I don't understand them. Actually, I have never had any desire to understand them. Yet, I fail to take the awkward and ignorant position that they aren't true subjects, because I know they are.

( 92 ). Truth isn't limited to my or your pea sized brain but this doesn't mean that it doesn't exists. There are men today who, because they cannot comprehend but very little of the Scriptures much less the "TRINITY," want to dismiss it. However, the real question is, does GOD'S Word teach it?