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The Gift Of Tongues, Are They For Us Today?


If the readers desire to have a part in the Lord's work as soul workers, it would be great for them to begin their own tract ministry by down loading our messages and send or give copies to others. What could be more important for you as an ambassador for Christ than to support the Body of Christ in this way? The messages are already written, so why not pass them on to others? {See 2- Corinthians 5:14-21}. [Be sure and read... V- 19 - & - 20].

1. The reader will notice that we have put words in parenthesis in the various Bible verses, this is done to help the student have a better understanding of the old King James language which is often a little bewildering to some folks who are not use to that kind of speech. Therefore, please bear with us as we teach the message. A good idea would be to read your Bible along with each verse we have quoted. It is also very important for the student to look up all the added Bible texts that we have referred to in the Message. This will give the reader much added information!

2. This message also contains thoughts and excerpts from several great Bible Teachers such as "Cornelius Stam, Charles F. Baker, Dave Hunt, Paul M. Sadler, Clarence Larkin, J. C. O'Hair, Jack Van Impe, Noah Hutchings, Ernest R. Cambell, John Barela, Arno Gaebelein, Charles R. Taylor and David Webber.

3. As to the writers belief and doctrine, we are strictly Biblical! We adhere to no denominational beliefs unless what they teach is taken from the true Word of God and taught in the correct context. We believe that we are to be busy proclaiming the truths for the present age of grace, in view of the soon coming of our Lord. We believe in...

No. 1. The verbal inspiration of the Word of God {2- Timothy 3:16}

No. 2. The Deity of Jesus Christ, and the Trinity of the Godhead {Titus 2:13; - & - 2- Corinthians 13:14}.

No. 3. The total depravity of man, and everlasting punishment of those who reject Christ {Romans Ch. 3; John 3:36; - & - Revelation Ch. 20:15}.

No. 4. Redemption by the blood of Christ, and by grace, not of works {Titus 3:5; - & - Ephesians 2:8-9}.

No. 5. Everlasting life and the security of the believer {John 10:29}.

No. 6. The personality and everlasting punishment of Satan {Job Ch. 1; - & - Revelation Ch. 20}.

No. 7. The imminent Rapture [Resurrection] of the Body of Christ, followed by the great 7 year Tribulation Period and the literal Millennial Reign of Christ on this earth {1- Thessalonians 4:16-8; 1- Corinthians 15:50-55; - & - Revelation Ch. 20:1-6}.

4. Existing today in many Christian circles is much confusion concerning the subject of "Tongues." There is great perplexity among Assembly leaders over the tongues movement. What is the cause of it and what are they to do with it? It will not go away. In fact the movement is gaining momentum.

5. Many denominational leaders say that they are willing to make a place for tongue speaking within their denominational congregations. Some of the old line Orthodox frown on this movement saying that the type of tongue that is being spoken today in the Charismatic Assemblies are not the same tongues that was spoken in the early Church Period.

6. Frankly these leaders do not know what to do about the tongues movement and it seems are unable to produce Scriptures which prove conclusively that tongues speaking today is out of order. Those who are participating in the movement have picked out many Scriptures to back up their doctrine in order to prove that followers of this practice do have the ability and power to peak in tongues! Their main reason for this type of worship they teach, is proven by the Texts given primarily in the {Book of Acts} of the Apostles as well as the {Epistle of 1- Corinthians}.

7. It is very true that the Scriptures positively taught tongues and that there were many folks that were endowed with various spiritual gifts. These folks teach that since the early Christian were endowed by the Spirit of God with these gifts, why shouldn't Believers in this present age have this same endowment and power?

8. Thousands upon thousands of people that are participating in this movement are enthralled and are rejoicing in the fact that the tongues movement is sweeping aside denominational barriers and those who are members of this movement are seeing a real unity that they have never experienced before!

9. Pentecostal, Episcopalians, Lutherans, some Baptists, Non Denominationalist, Methodist, Presbyterians, and Roman Catholics are uniting in what they call the "Charismatic movement."

10. The movement follows along strictly with Pentecostal doctrine. The word "Charismatic" is interpreted from the word "charisma" which means, "a Divine gift to a devout individual, conferring on him powers of healing, prophesying, etc.

11. The word "charisma," or "Charismatic" incidentally are relatively new words. In Webster's first edition, English 1828 Dictionary, the words are not found. The definition above is from the World Book Dictionary 1967 edition.

12. The unity being produced and experienced in this movement is a great rallying point for those involved. It provides them with certain types of doctrine that encourages others who are not proficient in the Scriptures to join them. It is recognized that those within the Charismatic movement are making a great impact upon the Body of Christ and upon the world at large. The zeal of these folks is evidenced throughout the United States and in many parts of other Countries. Their organization is rapidly growing yearly.

13. Our purpose, however, is not to write a commentary concerning the tongues movement but rather to open the Word of God and see what the Scriptures has to express concerning this subject. To study this system of worship according to God's Word gives us an excellent position to determine the true merit of this type of doctrine and what part it will play if any, in the Lord's present program.


Definition Of Tongues...

14. The dictionary lists ten definitions of the word "tongue." Six of them relate to language and speech. The fifth we choose to quote because it fits in with the Bible usage of the word. "A language: the whole sum of a word used by a particular nation." Here we notice that it has reference to a language. The plural would have to do with languages. A good procedure to follow in Bible study is to follow the principle of the law of first mention. That is to check the first mention of a word in the Scriptures, for there, generally, the meaning of the word is set.

15. The word in a general way carries that precise meaning throughout the remainder of God's Word! When turning to the Book of {Genesis Ch. ten}, we notice the first mention of the word "tongue" Scripture ...

16. {V.5} "By these were the isles of the Gentiles [and who are the sons of Japheth in the coastlands] divided in their lands; every one after his tongue [i. e., their own language], after their family, in their nations." [And again: we notice the first mention of the word "tongues"] ...

17. {Ch. 10. V. 20} "These are the sons of Ham, after their families, after their tongues, in their countries, and in their nations."

18. The first mention set the use of the words tongue and tongues, as having reference to specific languages or dialects. Of course the word is used often as a reference to the specific origin of speech. As such many figures of speech are associated with the word tongue, such as: "double tongues" {1-Timothy 3:8}, "my tongue is the pen of a ready writer {Psalm 45:1}, etc. It will be helpful to look up the last mention of the word in God's Word, Scripture ...

19. "And he gathered them together into a place called in the Hebrew tongue Armageddon {Revelation 16:16}." In writing this message it will be recognized that we have repeated ourselves several times. We do this in order to cause the student to have a better understanding of the subject, so please bear with us as we continue our subject.

20. The first and the last mention of tongue carries with it the idea of a language that is the whole sum of words used by a particular nation. In order to continue to allow the Scripture to speak for itself, we must set forth additional verses that further substantiate the fact that the word "tongue" has to do with languages of particular nations. Scripture ...

21. 1- "Now there is at Jerusalem by the sheep market [gate] a pool, which is called in the Hebrew tongue Bethesda ... {John 5:2}."

22. 2- "And when he had given him licence [permission], Paul stood on the stairs, and beckoned with the hand unto the people. And when there was made a great silence, he spoke unto them in the Hebrew tongue, saying {Acts 21:40}."

23. 3- "And when they heard that he spoke in the Hebrew tongue to them, they kept the more silence... {Acts 22:2}."

24. 4- "And when we were fallen to the earth, I heard a voice speaking to me, and saying in the Hebrew tongue, Saul, Saul ...{Acts 26:14 }."

25. 5- "And they sung a new song, saying, You are worthy to take the book, and to open the seals thereof; for You was slain, and have redeemed us to God by Your blood out of every kindred, and tongue, and people and nation {Revelation 5:9}."

26. 6- "And they had a King over them, which is the angel of the bottomless pit, whose name in the Hebrew tongue is Abaddon, but in the Greek tongue has his name Appollyon {Revelation 9:11}."

27. 7- "And I saw another angel fly in the midst of Heaven, having the everlasting Gospel to preach to them that dwell on the earth, and to every nation, and kindred, and tongue, and people {Revelation 14:6}."

28. 8- "And these signs shall follow them that believe; in My name shall they cast out demons; they shall speak with new tongues {Mark 16:17}."

29. 9 - "After this I beheld, and, Lo, a great multitude, which no man could number, of all nations, and kindreds, and people,and tongues ... {Revelation 7:9}."

30. 10- "And he said to me, you must prophesy again before many peoples, and nations, and tongues [languages of those nations], and Kings {Revelation 10:11}."

31. 11- "And they of the people and kindreds [races] and tongues [of the various races] and nations shall see their dead bodies {Revelation 11:9}."

32. 12- "... And Power was given him over all kindreds, and tongues, and nations {Revelation 13:7}."

33. 13- "And [the angel] he said to me, the waters which you saw, where the whore sits, are peoples [races] and multitudes, and nations [and dialects], and tongues [languages of the different races] {Revelation 17:15}."

34. 14- "To another the working of miracles; to another prophecy [prophetic insight ... that is, the gift of interpreting the Divine and purpose]; to another discerning of spirits [in other words ... to have the ability to discern and distinguish between the utterances of true and the false spirits]; to another divers [many unknown] kinds of tongues [languages]: to another the [ability to have the] interpreted- ion of [the many] tongues [languages] {1- Corinthians 12:10}."

35. 15- "And they were all filled with the Holy Spirit, and began to speak with other [that is, with different, foreign] tongues [languages], as the Spirit gave them utterance [in clear and loud expression in each language in appropriate words] {Acts 2:4}." [The word Holy Ghost is not in the original Greek Text, it's always referred to as "Holy Spirit"].

36. Those 15 references should be sufficient Scriptural evidence that "tongue or tongues" carries with them the idea of the language or dialects of nations or nationalities. In the verses listed the tongues were the languages of men. Keep in mind that these are languages that are known and spoken by men of different nations. Today it could be said that men of the United States speak in the American tongue," men of Germany speak in the "German tongue," and men of Spain speak in the "Spanish tongue." If any one of these people speak to the other, and if the other person did not know that language, it would be to him an unknown language or tongue.


Background Leading To Pentecost...

37. The long history of Israel as recorded in the Old Testament, is one of failure; failure to obey the Lord, and accept His preparation of them for their part in the Millennial blessings to come. Throughout their history in Old Testament times, despite their continued failure they were given a bright and glorious promise of the returning Messiah .

38. During the reign of King David, the Lord made an important Covenant with David, it was that Christ would return through David's Seed and sit upon His Throne. After the Davidic Covenant was made Israel became a divided nation; splitting into Two Kingdoms, one in the north [Israel] the other in the south [Judah]. Neither proved to be very faithful to the Lord. Consequently the Lord judged both nations! The Northern Kingdom was crushed by Assyria {2- Kings 17:1-23}, and then the Southern Kingdom was carried away into Babylon as captives {2- Kings 23:26-27; 24:1; - & - 25:21}.

39. Years later a portion of the Israelites returned to Jerusalem to rebuild the Temple that had been destroyed by Nebuchadnezzar, the King of Babylon. From that time on, the Hebrew Nation was dominated by the Gentile Nations. When the New Testament Period began with the Birth of Christ, the Romans who had taken control over Israel in BC. 63, was the master of the known world and dominated the affairs of the Hebrews.

40. From David to New Testament times, the hope of the returning Messiah never dimmed in the minds of the faithful. Examples of those who were waiting for the consolation of Israel's Redeemer, Jesus Christ, to show up were Zacharias and Elizabeth {Luke 1:5-6},

41. Anna {Luke 2:35-38}, Joseph {Mark 15:43}, and Cleopas {Luke 24:18-21}. These were those who were waiting for the appearing of the Messiah, King, the Christ whom had been promised to the nation that would set up His Millennial Kingdom and reign over it upon this earth. The Gospel of the Kingdom recorded in the first four Books of the New Testament gives the record of Christ's first coming, His earthly ministry and what He began both to do and teach {Acts 1:1}. In {Matthew 4:23} ... we read, Scripture...

42. "And Jesus went about all Galilee, teaching in their [the Hebrew] Synagogues, and preaching the [good news] gospel of the [millennial] kingdom, and healing all manner of sickness and all manner of disease among the people..."

43. As a result of His ministry and teaching the Millennial Kingdom gospel in the Hebrew Synagogues and of His healing of the many Hebrews according to prophecy {Isaiah 29:18; - & - 42:7}, the Lord's fame spread over the entire area. Scripture...

44. "And His fame went throughout all Syria: and they brought to Him all sick people that were taken with divers [all kinds of] diseases and torments, and those that were possessed with devils [Demons], and those which were lunatick, and those that had the palsy, [epileptics and were paralyzed]; and He healed them {Matthew 4:24}."

45. There were no failures. Jesus healed every person that was brought into His presence for that purpose. The miracles which He performed was the confirmation that He was in fact the Anointed Messiah. Also that He was sent to the earth by the Father so that He would fulfill the prophecies about Him setting up His Millennial kingdom and that He would sit on His Throne as Israel's King. All would be in harmony with the Scriptures, that is, if the nation would accept Him as Messiah and recognize Him as their Lord and Saviour. The Lord's credentials were the signs and miracles which He performed.

46. Those miracles were the ones that the prophets foretold about in the Old Testament Text. These were to be the signs Moses associated with the Prophet [Christ] which the Father would raise up like unto Moses {Deuteronomy 18:15}. Despite the Lord's fame, His credentials and His announcement that His Millennial Kingdom Reign was at hand, the leaders of Israel chose their King to be Caesar.

47. Concerning Israel's King, they said, "away with Him ,we have no King but Caesar. Release to us Barabbas." Even though Pilot said he found no fault in our Lord he had Him crucified. Even though the Hebrew nations long awaited Messiah made Himself known to them {Luke 19:14}, the Nation as a whole rejected Him and His reign over them. He had appeared on this earth to deliver His beloved people from the tyranny of the Romans!


The Last Generation...

48. There was every indication to believe that the generation which was alive at the time of the Lord's early ministry was to be the generation that was going to experience the terrible judgments of God which were to be associated with the seven year Tribulation Period. In fact the generation, which was alive during the earthly ministry of Christ and the period covered by the Acts Period, was to be the last generation on earth prior to the dawning of the New Age, the "Millennial Reign of Christ." The Lord Jesus told His Disciples that, "there would be some here, which shall not taste of death, till they see the Son of Man [Christ ] coming in His Kingdom {Matthew 16:28}."

49. At that time the interval of the present Body of Christ Period which, is called the Mystery Gospel Dispensation {Ephesians 3:9}, was still hidden and was not yet in view. During His earthly ministry, Jesus, even though "He was God manifest in the flesh {1- Timothy 3:16}," limited Himself to certain knowledge. As Scripture teaches, Christ being God in the flesh had taken on various limitations such as hunger, thirst, sadness, and pain. Also, notice the limitations as there is a time lapse between the occurrence of a thought which someone has and the time he perceives it. Notice the time element in thought reading by God, the Lord Jesus Christ while He was still manifest in the flesh, Scripture...

50. {V.6} "Then Jesus said to them, take heed and beware of the leaven [ferment] of the Pharisees and of the Sadducees.

51. {V.7} And they reasoned among themselves, saying, It is because we have taken no bread.

52. {V.8} Which when Jesus perceived [became aware of what they were talking about], He said to them, O you of little faith...{Matthew 16:6-8}."

53. Another passage to show that Jesus, while in the Tabernacle [body] of flesh, limited Himself somewhat as to the time lapse in thought reading, Scripture...

54. {V.3} "And behold, certain of the scribes said within themselves, This man blasphemes [He claims the rights and prerogatives of God].

55. {V.4} And Jesus knowing [and seeing] their thoughts said, wherefore do you think evil [and harbor malice] in your hearts [minds]? {Matthew 9:3-4}." Other passages to check are {Mark 2:8; - & - 8:17}.

56. Thus being somewhat limited He also limited Himself to ministering to Israel as their Messiah in such a manner that allowed Him to be unaware of that which was to take place during the Acts Period. To see actually what did take place, we find that there was a Transition Period of 44 years involved. Had Israel accepted Christ as their King, the Kingdom Period could have began shortly after Christ's Resurrection. Except for one thing, if the Tribulation Period would have began at that time, it would have interrupted God's prophetic program of the ages.

57. It would have interrupted the Dispensational time for the return of Christ according to Biblical Numerology. It would have thrown countless foretold prophetic events aside by changing the events from the age in which they were to transpire! Even though God foreknew all this, He still allowed the program to proceed as we know it did according to proven historical events that have taken place. Therefore, Israel failed to receive their King, so the Kingdom only began in part. We have the Kingdom beginning in approximately A. D. 26 according to {Luke 16:16}.

58. Then four years later when Pentecost, a Hebrew feast day, took place, we find the Kingdom message was still being taught and offered to Israel on through the 40 year Act's Period. Israel's final rejection took place in {Acts 28:28}, when the Apostle Paul turned his back on the nation Israel for the last time. So they were cast out into the nations of the world and their Millennial blessings were postponed until the Second Coming of Christ, when He returns and fulfills His everlasting Covenants which He made with them according to the Old Testament Scriptures.

59. Thus, the Kingdom was postponed in the latter part of the Acts Period, and the whole Act's Period was actually a time of transition until AD. 70 when Israel was cast out into the nations of the world. A Transition Period is a period of time when two periods overlap each other. Millennial Kingdom Doctrine and its Gospel was being taught to Israel through the largest part of the 40 year Act's Period and this was a surface understanding that was out in the open and many knew what was taking place! Under the surface and kept in secret was the beginning of the Dispensation of the Body of Christ Period with its Gospel of the Mystery program.

60. The Body of Christ was beginning to be called forth, but was not made known until the Apostle Paul received the revelation of the present day Body of Christ Dispensation, many years after Pentecost. Thus, we have two Dispensations paralleling and overlapping each other during the Acts Period and one of them kept secret until revealed to Paul. {See Ephesians 3:1-9}.

Many ministers and even Theologians believe that they know when the Dispensation of the Mystery begin, but since it was hidden in God until revealed to Paul how could they? It must be remembered that Paul was not saved until he was called into the ministry several years after Pentecost in {Acts Ch. 9}.

61. He evidently waited at least 17 years before he even told Peter and the other Apostles that he had been called to be the teacher and Apostle to the Gentiles. {See Galatians 1:18} where Paul states that after he was saved he went to Arabia on a three year mission before he went to Jerusalem for the first time after being saved. And he told the 12 Apostles nothing or at least very little concerning his calling as a special type of minister.

62. In {Galatians 2:1}, he states that yet after 14 more years he once again returned to Jerusalem and this time made it known to the 12 Apostles that which concerned his Gentile calling. The Word of God is summed up thus- without controversy, great is the mystery of Godliness {1- Timothy 3:16}. So Christ actually limited His own understanding and knowledge while He was in the flesh and even after His crucifixion prior to His ascension into Heaven. One thing is certain, we are aware that at least according to {Ephesians 3:9}, He kept secret the fact of the Body of Christ Mystery Dispensation until He revealed it to Paul several years after Pentecost.

63. When Jesus said, there would be some that were still alive who would not see death before they saw the Son of Man returning to set up His one thousand year Kingdom Reign {Luke 9:27-28}, He was speaking of Himself appearing on the Mountain where He was transfigured before the eyes of three of His beloved Apostles. This Transfiguration was a type of His Second Coming {See Matthew 17:1-2}.

64. Had those that were living during that Hebrew age accepted the Lord as their Messiah while He was proclaiming the Millennial Kingdom and teaching that it was now at hand, only believed Him, there would have been no reason for them to have been cast out into the nations in AD. 70. The generation just preceding the Second Coming of Christ will be the one that is judged, tested and see the wrath of God through that time of Jacob's Trouble, {See Jeremiah 30:7}. In fact the Lord Jesus said, Scripture ...

65. {V.50} "That the blood of the prophets, which was shed from the foundation of the world, may be [charged against and] required of this [age and] generation,

66. {V.51} From the blood of Abel to the blood of Zacharias, [Zechariah not the prophet Zechariah but likely the grandson of Jehoiada] which perished [was slain] between the alter and the temple; verily I say to you [very dogmatically, you can be sure of this one thing], it shall be [charged against and] required of this [age and] generation {Luke 11:50-51}." {See Genesis 4:8; 2- Chronicles 20- 21; - & - Zechariah 1:1}.

67. It must be recognized that the Kingdom age that began with John the Baptist had only begun but after it began with its Gospel and was taught for only a short time, it was set aside at the time Israel's Temple was destroyed and the Israelites were cast out into the nations of the world. The blood of the prophets, from Zacharias on was to be required of that generation because the nation had persecuted and killed many of Jehovah's prophets. The Father's plan was that His Son Jesus was to "suffer many things, and be rejected of that particular generation," {See Luke 17:25}. Naturally, the persecution of the prophets in the past was only one reason for the nation to be cast out of their land.

68. Israel's rejection of the Lord was one of the greatest reasons, for them being cast out. After Jesus was rejected, because of His Divine mercy, He secured for the nation another chance by His dying prayer, "Father forgive them {Luke 23:34}." He then told His Apostles to remain in Jerusalem until they received the promise of the Father which was the endowment with power from on high, {Luke 24:49}.

69. Thus the Apostles waited in Jerusalem until they were endued with spiritual power, in other words until Christ came baptizing them " With" the Holy Spirit that they might possess a supernatural power from on high. This Divine power was to enable them to teach the commission of {Mark 16:15-18}, which was a very urgent commission to Israel as a nation, Scripture...

70. "... Go you into all the world and preach the Gospel [of the Kingdom] to every creature {V.15}."

71. This baptism "With" the "Holy Spirit " was not "the Baptism Of The Spirit" that is performed today on a new Believer by the Spirit of God at the time of his salvation! Today the Baptism "of the Spirit" takes place at the very time we become Believers. The Holy Spirit then baptizes the new born again Believer into the Body of Christ. On the other hand, the baptism " With the Spirit" mentioned above was NOT performed by the Spirit but by the Lord Jesus Christ Himself! That particular baptism was to impart spiritual power to certain men that they might be able to perform many miracles.

72. On the Day of Pentecost many Israelites had ask the Apostle Peter what they should do since he had convinced them that they had crucified their Messiah. He replied that they must "repent and be baptized" in order to be saved from that wicked generation. {See Acts 2:38-40}. This was a wicked and an adulterous generation in which the Lord would pore out eternal judgment because they had shed the blood of many of God's Prophets. Scripture...

73. "Now all these things happened to them [i.e., Israel] for examples [and as a warning to us], and they are written for our admonition [and prepare us for right action by good instruction], upon whom the ends of the world [Age] are come {1- Corinthians 10:11}."

74. The end of the Hebrew Age was rapidly approaching, time was running out for the Nation of Israel. There was an urgent need for her to prepare herself to travel through that terrible time of the Prophet Daniel's 70th prophetic week, "the Tribulation Period." The 12 Apostles were to be supernaturally equipped to teach the Kingdom Gospel of {Matthew 28:19-20, - & - Acts 1:8}. There was no time to learn foreign languages. [See our message concerning "The 70 Weeks Of Daniel ].

75. Since the Godhead operates on the basis of never giving anyone a job to complete without first equipping them, He told the Apostles to wait for power from on high. This miraculous power was received on the Day of Pentecost which was a Hebrew holiday that only concerned Israel as a nation and had nothing to do with the Body of Christ. When Christ Himself baptized this host of men " With" the Holy Spirit, this baptism was to equip them with the great power they would need to give the required signs that the Israelites wished for to prove the Apostles were right in what they were teaching.

76. Part of this power was in the form of speaking in foreign languages that would cause them to teach and preach to countless folks who might not have understood them otherwise! Therefore, the continuation and heralding of the Millennial Kingdom Gospel "to every creature {Mark Ch. 16}" that had been started by John the Baptist was not as yet completed, {See Luke 16:16 - & - Matthew 11:11-14}.

77. It is very important that we remember that the Body of Christ Dispensation was not yet known. The Apostle Paul had not been saved as yet and wasn't saved for several years after Pentecost, therefore, Paul couldn't have received the Revelation of the Mystery Gospel that the Body of Christ is to teach today because it was still hid in God until it was revealed to the Apostle Paul! {See Ephesians 3:9}.

78. It stands to reason and must be remembered that during the Acts Period, and as long as Israel's Temple was standing, the Gospel of the Kingdom was to go to the Jew first and signs were still expected by the Hebrews {See Romans 1:16}.

79. Prophetically speaking, Israel's Temple had to be destroyed and the Israelites cast out into the nations in order to fulfill various Old Testament prophecies.

80. Thus to continue on, we can see that the Apostles were not to be handicapped by any language barrier. "Different tongues [languages]" were to play an important part in the Kingdom Gospel because of its urgency. After Israel's Messiah had been crucified and resurrected from the dead there was to be a time of preparation for Israel to receive the 12 Apostles Gospel. After the Translation of Christ into the Heavenlies, there was to be the appearing of the man of sin [Antichrist] and the beginning of the Tribulation Period. The Millennial Kingdom was in view and would be entered only by those who would live through that seven year period! Scripture...

81. "And when they had preached the Gospel [of the Kingdom] to that city, and had taught many, they returned again to Lys'tra, and to Ico'nium, and Antioch,

82. Confirming [establishing and strengthening] the souls [and minds] of the disciples, and exhorting [urging, warning and encouraging] them to continue in the faith, and that we must [go] through much tribulation [persecution and hardship in order to] enter into the [Millennial ] Kingdom of God {Acts 14:21-22}."

83. There was an urgent need and appeal to the Apostles to hurry and preach the Kingdom Gospel to the ends of the earth, the elect of the Israelite was to be called. This call was to proceed through the proclamation of the Gospel of the Kingdom. The Apostles were told by Christ just prior to His ascension, Scripture...

84. "But you [Apostles] shall receive power [ability, efficiency and might], after that the Holy Spirit is come upon you: and you shall be witnesses to [of] Me both in Jerusalem, and in all of Judea, and in Samaria, and to the uttermost part of the earth {Acts 1:8}."

85. "And, behold, I send the promise of My Father [the Holy Spirit] upon you: but tarry [remain] you in the city of Jerusalem, until you be endued [clothed] with power from on high {Luke 24:49}."

86. [The Baptism "WITH the Spirit" was what gave them the great power to carry out their ministry. This particular baptism concerned POWER and had nothing to do with water, nor did it place a Believer into the Body of Christ. Because, the Body of Christ had not yet begin. Today, the "BAPTISM OF THE SPIRIT" places a new-born Believer into the Body of Christ]. {See 1- Corinthians 12:13}.

87. It was by the power of this baptism "with the Spirit" that gave them the gift of foreign languages [Tongues] as in {Acts Ch. 2} to the Apostles, was to be the Divine call for the Apostolic Missionary program to commence.


The Great Commission Of Mark Chapter Sixteen...

88. In {Mark 16:15}, the 12 Apostles received their marching orders and the Lord Jesus told them what they must do after they received the Divine enablement, Scripture...

89. "Go you into all the world and preach the Gospel [i.e., of the Kingdom] to every creature."

90. As we have already pointed out this Gospel was marching orders given strictly to the Apostles in preparation for the Israelites to enter into the Millennial Kingdom Reign of Christ. This was not a command for the Body of Christ of this age. Again we ask that you read {Ephesians 3:9}. One thing we must point out when studying our Bible, there are four basic rules to go by :

1. Who is doing the talking? 2. Whom is he talking to? 3. What is he talking about?

4. What period of time does his message concern?

91. Usually when considering these questions we will be moved by the Spirit of God and receive the correct answers. the above verse in Luke was a command that was to be carried out by those present when the command was given, not by a future generation! The "promise of the Father" {Luke 24:49} was the promise of the Spirit {Galatians 3:14} which the Lord identified in {Acts 1:5} as the baptism "With the Spirit," which was the imparting of spiritual gifts by the Spirit of God. The marching orders was "Go you into all the world" was to take the form of the gift of foreign languages.

92. As has been said: this endowment took place at Pentecost as the Apostles were empowered by the Spirit of God to speak in the languages of the various nations of that day. The languages and dialects were unknown by those who spoke them under the influence of the Spirit of God. This gift to speak in other languages accomplished a great deal after the miracle of tongues started to be used by the Apostles and also during the largest part of the 40 year Acts Period. This unique ability caused great wonderment and amazement by all those who were in Jerusalem during that time period. As the Hebrews heard the Apostles speak in languages, knowing the ones doing the speaking were Galileans, they marvelled and said, Scripture...

93. "And how hear we every man [The Apostles who were speaking ] in our own tongue [language], wherein we were born? {Acts 2:8}." They were so amazed at this that they ask further, "What [does this mean]" {Acts 2:12}."

94. Peter was the one who was to respond to this question. But first we must think about why these people should be spoken to in these foreign languages. Many of these Hebrews were dwelling in other countries and did not speak each others languages. So it took the miracle of different languages to teach them about Christ and His Kingdom Gospel and also that the Kingdom was still at hand if the Hebrews would choose to receive Him as their Messiah.

95. The Pentecostal sermon follows on and continues to prove what tongues did to gain the attention of these Hebrews who were present in that congregation at Jerusalem. By the power of God these languages enabled the Apostles to speak to the multitudes in such a way that the Hebrews from all these other nations might hear the message in the languages of those nations. This helped in teaching the Lord's Pentecostal missionary program. It was also with this blessing of the gift of languages that gave an urgent proclamation of the Millennial Kingdom message, and enabled them as missionaries to teach the Kingdom Gospel without hindrances of the language barrier. Thus, the Acts [Kingdom] missionaries did not have to attend to the time consuming details of learning foreign languages.


Tongues An Evidential Sign...

96. The ability to speak in different languages was also to be an evidential sign confirming the fact that the Lord was working along with the Believers.

97. {V.17} Scripture "And these Signs shall follow them that believe [The Hebrews ]; in My name shall they cast out devils [Demons]; they shall speak with new [different] tongues [languages];

98. {V.18} They shall take up serpents; and [even] if they drink any deadly thing, it shall not hurt them; they shall lay hands on the sick, and they shall recover.

99. {V.19} So then after the Lord had spoken unto them, [He was taken up to the third Heaven] and sat on [at] the right hand of God [the Father].

100. {V.20} And they went forth, and preached every where, [while] the Lord [kept] working with them, and confirming the [message of His] Word with [and by the attesting miracles and] signs following. Amen [so be it ] {Mark 16:17-20}."

101. The gift of foreign languages was an integral part of the Kingdom Commission! The miraculous gift of these languages confirmed the fact that the Lord was strictly behind these Apostles and that He was using them as ministers for His great commission for Israel. The commission of {Mark Ch. 16} was to teach the Kingdom message with its Gospel and was to be in effect taught throughout the entire Acts Transition Period. It is noted in {Acts 28:1-10}, that Paul was bitten by a venomous snake and suffered no damage from the bite. Paul also healed a man who had a bloody flux on the Island of Melita.

102. God's Word teaches that many others also, on the Island, came with diseases and were healed. Thus we are aware that many signs confirmed God's Word and gives proof of Christ working through the Apostles during the Acts Period. [Read our message concerning "The Holy Spirit; His works and His Baptism]." At Pentecost, no interpreter was needed because every man heard the Apostles in his own language. Tongues were not mentioned again in the Acts narrative until over 10 years had gone by, we see this when Cornelius and his household accepted and believed the Kingdom Gospel message.

103. We are not to assume that this phenomenon was not prevalent. It most assuredly was. After the stoning of Stephen, "As for Saul [Paul] he made havoc [shamefully mistreated and laid waste the buildings and the people] of the Church [Kingdom Assembly ] entering into every house [where the people were holding meetings] and haling man and women [and wrongfully] committed them to prison {Acts 8:3}." As a result of the persecution, the believing Hebrew Saints residing in Jerusalem were scattered abroad and went to many places preaching the Word of the Kingdom {Acts 8:4}.

104. "Now they which were scattered abroad upon the persecution that arose about Stephen [had] traveled as far as Phenice, and Cyprus, and Antioch, [without delivering the message concerning the attainment through Christ of salvation in the kingdom of God to any Gentiles but they were] preaching the Word to "NONE" but unto the Jews [Hebrews] only {Acts 11:19}." {Ch. 11:20} states, Scripture...

105. "And some of them were men of Cyprus and Cyre'ne, which, when they were come to Antioch, spoke unto the Grecians [Hebrew's from the Greek nation], preaching the [good news about the] Lord Jesus." The fact that the dispersed Hebrews are said to have spoken to the "Grecians" indicates that they spoke to them in the Greek tongue.

106. This implies that they had the gift of languages. When Peter taught Cornelius and his household the [Gospel] good news, of the Millennial Kingdom, these Gentiles [Italians] also received the Gift of languages.

107. {V.44} Scripture "While Peter yet spoke these words, the Holy Spirit fell on all them which heard the Word.

108. {V.45} And they of the Circumcision [Hebrews] which believed were astonished, as many as came with Peter, because that on the Gentiles also was poured out the gift of the Holy Ghost [Spirit, Greek].

109. {V.46} For they heard them speak with tongues [unknown languages], and magnify God... {Acts 10:44-46}."

110. In {Matthew 16:19}, the Lord told Peter that it was going to be his responsibility and privilege to have the "Keys of the Kingdom." They were of the Millennial Kingdom, they had nothing to do with the Body of Christ that was not as yet known or in operation. Remember that it has already been pointed out that the Apostle Paul was the one who would be used as the Apostle for the Gentiles, not Peter or any of the other 11 Apostles. These Keys were a figure of speech [i.e., a metonymy- of cause, in other words, "the use of the name of one thing for that of another to which it has some logical relation, as "scepter" for "sovereignty"].

 111. These Keys speak of Peter's power and authority to open to individuals as the Lord sees fit. Just as the Lord has the power [i.e., Keys] "Of Hell and death, {Revelation 1:18}," Peter exercised this power in the {Book of Acts Ch. two}, to Israel, and {Ch. 10}, among the Gentile Proselytes such as Cornelius and his family. Even though Cornelius was an Italian and obviously spoke the languages of his ancestors, he was given the gift of other languages in order to witness to those of other nationalities. This was the evidence that teaches that the Gentiles were to be admitted into the Kingdom Dispensation when it becomes a reality. In keeping with the Kingdom Commission of {Mark Ch. 16}, Peter said, Scripture...

112. "Can any man forbid water, that these should not be baptized, which have received the Holy Spirit as well as we? {Acts 10:47}."

113. Thus, Gentiles by faith were admitted into the foretaste of Kingdom blessing. "He that believes and is baptized shall be saved..., {Mark 16:16}." So, it is noted that Cornelius' Salvation into the Kingdom program was in harmony with the words of the Lord Jesus in {Mark !6:15-16}. When Peter the leader of the 12 Apostles, returned to Jerusalem in {Acts Ch. 11}, he found that the Hebrew brethren had heard about the Gentiles [i.e., Cornelius and others] also receiving the Word of God, these men who were of the Circumcision [Hebrews] contended [argued] with Peter {See Acts 11:1-2}.

114. Their attitude is positively of dismay! It was practically impossible for them to accept the fact that Peter had actually gone to various uncircumcised Gentiles {V.3}. However, Peter explained that under the circumstances he had gone to these Gentiles directly because of the dictates of the risen Christ! Peter told these men of the Kingdom faith what had taken place at the home of these Gentiles,

115. {V.15} Scripture ... "And as I began to speak, the Holy Spirit, fell on them, as on us at the beginning.

116. {V.16} Then remembered I the Word of the Lord, how that He said, John indeed baptized with water; but you shall be baptized "With the Holy Spirit."

[The Greek word for Baptized is "Baptizo," pronounced "Bap-tid-zo," the verb meaning to baptize, 80 times in NT.].

117. {V.17} For as much then as God gave them the like gift [equally and a miraculous understanding of foreign languages] as He did us, who believed on the Lord Jesus Christ, what was I, that I could withstand God? {Acts 11:15-17}."

118. According to this Peter was saying "Then has God also to the Gentiles granted repentance to life [eternal after the Resurrection of the just ], {V.18}, that is, Salvation accorded to anyone who would have become Hebrew Proselytes under the Kingdom order would be permitted to enter into the Millennial Kingdom when the time came for Christ to began His Earthly Reign. There is much evidence in these Scriptures that all those who had the same type of gift as the Apostles and who accepted the truth of the Kingdom Gospel were to be allowed into the Millennial Kingdom.

119. Since Peter stated that what had taken place with these Gentiles in {Acts Ch. 10}, was the same thing which had taken place at the beginning, clearly proves that this was an extension of the power of the Pentecostal gifts. The idea here is, that the gifts of different languages was not given as a necessity to Gentiles to prove that they had been Saved into the Kingdom, but because of the fact that Gentiles had received this language gift, it gave all the proof needed that Gentiles had been accepted by the Spirit of God, {See 1- Corinthians 1:22; - & - John 6:30}.

120. This Baptism "With the Spirit" that was given by Christ with and for "POWER" in {Acts Ch. 10}, accompanied the Salvation of the household of Cornelius. It positively was not some experience which many folks today seek after, for there is no Scripture Text that tells anybody to seek after this type of baptism! Only false teaching by taking Scripture out of context to prove otherwise shows the counterfeit doctrine up for what it really is! "But when Peter yet spoke these words, the Holy Spirit fell on them which heard the word {Acts 10:44}." Upon believing, Peter then [in a Hebrew ritual and ordinance] baptized them with water.

121. All of this was in complete harmony with the Kingdom Gospel and Commission of {Mark Ch. 16}, but never would this be in harmony with the Gospel of the Mystery that we teach during this age for nobody has to perform personal works such as water baptism for remission [forgiveness] of sins such as was instituted in {Acts 2:38}. Christ paid the penalty on the cross for all sin, personal works of the believer today follows Salvation! Should water baptism be necessary for forgiveness, this would mean that Christ did not pay the penalty on the cross for all of our sins thus, we must perform the works of water baptism in order to do what Christ failed to do. How silly!


Disciples Of John The Baptist...

122. In Ephesus {Acts Ch. 19} ... Several years after Pentecost, the Apostle Paul mentioned nothing about "tongues" neither are they mentioned in almost two decades between {Acts Ch. 10 - & - Acts Ch. 19}. The fact that the record of that period is silent concerning the subject does not mean that this gift was not in full operation, it just means that in Christian circles at that time they were common place.

123. It is also obvious that this gift of languages was not the all important issue of the day. In {Acts 19:1-7}, It is noted that when Paul arrives at Ephesus he finds twelve men who only knew the "baptism of John the Baptist which was unto repentance." [The word Baptist is mentioned 14 times in NT., and always refers to John. The Greek word "Dip" as in {Luke 16:24}, is "Bapto," 3 times in NT.]

124. Paul ask them if they had received the gift of the Holy Spirit. Their answer was that they had not. Therefore, Paul laid hands on them and as a result, "the Holy Spirit came on them and they received power to speak in foreign languages, and they also prophesied {V.6}. Again we can see that Millennial Kingdom teaching and the Pentecostal gifts of power by the Lord's baptism "With" the Spirit was in view.

125. The number of these men were twelve and twelve is the Biblical number intimately associated with the 12 Tribes of Israel and the future Reign of Christ! It is very apparent that the present Body of Christ of today was definitely not in view in this particular text!

[The Greek word for Baptism is "Baptisma," and is the result of the action of a baptism, 22 times in NT.].

126. The Body of Christ was still a mystery "Hid in God" {Ephesians 3:9 - & - Colossians 1:26} had not even been written yet. It should be noted here that the {Book of Acts} was not to be counted as doctrine for the Body of Christ. Naturally, there are things that can be applied to us today but since that period was a Transition Period, one must be very careful about what should be applied to the Body of Christ from Acts. Actually Acts was a continuation of the Book of Luke and written by the same author and concerned the same period of time. Notice that Luke addresses Theoph'ilus {Luke 1:1-4}, Also in {Acts Ch. 1- V.1} we notice that Luke again addresses the same man.

127. The gift of languages in each instance was Pentecostal evidence authenticating that God was working with the nation of Israel through the Apostles. These languages were evidence to the unbelieving Hebrews that "blessing of Abraham" and "that of the Spirit through faith" had come {Galatians 3:14}. In fact Paul states in {1- Corinthians 14:22}, that the gift of tongues was evidential signs, "NOT TO THEM THAT BELIEVE BUT TO THEM THAT BELIEVE NOT."

128. Do you, as a Believer, believe that Christ is God and came to be born in the flesh? Do you believe everything that our Bible states concerning our Lord and Saviour? If you believe this, then this particular gift could never be for you! At the time the Apostles was teaching and later while the New Testament was being written, the Israelites did not believe that Christ was God their Messiah. The majority of the Jews still do not believe in Christ in this present age! The more one studies the Acts Transition Period, the more aware he is of the prominence of the supernatural. The period from Pentecost A.D. 30 to A.D. 63 of {Acts 28:28}, abounds with the supernatural.

129. As one takes a closer look into the conditions of that period, he can perceive that the supernatural was common place in the streets of Jerusalem. We find that the supernatural was the usual, the ordinary in the Believers Assemblies all over the Roman Empire. The gifts of the Spirit abounded. These gifts were the natural order of the day, they were not unusual or uncommon but were signs to the Hebrews which confirmed the truth of the Word of the living God. Since much of the New Testament writings had not as yet been compiled, the Lord confirmed His Word through the Apostles with "signs following" those who believed in the Millennial Kingdom. All these gifts through the power of the Holy Spirit also were confirmation, as evidence, that the Lord was continually working with the Believers of that age.


Every Believer Endowed With A Spiritual Gift.

130. During the Pentecostal Dispensation every Christian of the Kingdom received a spiritual gift from God. In order to learn this truth we must turn to the Divine commentary on the gifts of the Spirit. This commentary is found in {Ch. 12, 13 & 14 in 1- Corinthians}. The Apostle Paul states, Scripture ...

131. "But [to each one is given] the manifestation of the [Holy] Spirit [and it] is given to Every Man to profit withal, {1- Corinthians 12:7}." [All Believers are given the spiritual illumination of the Spirit ... for good and for profit]. It is unmistakably clear that what Paul said is that to "every man" [i.e., every believer in the Corinthian Assembly ] was given "the manifestation of the Spirit." That certainly means that evidence of the Spirit was bestowed to all Believers for spiritual good and profit. This took the form of nine spiritual gifts. "Below are the nine spiritual gifts, Scripture...

132. 1. [To one is given in and through the Holy Spirit] The Word [and the power to speak the message] of wisdom; to another...

133. 2. [The power to express] The Word of knowledge [and understanding] by the same Spirit; to another ...

134. 3. [Wonder- working] Faith by the same [Holy] Spirit; to another ...

135. 4. [The extraordinary powers of] The gifts of healing by the same Spirit; to another ...

136. 5. The working of miracles; to another ...

137. 6. Prophecy [prophetic insight ... that is, the gift of interpreting the Divine will and purpose]; to another...

138 7. [The ability of] Discerning [and distinguishing between the utterances of true and] of [false] spirits; to another ...

139. 8. Divers [many, various] kinds of [unknown] tongues [languages]; to another ...

140. 9. The [ability to know the correct] interpretation of [such] tongues, [different languages], {1- Corinthians 12:8-10},"

141. The above spiritual gifts falls between two statements concerning the fact that every Believer received at least one of these spiritual endowments. Scripture...

142. "But all these [gifts] works that one and the selfsame Spirit dividing to every man severally as He will {1- Corinthians 12:11}."

143. Therefore, it is clear that during the Acts administration every Believer had "signs following." They were evidential signs. They were miraculous gifts of the Holy Spirit which bore witness of the fact that the Believers had embraced the truth relating to the Millennial Kingdom. The writer of Hebrews states that if they neglected the "Great Salvation" how could they escape God's Judgment. The great salvation pertained to that, Scripture ...

144. {V.3} "How shall we escape [appropriate retribution], if we neglect [and refuse to pay attention to such and] so great [a] salvation; which at the first began to be spoken by the Lord, and was confirmed unto us [Hebrews, and proved to be real and genuine] by them that [personally] heard Him;

145. {V.4} [Besides these evidences, it was also established and plainly endorsed by] God [who] also bearing them witness, both from signs and wonders, and with divers [various miraculous manifestations of] miracles, and gifts of the Holy Spirit [to the Believers], according to His own will {Hebrews 2:3-4}."

146. The Holy Spirit bore witness among Believers by imparting special knowledge to them. This special knowledge was gifts from the Spirit of God to every Believer not to just the so called elite prestige's Believer, but to every Believer! In {Ch. 12 of 1- Corinthians} there is a question concerning the part that foreign languages were to be used. Hear we find a complete doctrinal consideration concerning the subject. It is interesting to note that in order to make known Biblical truth concerning spiritual gifts, the Lord chose how to accomplish this through this Epistle.

147. The Corinthian Assembly was replete with many types of abuses concerning true doctrine. In spite of these abuses, the Assembly abounded with spiritual gifts. In fact, a brief survey shows just what kind of trouble this Assembly was going through. We notice that,

148. No... [1] ... The Assembly was carnal {Ch. 3:1},

                 [2] ... There were divisions, {1:11-12; 3:6},

                 [3] ... Abuses at the Lord's table, {11:18-22},

                 [4] ... Public litigation against each other, {6:1-8},

                 [5] ... Gross immorality, {5:1-5},

                 [6] ... Arguments about food offered to idols, {8:1-3; 10:14; 11:1},

                 [7] ... Disagreement about marriage, {7:1-40},

                 [8] ... Misuse of spiritual gifts, {12:1; 14:40},

                 [9] ... Morality outside of marriage, {6:12-20},

               [10] ... Resurrection denied by several, {15:12},

               [11] ... Paul's Apostle ship questioned {4:3; 9:1}. It should be apparent from these 11 abuses why {1- Corinthians}                             was written and then in the midst of these troubles we learn of the spiritual gifts and more particularly of the                             various foreign languages.

149. {V.1} Scripture "Now concerning [the special endowments of supernatural] spiritual gifts, brethren, I would not have you ignorant [and be misinformed ].

150. {V.2} You know that [when] you were Gentiles, [you were] carried away [and led off] to these dumb idols [that could not speak or answer any prayers], even as you were led [habitually... as impulse directed and whenever the occasion might arise].

151. {V.3} Therefore I give you to understand, that no man speaking [under the power and influence of and] by the [Holy] Spirit of God [ever] calls Jesus accursed; and that no man can [really] say that Jesus is the Lord, but by [and under the power and influence of God] the Holy Spirit.

152. {V.4} Now there are diversities [that is, distinctive varieties and distributions] of gifts, but the same Spirit.

153. {V.5} And there are [distinctive varieties of service and] differences of [in the various] administrations, but [it is] the same Lord [Who is served] {1- Corinthians 12:1-5}."


Satanic Gifts...

154. We have thus learned from this study that some gifts are Satanic and some are Divine in origin. Those which were Divine were one in essence but varied in their manifestation. {V.2} shows a close association with "dumb idols" and being subject to that kind of false worship. This certainly indicates a time in which they were under the influence of demonic entities. This is not strange for in {Acts 19:13-20}, we learn that the whole City of Ephesus was given over to various types of the art of magic and was under the control of "evil Demonic spirits." However, the Lord's Word grew and traveled abroad and around the known world in a mighty urge of Divine power and this caused much of the power of Satan to have less and less prospective.

155. Evidently there were many in this particular assembly who were under a huge influence of these evil spirits because when speaking in these languages they were "calling Jesus accursed {1- Corinthians 12:3}." Most assuredly these folks were not saying these things in the language of their parents. They were certainly under a satanic influence! We believe it is necessary at this time to point out how demon spirits can mock and falsely duplicate the Acts Period gifts in this age as well as in the past.

156. There are many references to demons in our Bible and the truth is, they continually attack and seek to enter into physical bodies. An excellent illustration of this can be found in the modern movement concerning reincarnation. Many folks in our present age are of the belief that they are at this time dwelling in a different body other than the body they lived in previously in some bygone age. One prominent movie star believes that he, many years ago was a renowned pianist.

157. Later he was reborn into another body and in his adulthood became a school teacher and then after his death as a teacher he was reborn into another body and now is a famous actor. The simple and obvious truth is that the demon or demons who indwelt and controlled the body of the first man at his death, left his body and entered into the body of the teacher. When the teacher passed on, the demon then entered into the actor. Therefore, the demon passed on some of the knowledge of the first two men to the actor so that the actor now believes that he is all three of these men by re-incarnation.

158. According to this, the reader should comprehend how demons can fool people in so-called miracles as substitutes for the Acts Period miracles. We are not stating here that Believers today are not blessed with a certain gift from God, but one must be wise enough to test himself to know the gift is from the Lord or perhaps could it be from a deceiving spirit? The modern day healing programs by the laying on of hands of SOME preachers is another sign of demon activity and working deceit right before the eyes of people who should know better. We must bring out the fact that most of these folks are blind to this kind of deceit! Those who are led astray are in darkness as to the interpretation of God's Word.

159. An evil spirit has the power to inflict an individual and to cause him to live a life of torment. The Bible student should look up what the Scriptures have to say about demon activity and that of familiar spirits. When a person becomes ill, usually it's a natural illness. On the other hand, many times people who are possessed of demons, the demons themselves can cause a certain illness in the person to take place.

160. When hands are laid on the supposedly ailing man, where a demon is indwelling him, the demon comes forth, thus the man becomes well again. This does not mean of course that the demon will not re-inter the man's body again. This should not change the mind of those who lay hands on a person when praying or perhaps in a ordination service, which only shows that a minister or maybe a deacon is right in his heart and lays hands on the person to give his own approval concerning that which is taking place.

161. Concerning the power of demons: a blind man appeared on a TV. show not long ago, the man was called a psychic because he could perform strange miracles. He sat on the stage with his back to the audience and as a lady in the assembly wrote her name on a paper, the blind man would duplicate the ladies name on another piece of paper, even though he was a hundred feet or more from the lady.

162. The simple truth is that an evil spirit cannot be seen by the human eye, thus when two or more wicked spirits are working together, the one in the assembly can easily tell the other demon who is indwelling the man on the stage the lady's name. The blind man, as well as many other poor wretches of this world believed that his gift was his own and counted it as a blessing from God, when in fact it was a curse from Satan, the god of this world.

163. Some time ago, a super gifted man from Israel utterly overwhelmed audiences in many places and also on TV. with his various unnatural gifts. One miracle he performs is to mentally bend forks and spoons even though he has no physical contact with them. He supposedly also caused forks and spoons in the living rooms of the TV. watchers to bend in front of their very eyes even though they were in their own homes at the time watching him on their TV. Naturally this miracle is performed in the same way as the miracle of the blind man.

164. There are thousands of homes that are indwelt with demon spirits and as the performance takes place on TV. another spirit performs a like miracle in the homes. Naturally only homes where demons dwell could this miracle be performed. The above understanding of wicked spirits should open the eyes of the Bible Student as to how God's miracles are counterfeited by Satan in order for him to get the credit one way or the other.

165. Many poor souls believe that he or she has the special gift of tongues and yes even of other gifts that came from God our Creator, when in fact they are being used deceitfully by Satan the god of this world age. The Apostle Paul points out that the Spirit of God which imparted the gift of languages during the Acts age, does not direct those doing the speaking in tongues to say that Jesus is accursed.

166. It is obvious that the writer in {1- Corinthians 12:3} is saying that no man speaking a tongue under the influence of a demon was able to say that Jesus was Lord. A misunderstanding of {V.4} would lead someone to think that no one, unless directed by the Spirit of God, had the physical ability to frame the sounds, "Lord Jesus," It simply teaches that no man speaking in tongues could confess that Jesus is the Lord unless he was directly under the influence of God the Holy Spirit. A person speaking in a language of Satanic origin could not say, "Lord Jesus." The Apostle John puts it this way...

167. Scripture "Beloved, believe not [and do not put faith in] every spirit, but try [and prove, test] the spirits [to see], whether they are of God: because many false prophets [Who were demon possessed] are gone out into the world {1- John 4:1}."

168. In view of this fact, John supplies more information regarding "trying the spirits," Scripture...

169. {V.2} "Here by know [perceive and recognize] you the Spirit of God: every spirit that [acknowledges and] confesses [thefact] that Jesus [Christ the Messiah actually has become man and] is come in the flesh is of God:

170. {V.3} And every spirit that [that] confesses NOT that Jesus is come [did come] in the flesh [but would annul, destroy, sever and disunite Him] is not of God: and this [non-confession] is that spirit of antichrist, where of you have heard that it should come; and even now already is it in the world {1- John 4:2-3}."

171. The supreme test to see whether these languages were being directed by the Holy Spirit or by the "spirit of antichrist" was to test the spirits. If the languages were of God;

172. No. 1 ... They called Christ the Lord,

        No. 2 ... They acknowledged that Jesus Christ who was actually God being born in a Body of flesh. Other wise, if these           languages were of the devil,

        No. 3 ... They called Jesus accursed,

        No. 4 ... They denied that the Lord Jesus as God had been born into a body of flesh. It is very clear that languages were           being manifested in the Corinthian Assembly in a confusing manner.

173. Tongues [i.e., real, living Languages of men] were being spoken in the Assembly. Some because of demonic persuasion were denying that Christ ... [God the son], had been born in the flesh. We are taught two important things in {V. 2-3 of 1- Corinthians 12},

174. No. 1 ... The Holy Spirit imparted the spiritual gift of tongues.

        No. 2 ... Satan had the ability to cause certain folks to speak in tongues [real languages] in order for them to blaspheme                         the Lord without even knowing what they were saying. Before continuing, we should point out that signs at that                         time were required for the Hebrews.

175. Today, no signs are being offered for the Body of Christ, we are not promised any signs for this age of grace. But concerning... the Hebrews see {John 4:48; Hebrews 2:4; Matthew 24:24; 1- Corinthians 1:22 - & - 14:22}.

176. Many folks may reject the idea that real languages were being spoken during the Acts Period, they were not to be confused with the so-called tongues that is used in this present day. The modern speaking ecstatically in an unintelligible, morbid, abnormal utterance was not the languages used in the Acts Period! At that time tongues were either inspired by the Holy Spirit or used in an uninspired way by trickery from Satan.

177. {1- Corinthians 12:4-11} ... Enumerates the diversity of the spiritual gifts and emphasizes the fact that they were given by the Spirit of God {V.4,11}. In {V.12-27}, an illustration is given to the human anatomy showing that some members of the anatomy are more comely than others. Some are more feeble than others but God has "set the members every one of them in the Body, as it has pleased Him {V.18}."

178. These are listed as such things as the head, eye, nose and the foot. These are members of the human anatomy mentioned and illustrate the diversity of the nine gifts of the Spirit. All are important, however, some are more honorable and comely {V.23}. Each gift was Divinely designed to minister to the Pentecostal Assembly. Paul stated in {V.28} that the Pentecostal Assembly was Divinely given ... first Apostles, 2nd- Prophets, 3rd, Teachers, then the gifts of Healing, Governments, Helps, and diversities of Tongues.

179. It is interesting to observe that these are definitely numbered in their order of precedence. Notice the place tongues have in the list, tongues are the last gift mentioned! {1- Corinthians 14:5} states that he which prophesies is greater than he "that speaks with tongues." Therefore, the meaning of this is that tongues were not the epitome of the spiritual gifts. {1- Corinthians 13:8} states that the time was coming when "tongues shall cease." In fact, other gifts were also to vanish.

180. {V.10} Scripture ... "But when that which is perfect is come" [i.e., Christ is perfection and will reign in the Millennial age], then that which is in part [incomplete and imperfect, anti-Christian, will vanish] shall be done away [will become antiquated, void and superseded].

181. {V.11} When I was a child, I spoke as a child, I understood [and reasoned] as a child, I thought as a child: but when I became a man, I put away childish things:

182. {V.12} For now we see through a glass [a mirror], darkly [which gives only a dim blurred reflection of reality as in a riddle or an enigma]; but then [when perfection comes we shall see in reality and] face to face: now I know in part [only a little of the real truth]; but then shall I know [and understand fully and clearly], even as also I am [and have been fully and clearly] known [and understood by God]:

183. {V.13} And now abides faith, [conviction and belief respecting man's relation to God and Divine things], hope, [joyful and confident expectation of eternal salvation], charity, [love, true affection for God and man, growing out of God's love for and in us] these three; but the greatest of these is charity [Love], {1- Corinthians 13:10-13}."

184. All three of these go together, faith in God {Jude 20}; Hope in Christ {1- Timothy 1:1}; Hope in God {I- Peter 1:21}; Christ in you, the Hope of Glory {Colossians 1:27}; Hope of eternal life {Titus 1:2}; Looking for that Blessed Hope {Titus 2:13-14}.

185. Notice, the gifts previously mentioned concern individual blessings and the gift of tongues. Whereas, {V.13} contains the indwelling faith, hope, and trust in the Lord and the expectation of the manifestation of the return of the Lord. All three of these are the necessary ingredients for the Believers in the Body of Christ. Even though charity [Love] is mentioned last, it is indelibly ingrained in the Believer along with faith and hope. {See 1- Thessalonians 4:16-18}.

186. These verses explain that there are stages of growth within the present dispensation that is very imperfect and will remain so until Christ's return. After the Body of Christ first began, there was a period of gross immaturity, during which spectacular gifts needed for growth and authentication. With the completion of the N - Testament and the growing maturity of the Body, such gifts were no longer in order and thus ceased to exist. Those gifts which were to remain are faith, hope and charity. Thus the greatest gift of all is charity which points exclusively to "love." We must pay attention to what {V.10} above states. It says "when perfection comes."

187. We find no perfection in this present age, looking into the future though when Christ returns to reign on the earth, He which is perfection will have come and Satan will have been cast into the pit of hell along with his demonic host. Then a perfect reign will transpire!



188. {1- Corinthians Ch. 14}, is devoted almost entirely to tongues speaking. One should notice that in this chapter there are 6 references to " Unknown Tongues." These are found in {Vs-.2,4,13,14,19, - & - 27}. Many expositors are quick to point out that the word "unknown" in the King James Authorized Version is in italics and consequently was added by the translators. Many are quick to criticize the A. V. because the word "Unknown" was not in the original Greek Text therefore, it should be left out.

189. Keep in mind the translators knew that the word was not in the Greek manuscripts. They added the word "Unknown" to help the English reader to get a better understanding of {Ch. 14} and this writer sometimes does the same thing. The translators of the King James Authorized Version placed "Unknown" in italics which denotes that the word was not in the Greek manuscripts used. They were honest in what they were doing. The addition of this word has no doubt rendered a great service to those who study this subject, so no one should sit in judgment upon these scholars God used to translate His Word into the English language.

190. This word had been added to denote that no interpreter was present. Those who were speaking in different languages in the Corinthian Assembly very frequently abused the gift because for them to speak in a foreign language which no one in the Congregation could understand was like speaking in an unknown language. In fact it was an unknown language to the Assembly. They were just speaking to the air {Ch. 14:9}, and failed to accomplish what the gift had been given for in the first place.

191. The City of Corinth, being a cosmopolitan city, accommodated men of many nationalities and languages. It is very understandable that there were in the Congregation various individuals who spoke languages other than Greek. How these folks abused the languages was when they would use them without the proper interpreters being present in the Assemblies to explain what some foreigner was saying. As it took place then, it certainly could take place in any age any where in the world! It would always be an unknown language no matter where or when it took place! Do not think for one minute that an unknown language was a language used by Angels or the language that is spoken in Heaven. There is no Scripture in the Word of God that substantiates any such doctrine!

192. It must be pointed out that nobody will learn anything concerning these languages in any Charismatic Assemblies because the Pentecostal Dispensation ended with the Acts Transition Period at {Acts 28:28}, 2,000 years ago. Thus, the so-called modern language miracles are completely out of place dispensationally and a counterfeit tongue is being substituted in their place. God's Word is the only place where one can receive the understanding of this subject of Scriptural languages! To highlight the use and misuse of Tongues, we will give a brief outline of the above Chapter.

193. [1] ... The gift of these languages were of a Divine power. The exercise of the gift was not to be forbidden {Ch. 14:39},

194. [2] ... Paul himself was grateful that he had the gift of languages in an uncommon way {Ch. 14:18},

195. [3] ... Tongues were an evidential sign to the unbelieving Israelites, indicating their scorn was causing the hardening of their hearts [minds] {Ch. 14:21-23},

196. [4] ... A love of tongues was exhibited because they were showing off which was simply childish {Ch. 14:20; 13:11},

197. [5] ... The public evidential value of tongues, on which the Corinthians laid so much stress; Paul rated very low {Ch. 14::21- 23}...

198. [6] ... When used with no interpreter present the gift exercised promotes self-glorification of the speaker {Ch. 14:4},

199. [7] ... Because of this, languages were forbidden when no interpreter was present and were to be limited for public use at all times {Ch. 14:27-28},

200. [8] ... The ideal place for the exercise of the gift of tongues was to be in private {Ch. 14:28},

201. [9] ... The women in the Corinthian Assembly were speaking in tongues and they were told to be silent in the Assembly {Ch. 14:34-35}. These 9 abuses listed were problems which existed in various degrees in other Congregations during the Acts Transition Period.

202. We must be mindful of the fact that during that Pentecostal Dispensation, the Gentile Believers were not to be left behind in the background concerning any gift while they were "waiting for the return of the Lord Jesus {1- Corinthians 1:7}." That is, the Gentile Christian was not lacking in any spiritual gift at that time. The blessing of Abraham came upon the Gentiles and they too received the promise of the out-pouring of the Spirit.

203. Since the Body of Christ was still hidden in God until revealed to the Apostle Paul as we brought out in the first part of this message, it must be understood that the prophecies in the O. T. could not be applied to the Body of Christ in this Age. These prophecies pointed to the fact that the Spirit would be poured out upon the Children of Israel exclusively which naturally also included Gentile Proselytes such as Cornelius and his family. Scripture ...

204. "And it shall come to pass afterward, that I will pour out My Spirit upon all flesh; and your sons and your daughters shall prophesy, your old men shall dream dreams, your young men shall see visions {Joel 2:28}."

205. The above verse says, afterward. i.e., after Israel's future repentance and restoration back to their land as a sovereign nation, {See Zechariah 12:10; 14:4; - & - 13:1}. See also what takes place at Christ's Second Coming as witnessed by the portents of verse {30 of Joel 2}. Also, see {Acts 2:16-21}. The Holy Spirit will be poured out on the whole Believing remnant of Israel at that time {V.32}.

206. The "All your flesh" is a reference to all those Israelites who would believe and accept the Millennial Kingdom Gospel! Scripture...

207. "... I will pour My Spirit upon your seed, and My blessing upon your offspring {Isaiah 44:3}." {See Isaiah 35:6-7; - & - John 7:37-39}.

208. This outpouring took place in {Acts Ch. 2} and was the fulfillment of prophecy. It was also prophesied that God would speak to the Hebrew people with folks that are "no people." In other words, with people who were not as yet in existence but would be hundreds of years in the future, during the Acts Period. The Apostle Paul later stated, Scripture...

209. "In the Law it is written, with men of other tongues [strange languages] and other lips [of foreigners] will I speak to this people; and yet for all that will they not hear Me, says the Lord {1- Corinthians 14:21}."

210. When Paul was moved by the Spirit of God to write {1- Corinthians 14:21}, we believe that he was alluding to {Isaiah 28:11} which states: Scripture...

211. "For [the Lord will teach the rebels in a more humiliating way by men] with stammering lips and another tongue [language] will He speak to this people [says Isaiah, and teach them His lessons]."

212. In Isaiah's day, God was stating that the Israelites would not listen to Him in obedience even though He spoke to them in a Tongue they understood. The time would arrive in the future however, when He would speak to them in a Language of Strangers, that is, in a Language of their enemies, but still they would remain unbelievers. It's very important to note that He was speaking to the Hebrew nation and warning them of a judgment to come.

213. The whole reason for the miraculous gifts of tongues during the Acts Period was for signs to the Israelites through men of other languages. This gift was to the Hebrew people exclusively to provoke those who were hard hearted to believe what the Apostles of Christ was teaching them! Scripture ...

214. "Therefore tongues are for a sign , NOT TO THEM THAT BELIEVE, BUT TO THEM THAT BELIEVE NOT {1-Corinthians 14: 22}."

215. Gentiles received the "promise of the Spirit" in {Acts Ch. 10}. The blessing of Abraham coming on the Gentiles at that time was in accordance with prophecy. However, the Apostle Paul gave additional information concerning the gifts of the Spirit, as they relate to the Gentiles during the Acts Dispensation. Scripture ...

216. "But I say, did not Israel know? First Moses said, I will provoke you [Israel] to jealousy by them that are no people [as yet] and by a foolish nation I will anger you {Romans 10:19}." {See Deuteronomy 31:21}.

217. The "no people" is a reference to Gentiles because the Hebrew covenants and ordinances did not apply to Gentiles. In the Acts Period, the majority of the Hebrews remained in an unrepenting state despite the fact that they heard God's Word and saw all those "evidential signs" of the Believers. What the Holy Spirit promised to the Israelites came upon the Gentile in {Acts Ch. 10}, and throughout the rest of the same period in an ever widening circle. This out-pouring upon Gentiles was part of the Lord's program to provoke the Hebrews to Jealousy which had been foretold by Moses over a thousand years before with the view that they too might believe even as the Gentiles believed. Scripture ...

218. {V.11} "I say then, have they {the Hebrews] stumbled that they should fall [to their utter spiritual ruin irretrievably]? God forbid [by no means]: but rather through their fall [false step and transgression] Salvation is come to the Gentiles, for to [arouse the Israelites to see what they have forfeited and to] provoke them to jealousy,

219. {V.12} Now if the fall [stumbling, their lapse, and the transgression] of them be the riches of the world [so enriched the world at large], and the diminishing of them [the Jews in order to increase] the riches of the Gentiles; how much more their fulness [think what an enrichment and greater advantage will follow the Israelites full reinstatement in the future]!

220. {V.13} For I speak to you Gentiles, inasmuch as I am the Apostle of the Gentiles, I [lay great stress on my ministry and] magnify my office.

221. {V.14} If by any means I may provoke [my fellow Jews] to emulation [jealousy in order to stir them up to imitate and copy the Gentiles], them [the Jews] which are My flesh and might [manage to] save some of them {Romans 11:11-14}."

222. Here we find additional light upon the inclusion of the Gentiles into the Kingdom program. This had the provocation of the Israelites in view. The Gentiles were included in The Lord's Kingdom program during the Acts Dispensation with a view to arouse the unbelieving Hebrews to equal or excel the faith shown among the Gentiles. It is included that "the blessing of Abraham" {Galatians 3:14} and the promise of the Spirit being received by the Gentiles during that period took the form of the "gifts of the Spirit." Thus, the Gentiles spoke to the unbelieving Hebrews with different languages in the Hebrews own Synagogues, {See Acts 13:26,42,52; - & - 14:1-3 etc.}.

223. The Gentiles during the Acts Dispensation, was typical of a "wild olive tree" grafted [contrary to nature] into the true Olive Tree [Israel], {See Romans 11:11-25}. The "wild olive" graft was to cause the true olive tree to be fruit bearing. Many today, teach that it is the Body of Christ that is grafted into the "True Olive Tree" but if this were so then, we of the Body of Christ would be placed under Israel's covenant promises! This would certainly not be in harmony with the promises for the "One New Man" which is the Body of Christ, {See Ephesians 2:15}.

224. What we have been studying concerns those who were under the Kingdom Gospel and which applied to the nation of Israel and has nothing to do with the present Body of Christ in its own Dispensation! As the Acts Period progressed, Israel as a nation was fast falling into a deadly slumber. The grafting in of the Gentiles was of no avail. The time finally arrived in {Acts Ch. 28:28} where Israel was dismissed and the secret purpose [Body of Christ Dispensation] for the Gentiles in interim was made known.

225. Thus, the Hebrews Millennial Kingdom program which was not done away with, forgotten or annulled but was postponed until after the Body of Christ has been completed and Resurrected into Heaven. Seven years later, after this Resurrection, Israel's Kingdom Program will once again be instituted and finalized with the Second Coming of Israel's True Messiah!

226. If we allow a place for the testimony of {1- Corinthians Ch. 14; & Romans Ch. 10 & 11} in our view of Gentile blessing, we shall see how utterly impossible it is to try to make the Dispensational teaching in the Book of Ephesians fit into the Pentecostal Dispensation. With Israel's dispersion into the nations of the world and with the destruction of Israel 's Temple, the gifts of the Spirit were withdrawn.

227. "The Jews require a sign {1- Corinthian 1:22}" and there was no cause for signs to be continued. These different languages were being used as a sign for the Israelites, warning them of their unbelief. Considering these languages in the Scriptural setting in which they occur, the honest student must admit that these languages were a forceful sign to those who were hard hearted among the Israelites. The languages spoken by the N. T. Saints were the languages of men. They were not ecstatic sounds but real languages.

228. This gift were definitely among the signs of {Mark Ch. 16}, that confirmed the earthly Millennial Kingdom promises throughout the prophetic teachings of the Scriptures. This gift had its place as a warning to the Hebrews as a means of the rapid spread of the Kingdom Gospel {See Acts 3:19-26}. Take this gift of languages out of their Divine context and it becomes a serious error. On the other hand, The Gospel of the Mystery mentioned in the Book of Ephesians, is specifically for the present Body of Christ Period and could never fit into the Kingdom Dispensation.


The Counterfeit...

229. During the Acts Period and even all the way down through history Satan has been very guilty and extremely busy at work, endeavoring to counterfeit the gift of tongues. As we have said, {1- Corinthians 12:3, - & - 1- John 4:1-3}, informs us that among Christians, there has been a spirit of antichrist at work , and it was then and still is working now to cause chaos in the Assemblies of the world! All of this was and yet is to actively attempt to deceive the Saints of God! In fact Satan has had the power to produce deceiving miracles and signs. Scripture...

230. "Even him [the Antichrist], whose coming is after the [activity and] working of Satan [and will be attended] with all power and [all sorts of pretended miracles and] signs [delusive marvels] and [all of them] lying wonders {2- Thessalonians 2:9}."

231. Satan during the Acts Period tried the counterfeit signs as did the mystics of Pharaoh of Egypt at the time of the Egyptian Exodus. There was intense Satanic activity in the spirit realm as he endeavored to counterfeit the work of the Spirit of God. As far as tongues were concerned, the devil had the power and ability to impart the gift of real languages. However, when they spoke being under the influence of Satan, they could not say that Jesus Christ had come to the earth in the flesh of man. {1- John 1:1-3}. Also being under this same power, they were also blaspheming God by saying that Jesus Christ was accursed {1- Corinthians 12:3}. Women as is stated, were very active in this Satanic doctrine {1- Corinthians 14:33-35}.


Dispensational Bounds...

232. The Kingdom program was in view from {Matthew 11:10-13; - & - Luke 16:16} AD. 26 on until Israel was officially and judicially set aside in AD. 63 {Acts 28:28} and AD. 70 when the people of the nation was cast out into the nations of the world. With the Millennial program being placed in abeyance at the end of the Acts Period, these particular "gifts of the Spirit were withdrawn." It must be recognized that the program which relates to the Body of Christ is not associated with Israel as a nation or with Millennial Kingdom Doctrine. The gifts that was bestowed upon the Israelites at that time, related only to the Kingdom and were given to every man who accepted and believed in the Kingdom Gospel and Doctrine.

233. After the Transition Acts Period ended, the endowment of these gifts had faded away, in fact, those in this age who are seeking these Pentecostal gifts admit that not every one but only certain Christians receive these gifts. One lady ask this writer if he had ever had the gift of tongues? The answer was no, but I do speak a little in foreign languages but not in the gibberish the Charismatic spoke in. She then said that I was truly saved because of my dependents and belief in Christ but I did not have the Holy Spirit as I could only receive Him when I received the gift of tongues that Pentecostal spoke in! Many in this age teach this type of false doctrine.

234. We are not saying that these folks are not Christians but that somewhere down the line they have been brain washed because there are no Scriptures in the Bible that can confirm that type of teaching. The truth is, our Bible completely contradicts that doctrine!

235. Scriptures ... "In whom you also trusted, after that you heard the word of truth, the Gospel [glad tidings] of your salvation: in whom also after that you believed [in and adhered to and have relied on Christ, then], you were sealed with the Holy Spirit of promise {Ephesians 1:13}."

236. {V.20} "For all the promises of God in Him are you and in Him Amen, unto the glory of God by us.

237. Perhaps a better understanding of {v.20} above is the following... "For as many as are the promises of God, they all find there Yes (answer) in Christ. For this reason we also utter the Amen (so be it) to God through Christ ... that is, in His person and by His agency ... to the glory of God;"

238. {V.21} Now He [the Spirit of God] which establishes us [and confirms and makes us steadfast in joint fellowship] with you in Christ, and has anointed [and consecrated] us [and enduing us with the gifts of the Holy Spirit, the one who does all of this], is God;

239. {V.22} [It is God] Who has also sealed [appropriated and acknowledged] us, and given the earnest of the Spirit in our hearts [Minds], {2- Corinthians 1:20-22}," Scripture...

240. And grieve not the Holy Spirit of God [do not offend, or vex, or sadden Him], Whereby you are sealed [marked, branded as God's own, secured] unto the day of redemption [the Resurrection and final deliverance of the Body of Christ into Heaven], {Ephesians 4:30}."

241. The fact is, false doctrine abounds in many Assemblies today and many pastors are guilty of this type of doctrine! These studies of the Acts Period indicate that during that time gifts of the Spirit mentioned were operative at least one to every Believer. Being endued with these gifts was not based upon their spiritual sanctification. We have noted the carnality of the Corinthian Assembly, yet the gifts were to every Believer, despite carnality.


Tongues Speaking Today...

242. Those who speak in tongues, claim that anybody who becomes a Christian may seek a subsequent experience, that is the baptism of the Spirit . The majority of these folks teach that a Believer does not have full consecration of power or service unless he has received "the gift of the Holy Spirit." A Christian's life is incomplete and his ministry is hindered unless he has experienced this baptism [or outward manifestation of tongues] which is subsequent to salvation.

243. Christians who adopt this false doctrine as truth ignore the great declarative statement of {Colossians 2:10} which tells the Believer that he is COMPLETE IN CHRIST. This completeness is apart from any subsequent Spirit baptism! As we have stated above, many tongues speakers teach that one can be saved and yet not have the indwelling of the Holy Spirit. This makes God's Word a lie for Scripture teaches:

244. "But you are not in the flesh [outer man with the old sin nature] but in the Spirit [inner man who contains the new nature given by God at the time of Salvation], if so be that the Spirit of God dwell in you. Now if any man have not the Spirit [indwelling Spirit of God along with the inner man ... new nature] of Christ, he is none of His {Romans 8:9}."

245. One can easily see the lie that is being taught here, because, this tells us that if you have not received the Holy Spirit then you cannot be accepted as one of God's Children because you are not a Christian! Tongues speaking today takes the form of senseless babblings. This babbling is some times interpreted in present day "Charismatic movements," however, this is no evidence that these babblings are languages of men or of Angelic beings. They may claim that these are "Unknown Tongues" but these studies prove to any good Bible student that real languages are involved here. Isaiah speaks about wizards who peep and mutter, Scripture ...

246. "And when they shall say unto you [instead of putting their trust in God], seek unto them [and consult for direction mediums] that have familiar spirits [Demons], and unto Wizards that peep, and that mutter {Isaiah 8:19}."  [Should not people consult their God? Should they consult the dead on behalf of the living?]

247. There has always been wizards which have been associated with various religions. They peep and mutter, that is they speak in an ecstatic manner. It is really gibberish! The 1963 addition of the Encyclopedia Britannica states that: "The gift of tongues and their interpretation was not peculiar to the Christian Assembly, but was a repetition in it of a phrase common in ancient religions.

248. The very phrase "GLOSSAIS LALEIN," to speak with tongues, was not invented by New Testament writers but was borrowed from ordinary speech." Virgil draws a like picture of the ancient prophetess speaking in tongues ... "The same morbid and abnormal trance utterances occur in Christian revivals of every age." Oracular possession of the kind above described is also common among savages and people of a lower culture including "WITCH DOCTORS! "

249. The compilers of the Encyclopedia Britannica are unaware of dispensational truth and the fact that the New Testament writers used the word "Tongues" to refer to literal languages. They are correct however, as they pointed out that this "morbid and abnormal trance utterances" have occurred in Christian revivals in every age since {Acts 28:28}, A.D. 63. They are also right in referring to this abnormal speaking as "Oracular Possession."

250. The word "oracular" according to the American College Dictionary, states: "Oracular [orak / yelar], adj.

251. 1... of the nature of, resembling, or suggesting an oracle: an oracular response.

252. 2... giving forth utterances or decisions as if by special inspiration or authority.

253. 3... uttered or delivered as if divinely inspired or infallible; sententious.

254. 4... ambiguous or obscure.

255. 5... portentous." In other words, utterances which are Satanic Inspired! Scripture...

256. {V.1} "And there were [in those days] false prophets also among the people, even as there shall be false teachers among you, who privily [secretly, and who will stealthily] shall bring in damnable [doctrines and destructive] heresies, even denying the Lord that bought them [with His blood on the cross ], and bring upon themselves swift destruction...

257. {V.2} And many shall follow their pernicious [immoral] ways; by reason of whom the way of truth shall be evil spoken of...

258. {V.3} And through [their] covetousness [lust, greed] shall they with feigned [cunning and false arguments and] words make merchandise of you: whose judgment [of eternal misery] now of a long time lingers not, and their DAMNATION slumbers not, {2- Peter 2:1-3}."

259. If a lying Prophet, Preacher or Teacher continues to teach Scripture falsely the Lord may allow these folks to be used in the cause of Satan and if they are not already possessed with a demon, the Lord may allow them to be empowered with evil spirits, Scripture...

260. {V.20} "Then there came out a spirit, and stood before the Lord, and said, I will entice him. and the Lord said unto him where with [by what means]?

261. {V.21} And he said, I will go out and be a lying spirit in the mouth of all his prophets. And the Lord said, you shall entice him, and you shall also prevail: go out, and do even so ...

262. {V.22} Now therefore, behold, the Lord has put a lying spirit in the mouth of these your prophets, and the Lord has spoken evil against you {2- Chronicles 18:20-22}."

263. This evidence very strongly suggests that tongues speaking today is not of God, but the fruit of Wizards and Witches trafficking in "familiar spirits" which results in oracular possession. This possession is not the fruit of the blessed Holy Spirit but that of Satan inspired demons. Therefore, to take tongues out of the place that God put them originally is misleading and very dangerous; this is what "the tongues speakers and their teachers" have done.


The Challenge...

264. After reading all of this message up to this point, we pray that the reader will think seriously before getting caught up and entrenched in the Charismatic Movement. To be specific, we are going to challenge the Bible student to a test. To test your knowledge and what you may gain to further your knowledge, we would challenge you to go to Pastors, Theologians and yes, even to Professors who teach God's Word and persuade them to answer a few questions.

265. Ask them to point out even one Scripture Text that specifically states that a Believer must converse in tongues in order to receive the baptism of the Holy Spirit? Ask these men of God to show you just one Bible Text that states positively that a person can be saved without the baptism and indwelling of the Holy Spirit of God! Ask these men of God, to show you just one Text that emphatically states the tongues we have discussed in this message positively confirms the teaching that they are the languages of Angelic beings! Ask these men of God, where the Scripture can be found that states that one should pray and beseech the Lord for the baptism of the Holy Spirit of God?

266. Ask them, where the Text can be found, that definitely states that any person is blessed by God in this present age, if he or she receives the power to speak in one or more of these unknown Tongues? Where is just one Scripture Text that states that one is conversing with the Lord when speaking in tongues and where is any suggestion from God that they are to do so? Where is just one verse that specifically states that these tongues were NOT done away with before the conclusion of the Apostle Paul's Ministry?

267. Ask them why, when recorded utterings in these tongues are taken to different people who claim they have the gift of the interpretation of tongues, why do these interpreters each give a different interpretation than the others have given? Even if they were the same what makes one think that it is not demons working together as with the blind man spoken of in a earlier chapter in this message? Why, do witch doctors in foreign lands and why do people in the various cults use the same guttural sounds when speaking in tongues as the Charismatic movement when most of these folks do not even claim to be Christians?

268. When the Student has received all the proven Bible Texts from these men of God, please write this writer and let him know where these verses are found. Please remember, that we wish for definite answers without any guesswork from these Ministers! Naturally, many more questions can be ask of these men. Perhaps you can make a list yourself of questions. It is really something to think about! If you or your family are to be caught up in this type of religion, you would want to be absolutely positively that what this movement teaches is infallibly true with no contradictions from God's Word!



269. Do not think for a minute that Christians minds and words can not be activated by the devil. According to {Matthew 16:22-23} Peter's words had been activated by the evil one. Just because one is a Saved Believer does not mean that Satan cannot deceive him. {Ephesians 6:11} makes clear that we are to be aware of the "wiles of the devil." Tongues speaking is out of order in this present Dispensation. It is not part of God's present program.

270. Even if the tongues speakers spoke in real languages today, they would be out of order. As we have shown, Israel had to be shown signs, {Romans 1:22} and Israel was set aside while the Body of Christ is being called out in this present age. So Israel is presently off the scene at the present time, and tongues today which are being spoken in the Pentecostal Charismatic Movement is the fruit of wizards, standing in Trinitarian pulpits resisting the truth of God's Word.

271. {See 2- Timothy 3:8}. The Movement with its teachers that entices its false propaganda are leading away captive "...silly women [and men] laden with sins ... ever learning and never able to come to the knowledge of the truth {2- Timothy 3:6-9}!" The fact is, if one can be taken in through this type of doctrine, we would ask him to re-think his or her salvation. If one is a Christian, the Holy Spirit can give him the true strength, fortitude and knowledge of God's Word.

272. In order to be positive of your own Salvation, we would ask you to "Please" read and pray the following prayer and if you really mean in your heart [mind] what you have read and if you have spoken these words in this prayer with a contrite mind to God the Father, at the end of the prayer you will have become a Child of God!



273. Heavenly Father, I know that I'm a lost sinner and that I cannot save myself by good works. I believe that Jesus Christ is God the Son Who came down from Heaven and took on a human body of flesh and was born of the Virgin Mary. I believe that Jesus shed His blood on the cross of Calvary and died paying the price for my sins with His death so that I can receive salvation because and through His sacrifice.

I believe that after Christ's sacrifice and death, He arose from the tomb after three literal days and nights. That Jesus ascended into the third Heaven to sit at the right hand of God the Father. I believe that Jesus will return for me and all other Saints who belong to the Body of Christ in the Rapture according to His own promise!

I know that I have been up to this time a lost sinner and deserved to go to hell. So I beseech you Heavenly Father, send your Holy Spirit at this very moment into my Heart and save me for Jesus Christ sake as has been promised me by Your Holy Word. I am receiving Jesus Christ at this very moment as my personal Saviour, my Lord and as my only blessed hope for salvation.

Thank You Lord for now I am saved by Your wonderful grace. Amen!

274. "For God so loved the world, that He gave His only begotten Son, that whosoever believeth in Him should not perish, but have everlasting life. For God sent not His Son into the world to condemn the world; but that the world through Him might be saved {John 3:16-17}."

275. "For by grace are you saved through faith; and that not of yourselves: it is the gift of God: Not of works, lest any man should boast {Ephesians 2:8-9}."

276. "Eye has not seen, nor ear heard, neither have entered into the heart of man, the things which God has prepared for them that love Him. But God has revealed them to us by His [ Holy ] Spirit, for the Spirit searches all things, yes the deep things of God {1- Corinthians 2:9-10}."



In regards to our readers, we would deeply express our thanks to those who will have this message recopied and pass it on to others that they too might find a blessing from the messages contents.


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