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Panic... Will You Survive If You Are Left Behind?

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1. Because of the fact that we believe this message will be read after the Rapture of the Body of Christ, we must also believe that the reader will not be a well read Bible student. Therefore, in this message the writer will use the Amplified Bible in several of the Bible text so that it can be better understood by the reader.

We will also use the King James Bible where we think it would be more appropriate. When we use the Amplified, we will Put "Am. B," at end of Bible verses and "K. J. B." at end of verses for the King James Bible. You will also notice that at times we will put Bible reverences at the end of several verses for the students to look up for themselves because should we write all of these verses in the message, it would take too much space and cause the message to be to long.

2. The reader will notice that we have put words in parenthesis in the various Bible verses, this is done to help the student have a better understanding of the Bible language which is often a little bewildering to some folks who are not used to that kind of speech. Therefore, please bear with us as we teach the message. A good idea would be to read your Bible along with each verse we have quoted.

3. Panic can be caused by many things, and most of them can be very serious. Let someone shout "FIRE!" in a burning building, and immediately people act like animals as they trample each other to reach the doors. Let a rumor start that there will be a shortage of sugar or oil or any product, and immediately panic buying results. People will stockpile all that they can get with no thought of the needs of others.

4. Rich panic. Poor panic. Cultured, educated people panic. No one is immune when faced with a situation which threatens their lives and welfare. One of these days such a tremendous panic will occur that, Scripture...

5. {V.15} "Then The kings of the earth and their noblemen [world leaders] and their magnates and their military chiefs and the wealthy and the strong and [everyone, whether] slave or free, hid themselves in the caves and among the rocks of the mountains, {See Isaiah Ch. 2:10},

6. {V.16} And they called [cried] to the mountains and the rocks, fall on [before] us and hide us from the face of Him Who sits on the throne, and from the deep-seated indignation and wrath of the Lamb, {See Hosea 10:8; & Isaiah 2:19-21}.

7. {V.17} For the great day of His wrath [vengeance, retribution and indignation] has come, and who is able to stand before it? {Revelation 6:15-17, Am. B}." {See Joel 2:11; & Malachi 3:2}.

8. Who is the Lamb? What is the great day of His wrath? In olden days, lambs were often used for sacrifice. So this name was given to Jesus Christ. He came to earth once as a sacrifice. He lived a life of love, humility, and service, and then gave His life on the cross for the sins of all humanity. The fact is, Jesus Christ is God Himself. And instead of being honored and accepted, His name up to this very day is blasphemed [cursed]. His commandments are ridiculed. His rightful claims are denied. His love for mankind is spurned. Thus, His salvation is rejected.

9. One day He is coming back in power and majesty. The first time He came to save. The second time to judge the nations of the world! When will He come? Possibly, in just a short time from now, but He will come. It will be a terrible day for those who have rejected Him as their Saviour. The Christ rejecters will panic! They will cry to the mountains, "Fall on us!"

10. Countless millions of others, however, will rejoice to see their Saviour and friend Jesus Christ. These have accepted His death as the payment for their sins. They acknowledge Him as Lord. They obey His commandments and will honor His name. To which group do you belong? Only in this life can you choose. There is no second chance.

11. Therefore, if you see that world panic and confusion has occurred due to the fact that millions of people have suddenly and mysteriously disappeared, this will explain what has happened. The event referred to as the "Rapture" came and you were left behind! First, let's understand more clearly what has happened. Next, we'll see what happens to you during the "Tribulation judgments."

What Has Happened?

12. The word "Rapture" means to be quickly removed or "caught up." It was a term used for years to identify an event promised in the Bible, Scripture...

13. "Take notice! I tell you a mystery... a secret truth, an event decreed by the hidden purpose or counsel of God. We shall not all fall asleep [in death], but we shall all be changed [transformed].

14. In a moment, in the twinkling of an eye, at the [sound of the] trumpet call. For a trumpet will sound, and the dead [in Christ] will be raised imperishable... [free and immune from decay] ... and we shall be changed [transformed] {1- Corinthians 15:51-52. Am. B}." And in another book of our Bible, it states, Scripture...

15. "And the Lord Himself will descend from heaven with a loud cry of summons, with the shout of an archangel, and with a blast of a trumpet of God. And those who have departed this life in Christ [that is, as Christians] will rise first.

16. Then we, [the Christians that are still alive] the still living who remain [on the earth], shall simultaneously be caught up along with [the Resurrected dead] in the clouds to meet the Lord in the air; and so always... through all eternity... we shall be with the Lord! {1- Thessalonians 4:16-17. Am. B}."

17. Jesus Christ promised to return, in the clouds, to quickly receive up to Himself all the dead and living Christians. This is precisely what has taken place, and this happens just before the beginning of the Tribulation Period. Jesus has made a promise that the Body of Christ that has just been Raptured would not go into that dreadful 7 year Tribulation Period.

18. He states to the body of Christ, those who have been Raptured... Scripture, "Because you have guarded and kept My word of patient endurance... have held fast the lesson of My patience with the expectant endurance I gave you... I also will keep you [safe] from the hour of trial [testing during the Tribulation Period] which is coming on the whole world, to try those who dwell upon the earth {Revelation 3:10. Am. B}."

19. At this very time the world is getting ready for the enemies of God to show their true colors, and the people are saturating themselves with drugs, homosexuality and have caused themselves to be susceptible to the ever present increase of demon activity. Scripture...

20. "But the [Holy] Spirit distinctly and expressly declares that in latter times some will turn away from the faith, giving attention to deluding and seducing [demonic] spirits and doctrines that demons teach {1- Timothy 4:1. Am. B}." {See 2- Timothy 3:1-13; & Revelation 9:21}.

21. At the present time there is public awareness of the energy crisis. Over- population, pollution and depletion of fuel world wide, lack of food also world wide, etc., all of this and much more may have set the stage for the predicted global hunger and starvation of millions during the Tribulation Judgments.

22. {V.5} Scripture " When He [Christ] broke open the third seal, I heard the third living creature call out, Come and look! And I saw, and behold, a black horse, and in his hand the rider had a pair of scales [a balance].

23. {V.6} And I heard what seemed to be a voice from the midst of the four living creatures [in heaven] saying, A quart of wheat for a denarius [a whole days wages], and three quarts of barley for a denarius: but do not harm the oil and the wine! {See 2- Kings 6:25}.

24. {V.7} When the Lamb [Christ] broke open the forth seal, I heard the fourth living creature call out, Come!

25. {V.8} So I looked, and behold, an ashy pale horse [black and blue as if made so by bruising], and its rider's name was death, and Hades followed him closely; and they were given authority and power over a fourth part of the earth, to kill with the sword and with famine and with plague [pestilence, disease] and with wild beast of the earth {Revelation 6:5-8. Am. B}." {See Ezekiel 5:12-13}.

26. No one knew precisely, when the Rapture would take place! However, the multitudes who were taken up during the Resurrection were ready, they had been ready in expectation for it to take place at any moment! They had repented of their sins and placed 100% of their trust in Jesus Christ as their personal Saviour. Their sudden removal has caused the mysterious world crisis, confusion and panic, such as:

27. No. 1. Driverless car, bus, truck and train wrecks.

No, 2. Airplane crashes due to missing crew members.

No. 3. Mass confusion of the radio and TV news media.

No. 4. Telephone circuits overloaded, operators missing.

No. 5. Numerous and uncontrollable fires and looting.

No, 6. Rampaging lawlessness, crime and mobs, which the remaining police are not able to control.

No. 7. Graves of the saved Christians opened and their bodies having been Resurrected.

No. 8. Packed churches of unsaved liberal religions and false cults seeking answers from their ministers.

No. 9. Families terrified and in shock over missing saved family members.

No. 10. A horrible readjustment to parents because all their small children, even all the small babies born and unborn plus all retarded people, consisting of everybody who were not accountable for their sins, all these folks had been taken up in the Rapture of the Body of Christ!

28. It is too late now to prepare for the Rapture for the Rapture has already taken place and "you have been left behind!"

What Is Going To Happen Now?

29. According to the Bible, some "world leader" will rise up and appear to be the "Saviour" of those people who have been left behind. He may give some rational explanation for the missing millions and restore some degree of world peace [temporarily]. He will be instrumental in establishing a 7 year covenant between Israel and the Arab nations and allow Israel to rebuild the Tribulation Temple in Jerusalem. These things will officially begin the 7 year Tribulation Judgments. Scripture...

30. "And he shall enter into a strong and firm covenant with the many for one week [7 years]: and in the midst of the week [7 years] he shall cause the sacrifice and offering to cease [for the remaining 3 1/2 years]: and upon the wing or pinnacle of abominations [shall come] one who makes desolate; until the full determined end is poured out on the desolator [Antichrist] {Daniel 9:27. Am. B}."

31. This world leader who is the Antichrist will eventually sit in that Temple and falsely claim to be God. This will not take place until the middle of the 7 years. By watching for this to take place, and when it does, you will know that what we have written is true according to God's Holy Bible! {See 2- Thessalonians 2:3-4 & Revelation 13:4-8}. This 7 year Tribulation will be most horrible! Jesus Himself warned that it would be greater than any past or future judgments. Scripture...

32. For then there will be great tribulation... affliction, distress and oppression... such as has not been from the beginning of the world until now; no and never will be [again]. {Matthew 24:21, Am. B}." {See Daniel 12:1; & Joel 2:1-2}. Below are some [but not near all] of the predicted judgments that will take place during the Tribulation Period... All of these are prophetic from the Book of Revelation...

Seal Judgments...

33. (1) Peace taken from earth, global war, great weapons, invaders kill one another {Revelation 6:4}.

(2) Famine, a days food for a days wages {6:5-6}.

(3) 1/4 world's population will die, war and hunger, and with the beast of the field {6:8}.

(4) Christians will be slain for their faith {6:9-11}.

(5) Earthquakes, sun darkened, stars fall, moon became red as blood {6:12-13}.

(6) All mountains and islands will be moved from their places {6:14}.

(7) Panic and terror will be universal, People hide from God's wrath {6:15-17}.

Trumpet Judgments...

34. (8) Large hail stones and fire falls, mingled with blood, 1/3 of trees burnt up, all green grass burnt up {8:7}.

(9) 1/3 in the sea, fish, ships and crews destroyed; 1/3 of sea turns to blood, {8:8-9}.

(10) Many will die from bitter poisoned water {8:10-11}.

(11) The sun, moon, and stars smitten, affecting light and temperatures {8:12}.

(12) Demonic creatures torture unsaved people 5 months {9:1-11}.

(13) Another 1/3 of the worlds population die from fire, smoke and brimstone {9:13-18}.

(14) More great earthquakes and great hail {11:13,19}.

Bowl Judgments...

35. (14) Malignant sores plague all unsaved that had mark of beast {16:2}.

(15) Sea becomes blood, all in the sea will die {16:3}.

(16) Only blood to drink from rivers and springs {16:4-5}.

(17) Men scorched with fire and great heat and curses God {16:8-9}.

(18) People gnaw tongues due to pain and sores {16:10-11}.

(19) Preparation for "Battle of Armageddon" {16:12-16).

(20) Greatest earthquake since men on earth {16:18}.

(21) Cities throughout the world will crumble {16:19}.

(22) Every island and mountain will disappear {16:20}.

(23) Very huge hailstones will fall, 100 pounds each {16:21}.

Events Following The Judgments...

36. (24) The Return of Jesus Christ in glory {19:11-16}.

(25) The conclusion of the battle of Armageddon {19:17-19}.

(26) Destruction of the Antichrist " world leader" and the False prophet {19:20}.

(27) Destruction of the people that followed these men {19:21}.

37. There is much more we could add to the above number but the reader can see that it won't be a very nice time to go in to. If the Rapture has occurred, you have no place to escape to from the Tribulation. But, there may be hope for you... depending on your response to the rest of this message.

38. The question is, " what is going to happen to you?" You may refuse to believe the explanation of the "Rapture" and the warning about the "Tribulation Period." In fact, you may prefer to believe the explanation given by the " World leader." He and his staff will deceive many of you who are left on the earth after the Rapture. He will even demand your worship by threatening your death should you refuse to worship him. This One World Leader in the Word of God is called "The Antichrist and he is the first beast mentioned but as to the second beast, Scripture...

39. {V.11} Then I saw another beast rising up out of the land [the nations]; he had two horns like a lamb and he spoke [evil things] like a dragon. [The dragon symbolizes the devil].

40. {V.12} He exerts all the power and right of control of the former [first] beast in his presence, and causes the earth and those who dwell upon it to exalt and deify the first beast [the Antichrist], whose deadly wound was healed, and worship him. [This second beast is a man called "the False Prophet"].

41. {V.13} [This prophet] performs great signs... startling miracles... even making fire fall from the sky to the earth in mans sight. [including, in the sight of the first beast].

42. {V.14} And because of the signs [miracles] which he is allowed to perform in the presence of the [first] beast, he deceives those who inhabit the earth, commanding them to erect a statue [an image] in the likeness of the [first] beast which was wounded by the sword [some type of a weapon] and still lived. {See Deuteronomy 13:1-5}.

43. {V.15} And he was permitted [also] to impart the breath of life into the [first] beast's image so that the statue of the beast could actually talk , and to cause to be put to death those who would not bow down and worship the image of the beast {Revelation 13:11-15, Am. B}." {See Daniel 3:5-6}.

44. In case you find it easy to believe either of these two men [beasts], it may be because you neglected or willfully refused to trust in Jesus Christ as your personal Saviour 100%, prior to the Rapture. Your present response was predicted in {2- Thessalonians 2:8-12, Am. B}, Scripture...

45. {V.8} "And the lawless one [the Antichrist] will be revealed and the Lord Jesus will slay him with the breath of His mouth and bring him to an end by His [Christ's] appearing at His coming. {See Isaiah 11:4}.

46. {V.9} The coming of the lawless one, the [Antichrist] is through the activity and working of Satan, and will be attended by great power and with all sorts of [pretended] miracles and signs and delusive marvels... [all of them] lying wonders...

47. {V.10} And by unlimited seduction to evil and with all wicked deception for those who are [going to perdition, Hell] perishing because they did not welcome the Truth but refused to love it that they might be saved.

48. {V.11} Therefore God sends upon them a misleading influence, a working of error and strong delusion to make them believe what is false,

49. {V.12} In order that all may be judged and condemned who did not believe... who refused to adhere to, trust in and rely on... the truth, but [instead] took pleasure in unrighteousness.

50. {V.13} But we, brethren beloved by the Lord, ought and are obligated [as those who are in debt] to give thanks always to God for you, because God chose you from the beginning [to be the first converts] for salvation through the sanctifying works of the [Holy] Spirit and [your] belief in... adherence to, trust in and reliance on... the truth.

51. {V.14} [It was] to this end that He called you through our Gospel, so that you may obtain and share in the glory of our Lord Jesus Christ, the Messiah.

52. {V.15} So then, brethren, stand firm and hold fast to the traditions and instructions which you were taught by us whether by our word of mouth or by letter {2- Thessalonians 2:8-15, Am. B}."

53. If you pay no attention to the above Scriptures, you will probably continue to follow the Antichrist [world leader and his false prophet] by worshipping the beast and wearing his identifying mark .

Your Eternal Future Is Prophesied...

54. {V.9} Scripture "And the third angel followed them, saying with a loud voice, if any man worship the beast [Antichrist] and his image and receives his mark in his forehead or in his hand,

55. {V.10} The same shall drink of the wine of the wrath of God, which is poured out without mixture into the cup of his indignation; and he shall be tormented with fire and brimstone in the presence of the holy angels, and in the presence of the Lamb [of God]:

56. {V.11} And the smoke of their torment [will] ascend up for ever and ever: and they [will] have no rest day or night, who worship the beast and his image, and who ever receives the mark of his name {Revelation 14:9-11, K. J. V}." [Day and night means unceasingly].

57. However, if you are concerned about your salvation, there is still hope! Perhaps you did not hear or understand the Gospel before the Rapture and God is trying to draw you to Himself at this very moment. If so, here is some good news, Scripture...

58. {V.16} "For God so loved the world [including you], that He gave His only begotten Son [Jesus Christ], that whosoever believes in Him [Christ] should not perish but have everlasting life.

59. {V.17} For God sent not His Son [Jesus Christ down] into the world to condemn the world; but that the world through Him might be saved.

60. {V.18} He that believes on Him [Christ] is not condemned: but he that believes not is condemned already, because he has not believed in the name of the only begotten Son of God {John 3:16-18, K.J.V}."

61. God does love you! God's anger demonstrates the depth of the outrage and insults of our sins against the absolute holiness and perfection of the Lord Jesus Christ who is God the Son. Every person deserved judgment for their sins. But God sent Jesus His only Son to die on the cross for our sins. God offers everlasting life to all who trust in the shed blood of Jesus Christ as their sin payment 100%. God does love you!

62. If you are concerned, God is drawing you by His Holy Spirit and He desires to save you now! Scripture...

63. "He that believes on the Son [Jesus Christ] has everlasting life: and he that believes not the [on the] Son shall not see life; but the wrath of God abides on Him. {John 3:36, K.J.V}." Jesus said that...

64. "All that the Father gives to Me shall come to Me; and him that comes to Me I will no wise cast out {John 6:37, K.J.V}."

65. "... And said, Sirs, what must I do to be saved? And they said, Believe on the Lord Jesus Christ, and you shall be saved and [the same applies to those in] your house {Acts 16:30-31, K.J.V}."

66. Will you now trust Jesus Christ 100% as your personal Saviour? Yes__. No__.

Tribulation Christians... Prepare To Suffer...

67. If, after the Rapture you have trusted in Jesus Christ as your Saviour, please be assured that no matter what happens to your physical body and life, you will have eternal life with God forever. But after the mark of the beast is rejected by you, you will not be able to buy food, because you have refused the mark of the Antichrist {See Revelation 13:16-17}. But, that is better than what will happen to those that accept the mark . {See Revelation 14:9-11}.

68. As a Tribulation Christian, you may latter be executed for your faith in the Lord Jesus Christ! During that time there will be 144,000 Jewish ministers saved and they will preach all over the earth and will be protected by God and sealed from the Tribulation judgments. They will be great Evangelists during that time. But two thirds of all the other Israelites will be killed by the Antichrist and his followers {See Zechariah 13:8-9}. The same thing will happen to many of the Gentiles such as yourself. Many Christians will have their heads cut off for refusing to worship the Antichrist " World leader" {See Revelation 7:4-14; & 20:4}.

69. Survival during the tribulation will be difficult for any Christian, physically! This is due to the execution of Christians because of their faith in Christ, and the death of perhaps 90% of the world's population from the judgments. And of course this also takes in those who will be judged at the judgment of the nations that The Lord Himself presides over just after His Second Coming. {See Matthew 25:31-46}. Your consolation, however, if you are killed, will be your Resurrection from the grave at the time of His Second Coming back to this earth at the end of the Tribulation. This the Lord Himself has Promised. {See 1- Corinthians 15:44; 54-58; & Revelation 20:4-6}.

70. In spite of the suffering which you will encounter as a Christian, you will have made a wise decision in trusting Jesus Christ as your Saviour. The horror of the Tribulation will not last long when compared to eternity without God. Scripture...

71. "And fear not them which kill the body, but are not able to kill the soul: but rather fear Him [God] which is able to destroy both soul and body in Hell {Matthew 10:28, K.J.V}."

72. My brother or sister in Christ, saved after the Rapture, I wish to encourage you by sharing a promise of God's Word which was given to the early Church. They underwent suffering for their faith in Christ, the same as you will! Many of the early Christians were tortured and burned, thus, killed in many inhuman ways in the Roman Coliseums and down through the centuries, in many other places. But they kept the faith and are at this very time in Heaven with their Saviour! Jesus said...

73. Scripture "Fear none of these things which you shall suffer: behold the devil shall cast some of you into prison, that you may be tried; and you shall have tribulation ten days: be you faithful unto death, and I will give you a crown of life {Revelation 2:10, K.J.V}." [The ten days may refer to a ten day period of intense persecution to come, no matter, it is better to suffer a short time than eternity in the lake of fire!]

74. When you suffer for becoming a Christian at that time, remember how Jesus suffered to pay for your sins when He was crucified on the cross. Your fiery trials may seem unbearable but Christ has promised to never forsake you. He will help you through them for His glory and your ultimate eternal joy. {See 1- Corinthians 10:13; Hebrews 13:5-6; I- Peter 1:3-9; 4:12-14; & 5:8-10}.

Can The Tribulation Be Avoided?

75. If at the time you read this, the Rapture has not yet occurred, you may still have time to be saved and avoid the horrible Tribulation suffering and death. After the Rapture, it cannot be avoided.

Please Answer The Following Question...

76. Do you believe that living a good life [a so -called good works religion, etc.] will help earn your salvation, pay for your sins and get you to heaven?

77. [Please check one] Yes___. Partly___. No___.

78. Hundreds of millions of people will miss the Rapture because they trusted their own efforts to help earn their salvation. If you answered "Yes or Partly," you would miss the Rapture! Only those "In Christ" [who are saved by trusting Him 100% for salvation] will be taken to be with Him at the Rapture. {See 1- Thessalonians 4:16-17}. Scripture...

78. "For the wages of sin is death; but the gift of God is eternal life through Jesus Christ our Lord {Romans 6:23, K.J.V}."

The wages we deserve is_____ . Eternal life is the____ of God, paid for by His death__________.

How Do We Become A Christian?

79. Scripture "As many as received Him [Christ] to them gave He power to become the sons of God, even to them that believe [100%] on His name {John 1:12, K.J.V}."

80. Will you now receive Christ as your Saviour by believing on and in Him, trusting His death as the complete payment for your sins? Yes___. No___.

If You Are Not Sure That You Are Saved Read The Following...

81. In order to be positive of your own Salvation, we would ask you to "Please" read and pray the following prayer and if you really mean in your heart [mind] what you have read and if you have spoken these words in this prayer with a contrite mind to God the Father, at the end of the prayer you will have become a Child of God!

The Sinners Prayer:
82. Heavenly Father, I know that I'm a lost sinner and that I cannot save myself by good works. I believe that Jesus Christ is God the Son Who came down from Heaven and took on a human body of flesh and was born of the Virgin Mary. I believe that Jesus shed His blood on the cross of Calvary and died paying the price for my sins with His death so that I can receive salvation because and through His sacrifice.

I believe that after Christ's sacrifice and death, He arose from the tomb after three literal days and nights. That Jesus ascended into the third Heaven to sit at the right hand of God the Father. I believe that Jesus will return for me and all other Saints at His return according to His own promise! I am receiving Jesus Christ at this very moment as my personal Savior, my Lord and as my only blessed hope for salvation.

I know that I have been up to this time a lost sinner and deserved to go to hell. So I beseech you Heavenly Father, send your Holy Spirit at this very moment into my Heart and save me for Jesus Christ sake as has been promised me by Your Holy Word. Thank You Lord for now I am saved by Your wonderful grace. Amen!

83. "For God so loved the world, that He gave His only begotten Son, that whosoever believeth in Him should not perish, but have everlasting life. For God sent not His Son into the world to condemn the world; but that the world through Him might be saved {John 3:16-17, K.J.V}."

84. "For by grace are you saved through faith; and that not of yourselves: it is the gift of God: Not of works, lest any man should boast {Ephesians 2:8-9. K.J.V}."

85. "Eye has not seen, nor ear heard, neither have entered into the heart of man, the things which God has prepared for them that love Him. But God has revealed them to us by His [Holy] Spirit, for the Spirit searches all things, yes the deep things of God {1- Corinthians 2:9-10, K.J.V}."

Below is a map of the Tribulation Period...

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In regards to our readers, we would deeply express our thanks to those who will re-copy this message and pass it on to others that they too may find Salvation from it.


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