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The Relation To The Apostasy


( 1 ). { V. 3 } Scripture: "Let no man deceive you by any means: for that day shall not come, except there come a 'falling away [ Greek - departure, Resurrection,' ] first ...,

The Rapture Of The "ONE NEW MAN . . . I.e., "The BODY OF CHRIST" . . . Read . . .

{ Ephesians 2:15-16; - & - 1- Corinthians 15:51-52 }.

The Relation To The Man Of Sin, "Antichrist"{ Ch. 2:3 }. . . .,

( 2 ). { V. 4 }: Who opposes and exalts himself above all that is called GOD, or that is worshipped; so that he as GOD sits in the Temple of GOD, showing himself that he is GOD, { 2- Thessalonians 2:3-4 }."


( 3 ). The above { Vs. 3-4 } paraphrased below in Commentary form . . .

( 4 ). { 3 }: "... and that man of sin 'be revealed [ Apocalypse - unveiling, becomes present', and will be: ], the 'son of perdition': [ 'of Hades, Hell, . . . The Lake Of Fire' . . . ]; . . . [ 'The future Antichrist.' ] . . . Read { Revelation 19:19-20 }.

( 5 ). { 4 }: Who opposes and exalts himself above all that is called GOD, or that is worshipped; so that he as GOD [ he will: ] sit in 'the [ Jerusalem' ] Temple of GOD, 'showing himself [ to the rest of the world that he is deity and must be worshipped' ... and: ] that he is GOD, { 2- Thessalonians 2:3-4 }."


( 6 ). Commentary . . . We could teach much more concerning this subject, but we will wait for a future message to talk about that.

( 7 ). Thus, we see all of the prophecies concerning the refounding of Israel as a nation, the covenant with Antichrist, the rebuilding of the Temple, the Abomination of Desolation, and many others, confirmed here in the book of Malachi and elsewhere in the Scriptures.


( 8 ). Commentary . . . Malachi and other Old Testament Scriptures make clear, that all the Jews who will have a part in the covenant with the Antichrist; and all the Jewish priesthood who will play footsies with the "Great Whore: the Tribulation false church coalition" will be judged accordingly.

( 9 ). And, 'all the Jews [ and Gentiles alike', ] who have anything to do with putting the Antichrist in the Temple to be worshipped as a god, the LORD is going to cut off every one of them and there will be tears, and weeping, and there will be crying. [ But to the good fortune of GOD'S elect Jewish people, it is made clear that they will be adequately rewarded in their future. ] . . . Again we read these next two verses . . .


( 10 ). { V. 11 } Scripture: "And I say unto you, That 'many [ Jews in Israel's future' ] shall come from the east and west, and shall sit down with Abraham, and Isaac, and Jacob, in the 'Kingdom of Heaven, [ the future Millennium' ].

( 11 ). { V. 12 }: But the 'Children [ sons, heirs - Jews' ] 'of the Kingdom [ who have done wickedly' ] shall be cast out into outer darkness: there shall be weeping and gnashing of teeth, { Matthew 8:11-12 }." Read { Matthew 13;25, 34, - & - 43 }.


( 12 ). Commentary . . . We read that every Jew and every Gentile who had anything to do with following the Antichrist or recognized his kingdom as good, will be utterly cast out by GOD.

( 13 ). There will be many Gentile nations who will be blessed during the fulfillment of the Kingdom promises made to Abraham, Isaac and Jacob, but many of the Jews themselves will be cast out because they will have ignorantly followed 'the man of sin called 'Antichrist [ or the beast' at that time, which even now is close at hand ].'


( 14 ). We continue now and read the message of the prophet . . .


( 15 ). { V. 14 } Scripture: "Yet you say, 'Wherefore? Because the LORD has been witness between you and the wife of your youth, against whom you have dealt treacherously: yet is she your companion, and the wife of your covenant.

( 16 ). { V. 15 }: And did not He make one? Yet had He the residue of the spirit. And wherefore one? That he might seek a godly seed. Therefore take heed to your spirit, and let none deal treacherously against the wife of his youth.

( 17 ). { V. 16 }: For the LORD, the GOD of Israel, says that 'He hates putting away': for one covers violence with his garment, says the LORD of hosts: therefore take heed to your spirit, that you deal not treacherously, { Malachi 2:14-16 }."


( 18 ). The above { Vs. 14-16 } paraphrased below in commentary form...

( 19 ). { 14 } Scripture: "Yet you say, 'Wherefore? . . . i.e., Why? . . . explain this to us' . . . 'why does the Lord reject our offering?' . . . [ Answer: ] 'Because the LORD has been 'witness: [ to the covenant made at your marriage ] between you and the wife of your youth, against whom you have dealt treacherously and to whom you were faithless. Yet she positively is your companion, and the wife of your covenant [ made by your marriage vows! ].

( 20 ). { 15 }: And 'did not GOD make [ you and your wife ] one flesh?' Did not 'One [ GOD' ] make you [ and form you, and bestow upon you life by creation?' ] Did not One GOD preserve your spirit alive? And why did GOD make 'you two into one person?' Because 'He sought a godly offspring [ from your union' ]. Therefore take heed to yourselves, and let no one deal treacherously and be faithless to the wife of his youth.

( 21 ). { 16 }: For the LORD, the GOD of Israel, says; I hate divorce and marital separation, and he who 'covers his garment [ his wife' ] with violence. 'Therefore keep a watch upon your [ human ] spirit [ that keeps you alive - that it may be controlled by MY SPIRIT' which is the spirit of human life ], that you do not deal treacherously and faithlessly [ with your marriage mate ],

Malachi 2:14-16 }."


( 22 ). Commentary . . . The reader will notice that these verses have a twofold meaning as many Bible texts have elsewhere in the Scriptures. The first Interpretation concerns the Jewish men and woman in separation and divorce from each other.

( 23 ). Therefore since the prophet writes in a parabolic form of exclamation we need to understand the deeper meaning of the text to find the futuristic end time eschatological facts associated with the fulfillment of the prophecy.

( 24 ). We have mentioned many times in our various messages that 'when in Bible study the student must think DEEPLY', and not to be shallow minded. Many ministers will falsely or perhaps just mistakenly - go to these verses and apply them to this present Dispensation of Grace.

( 25 ). But as we have already brought out, there is no doctrine in the old Testament that applies to the BODY OF CHRIST today except perhaps as typology or a shadow of something of similarity of former things that has taken place in the past. In the first meaning of the text:

( 26 ). As far as divorce is concerned ... Though distressed that GOD no longer accepted the Jews offing, the people are pictured as refusing to face up to the seriousness of divorce.

( 27 ). All divorce breaks the 'covenant [ promise' ] made at the time of marriage..., "and: remarriage": violates the pattern that JEHOVAH GOD established at creation when He made only one wife for Adam { V. 15 }.

( 28 ). In { V. 16 } He hates putting away, literally He states., "I HATE DIVORCE." The words "covers violence with his garment," to rephrase this in a better way . . . violence covers his garment [ a symbol of protection ]. Divorce removes the wife's protection and treats her cruelly. As for the eschatological or future meaning of the above text, read on . . .

( 29 ). After GOD explains that all in Israel who honor the covenant with Antichrist will be cut off, the priests ask "Wherefore?" which means . . . "we don't understand"; why "do you do this", or - "give us a better reason."

( 30 ). And so GOD through the prophet explains once more by the use of an illustration, the relationship of a man and his wife.

( 31 ). Now it is evident from Malachi that the covenant that Israel makes with Antichrist during the future Tribulation Period that concerns the land that belongs to GOD ALMIGHTY, will be altogether different from the Covenant that GOD made with Abraham.

( 32 ). To Israel it will probably appear to be the best deal they can get, and already the United States is pressuring Israel to accept some kind of arrangement with the Arab nations even if they have to give up Jerusalem and make Jerusalem an international city.

( 33 ). So GOD says; "your exchanging of the Covenant I made with Abraham, Isaac and Jacob for the covenant offered by the Antichrist is comparable: to a man putting off the wife of his youth."

( 34 ). This is easy to understand because we see it happening every day. The movie actors or the wealthy man will divorce their wives when they get to be middle-aged and marry a young girl, often still in her teens.

( 35 ). But JEHOVAH in the above verses makes clear that marriage is a permanent contract between "GOD, the Husband of Israel, and the wife Israel herself." Read { Jeremiah 3:14; - & - Isaiah 54:5 }. Remember, Malachi was written while the Israelis were still under the Mosaic Law! And many times JEHOVAH referred to the Hebrew nation as His wife!:


( 36 ). Scripture: "Turn, 0 backsliding children, says the LORD; for I am married unto 'you, [ Israel', and future tense: ] I will take you one of a city, and two of a family, and I will bring you to Zion, { Jeremiah 314 }." [ This will be completed after MESSIAH'S Second Advent ].


( 37 ). Scripture: "For your Maker is 'your [ Israel's ] Husband'; The LORD of hosts is His name and your REDEEMER The HOLY ONE of Israel; The GOD of the whole earth shall He be called, { Isaiah 54:5 }." [ Read the rest of the chapter, and also all of { Chapter 55 } about the future millennium ].


( 38 ). { V. 19 } Scripture: "And I will betroth you unto Me for ever; yes, I will betroth you unto Me in righteousness, and in judgment, and in lovingkindness and in mercies.

( 39 ). { V. 20 }: I will even betroth you unto Me in faithfulness: and you shall know the LORD, { Hosea 2:19-20 }."


( 40 ). The above { Vs. 19-20 } Paraphrased below in commentary form:


( 41 ). { 19 } Scripture: "And I will 'BETROTH you' [ and 'take you Israel - as MESSIAH'S Bride' eternally, i.e., ]: 'unto Me [ The LORD Personally', and this will be: ] 'FOR EVER'; YES, I WILL BETROTH YOU' unto ME in righteousness, and in judgment, and in lovingkindness and in mercies. [ Read concerning MESSIAH'S Bride Israel - in { Revelation 19:7 }. [ Remember we today are the BODY OF CHRIST in the masculine gender { Ephesians 2:15 }. Israel is in the feminine gender ].

( 42 ). { 20 }: I will even betroth you [ Israel - future tense at MESSIAH'S Second Advent ] unto ME in faithfulness: and you shall know [ ME always in the hereafter as ]: the LORD, [ your BRIDEGROOM ], { Hosea 2:19-20 }." Read rest of chapter.


( 43 ). Commentary ... In the beginning of human life on this earth, GOD joined one man and one woman together as one flesh. And, Israel all the way through our Bible is - 99 percent of the time - mentioned as being in the female gender, where as, today the BODY [ Greek Sussomos' OF CHRIST is looked upon as being in the male gender, as in { Ephesians 2:15-16 }."

( 44 ). Read again { Ephesians 2:15-22; - 4:24; - 5:30; - Colossians 3:10; - 1:9; -Romans 8:29-30; etc }. We are made in the image of CHRIST Who is "NOT" in the female gender! and He is the HEAD of His BODY which we are! He and we are joined together into ONE NEW MAN!

( 45 ). As we have stated: "GOD joined one man and one woman together as one flesh. Before the first marriage there was no family, no community, no city, no social order and no nation.

( 46 ). GOD ordained the institution of marriage to be the base of all order including community, social and national.

( 47 ). When men and women do not observe this covenant of marriage and men begin putting away their wives and wives begin to put away their husbands without Biblical grounds, then the family unit crumbles.

( 48 ). Therefore like bricks, when they crumble in a building, everything begins to fall: crime increases in the community, and the social order becomes overburdened with dependent aid.

( 49 ). Therefore, we have the maintaining of expensive judicial systems, and many other burdens, and so the nation or nations begins to fall because no nation that has separated themselves from the rights of the other people can stand for long when the family unit begins to disintegrate.

( 50 ). The above is like the old saying, "United we stand, divided we fall." The family unit is similar to the United States at the present time, it is in a divided state which is proven by the present political government as any blind person can see. If it remains in this condition much longer, utter chaos will ensue!

( 51 ). Such conditions where men and women have failed to keep their 'marriage covenant [ promises' have ] existed before the Great Flood of Noah's time, - and again at Sodom and Gomorrah, - again at Rome, - and we see it again right here in the United States!

( 52 ). So to the people reading this message, I would remind you that getting married is not something you do for kicks on a week-end. Marriage is serious business because it involves . . .,


( 53 ). First, a responsibility to GOD. . . .


( 54 ). Secondly, marriage involves a responsibility to any future children. . . .


( 55 ). Thirdly, marriage involves a responsibility to your country. . . .


( 56 ). Fourthly, marriage involves a responsibility to society. And . . .


( 57 ). Fifthly, marriage entails a responsibility to your families because discord and divorce always brings sorrows and burdens to your loved ones. And, also to society as a whole!


( 58 ). This is why GOD says here in Malachi that He expects a man and woman to fulfill their marriage covenant until the death of one's husband or wife parts them.

( 59 ). A man cannot lawfully, according to the Bible, divorce his ageing wife just so he can marry a young wife.

( 60 ). Therefore, this is the comparison that GOD makes between the Covenant He made with Abraham ( and the covenant that Israel will make with the Antichrist. We read . . .


( 61 ). Scripture: "And GOD said, Sarah your wife shall bear you a son indeed; and you shall call his name Isaac: and I will establish My Covenant with him for an 'EVERLASTING COVENANT', and with his seed after him, { Genesis 17:19 }."


( 62 ). The above { V. 19 } paraphrased in commentary form . . . "And [ 'JEHOVAH ] GOD said [ to Abraham' ], Sarah your wife shall bear you a son indeed; and you shall call his name 'Isaac [ i.e., which means laughter' ]: and I will establish 'My Covenant [ or solemn pledge' ] with him for an everlasting Covenant, and with 'his seed [ posterity' ] after him."


( 63 ). Commentary . . . The Covenant that GOD made with Israel concerns a future Kingdom of the world's nations on earth with Israel at the head and the LORD as the KING.

( 64 ). This Kingdom of which the Covenant portends concerns peace on earth; abundant food for all people; political stability; strict enforcement of the law to abolish crime; the eradication of all diseases and many other great and wonderful things.

( 65 ). So this Covenant that GOD has with Israel does not concern the Jew alone. It concerns the whole world, and Israel has a responsibility to GOD; and to the hungry people of the world. . . .

( 66 ). And also, to the oppressed and downtrodden; to the victims of crime; to the diseased and infirm; to those suffering political oppression in places such as Russia and China, and we could continue on and on,

( 67 ). Israel just can't one day decide that they are going to exchange the Covenant that GOD made with Abraham for another covenant with Satan for political expediency.

( 68 ). The United States just can't come along and urge Israel to repudiate their Covenant with GOD and give Jerusalem back to the Arabs and Muslims or internationalize it.

( 69 ). GOD says that the Covenant He made with Israel is like a marriage contract, and by entering into this Covenant, Israel assumes a responsibility to GOD, a responsibility to society and a responsibility to the nations.

( 70 ). If you were to break up the marriage of your neighbors across the street, then you would be guilty of destroying something that GOD has ordained.

( 71 ). You would be thwarting the plan and purpose of GOD. Likewise, if the United States attempts to force Israel to violate any part of GOD'S Covenants between Himself and Israel for the sake of a false peace in the Middle East, then our nation becomes just as guilty before GOD as if you would be if you cause your own or someone else's marriage to end in divorce.

( 72 ). But in as much as breaking up a marriage would probably concern only two to perhaps five people, the disbandment of the Covenant by Israel would affect approximately seven billion people worldwide. . . . In other words . . . the whole human race!

( 73 ). This makes us wonder, since there were over six million Jews murdered in Hitler's death camps during World War two, and since there are over six million Jews presently in Israel right now, could it be that . . .

( 74 ). Satan has it in mind to destroy the remaining six Million or more Jews presently that are in Israel by the Arab nations such as Iran and etc? The time for the next move of Satan against Israel we are sure, is surely close at hand.

( 75 ). The end time for these things to be fulfilled is upon us, we must immediately prepare ourselves for the Rapture of GOD'S SAINTS! . . .

( 76 ). Very soon now, the world is going to enter into a huge worldwide depression, the like as has never happened on this earth before, anyone who studies the time we are living in should be able to understand this. We strongly suggest that the reader study the following verse in { Titus 2:13 } very seriously.

( 77 ). So, what is going on today in the conference rooms at the UN concerning Israel and the Muslim nations is far more important then what is happening on the world's battlefields.

( 78 ). Our country's involvement in the affairs of Israel is very serious business, and we should pray that our President and our Secretary of State will consult the Bible and read what GOD has to say about the land of Israel before proposing any future peace plans for that area of the Middle East. We continue now and read this next verse . . .


( 79 ). Scripture: "You have wearied the LORD with your words. Yet you say, Wherein have we wearied Him? When you say, Every one that does evil is good in the sight of the LORD, and He delights in them; or, Where is the GOD of judgment, { Malachi 2:17 }."


( 80 ). The above { V. 17 } paraphrased in commentary form . . ."[ 'And ] You [ meaning Israel' ], have wearied the LORD with your words. [ And Israel again replies in surprise and asked ]: 'In what way have we wearied Him? [ i.e., 'give us a specific example. And GOD replies ]: [ "You do it when by your actions' ... ]: you say, Every one who does evil is good in the sight of the LORD, and He delights in them. 'Or [ by asking' ], 'Where is the GOD of Judgment [ and His justice' ]?"


( 81 ). Commentary . . . GOD concludes this particular section concerning Israel's apostasy in forsaking the Covenant like a man divorcing his aging wife for a young and pretty wife by saying . . .


( 82 ). Commentary . . . "You have wearied JEHOVAH with your theology. - Do you think that those who do evil in Israel are the apple of GOD'S eye and He delights in them?" The same applies in typology to all the apostates today in this Grace Dispensation.

( 83 ). But make no mistake, GOD says, "not all in Israel pleases Me." And we know that sinners abound in Israel today just like they do here in the United States and every other nation on this earth!

( 84 ). Tel-Aviv Israel is called Sodom and Babylon by the Jewish Rabbis. Prostitution is running wild in Israel. And of course there are many Jews who are avowed atheists and many prominent Jews have been communists.

( 85 ). Therefore, GOD refers to another class who reasons that the GOD of Abraham, Isaac and Jacob must be dead, else, He would bring judgment against those who persecute Israel, and so they ask, "Where is the GOD of judgment?"

( 86 ). A certain prominent Jew said not long ago, "that he didn't believe there was a GOD because GOD wouldn't have let Hitler kill six million of His Hebrew people." The same thing can be said about our own country. ... Did the Germans actually perform worse atrocities that the United States are doing today?

( 87 ). Between 40 and 50 million American children have been systematically murdered in murder mills throughout the U.S. alone for many years now. This has been premeditated murder. Why should we always condemn others for their atrocities when this country is performing worse atrocities on their own children and have passed laws to rightly perform these evil murders?

( 88 ). And, even though we are still in the Dispensation of Grace and GOD is not dealing with the world in direct judgment, make no mistake, GOD has kept His eyes on the Jews and on us alike. What kind of a reward will the LORD hand out on all evil performers?

( 89 ). If there is not a GOD of judgment, then how can we explain what happened to the mad genius Hitler to turn him around and commit him to one of the greatest blunders in the history of military warfare by attacking Russia before England was destroyed during World War Two?

( 90 ). And just look what happened to Germany. Hitler met a disgraceful end; his proud army was destroyed; the cities were laid waste; the nation was divided; and many of those who had killed and persecuted the Jews were either executed for their crimes or ended up in prison.

( 91 ). As we have stated, the nation became a divided nation, split with a concrete wall. Hitler had walled in death camps for the Jews, Poll's, Gypsies and many of Germany's own people. And after the war had ended, Russia in turn placed a huge wall between East and West Germany. This was only a small partial repayment for what Hitler had done.

( 92 ). Thus so, concerning Israel - GOD in Malachi is wearied with those Jews who ask, "Where is the GOD of judgment?"

( 93 ). Most Jews do not understand a GOD Who is not willing that any should perish and Who wants everyone to come to the knowledge of the truth and be saved.

( 94 ). The reason they do not know this kind of a GOD is because they rejected JESUS CHRIST as their MESSIAH when He came the first time. And they still reject Him! Being blind to the fact that JESUS had come as their MESSIAH, they are still looking for the GOD of the Covenants Who will come and take vengeance on Israel's enemies and Who will judge the entire world.

( 95 ). So JEHOVAH GOD answers their question concerning this GOD of judgment in the next chapter. And we read . . .


( 96 ). Scripture: "Behold, I will send My messenger, and he shall prepare the way before Me: and the LORD Whom you seek, shall suddenly come to His Temple, even the messenger of the Covenant, Whom you delight in: behold, He shall come, says the LORD of hosts, { Malachi 3:1 }."


( 97 ). Commentary . . . Now we must be very careful in our explanation of this verse of Scripture, because the vast majority of Bible footnotes and commentaries interpret this prophecy to refer to the First Coming Of the CHRIST Child when He was born of a virgin and later crucified for the sins of the world.

( 98 ). If this was the singular and only interpretation of the text this would of course make the messenger who would go before the LORD: 'John the Baptist.' But let us go back to the previous verse where we find Israel asking the question, "Where is the 'GOD' of judgment?"

( 99 ). The main setting of the verse is "definitely [ Tribulation, trouble" ] and GOD tells the Jews that He will send the MESSIAH Who made every man low at His appearing and purge Israel of the dross, and bring the Hebrew Remnant 'through the fire of the future Tribulation Period { Zechariah 13:9' } And thus, MESSIAH will fulfill the various Covenants between Himself and Israel. . . . At His first coming CHRIST did not come to judge the world as we read . . .


( 100 ). Scripture: "For GOD sent not His SON into the world to condemn the world; but that the world through Him might be saved, { John 3: 17 }."


( 101 ). The above { V. 17 } paraphrased in commentary form . . . "GOD the FATHER did not send GOD the 'SON as the MESSIAH' into the world in order to judge . . . to reject, to condemn, or to pass sentence on . . . the world; but that the world might find salvation and be made safe and sound through Him."


( 102 ). Commentary ... This Second and main meaning introduces MESSIAH the GOD of judgment, He is the One Whom Israel asks for in Malachi ... and Whom appears Bodily and Personally at the end of the Tribulation. Thus, MESSIAH - JESUS will obviously appear the second time in the same body that He was resurrected in - two thousand years ago as foretold in the Book of Acts. And then we read . . .


( 103 ). Scripture: "And I saw Heaven opened, and behold a white horse; and He that sat upon Him was called Faithful and True, and in righteousness He does judge and make war, { Revelation 19:11 }." Read { Matthew 24:29-32 }.


( 104 ). Commentary ... In the beginning of this prophecy concerning the LORD of judgment, we note the word "Behold." Behold as used in Scripture means more than just to see or understand something.

( 105 ). The word "Behold: is many times used to call the reader's attention to a profound revelation of GOD. The word is not always used to introduce just anybody, but mostly - rather to direct our attention to royalty and Divinity.

( 106 ). The word "Behold" is used in the Old Testament in a prophetic sense to unveil the appearance of the MESSIAH, and in the New Testament it is used to call the attention of the people, and especially Israel, that the One promised in the Old Testament has come. We read:


( 107 ). Scripture: "Therefore the LORD Himself shall give you a sign; Behold, a virgin shall conceive, and bear a SON, and shall call His name IMMANUEL, { Isaiah 7:14 }." Read also { Isaiah 8:10 }.


( 108 ). The above { V. 14 } paraphrased below in commentary form . . .

( 109 ). "Therefore 'the LORD Himself shall give you a sign [ that says' ]; 'Behold, a virgin shall conceive, and bear a SON', and 'shall call His name [ IMMANUEL [ which means . . . GOD is with us' ], { Isaiah 7: 14 }." Read also ... { Matthew 1:23 }, which states the same thing!


Continued On . . .