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"The Son Of Man, As Conqueror" . . .

( 1 ). Commentary . . . "In { Revelation 1:13-17, } JESUS the SON OF MAN, is seen with "His feet like fine brass, and His eyes were as a flame of fire." The Apostle John fell at His feet as dead. In { V. 16 }: "Out of CHRIST's mouth went a sharp two-edged sword." Surely the spiritual intelligent student: 'one who is filled and led by the HOLY SPIRIT' will see at once that this is not the LORD calling the members of His BODY to glory, as many falsely teach, but rather He is returning in powerful judgment.

( 2 ). In { Revelation 19:11-20 } we learn that JESUS is returning to the earth not to secretly Rapture the BODY OF CHRIST that had already taken place beforehand, but to end the battle of Armageddon and to preside as judge at the judgment of the nations. As the conqueror of His enemies He has that sword "The Word of GOD" in His mouth. There = He destroys both the son of perdition, i.e., the Antichrist and false prophet, with the spirit of His mouth as He prophesied to do in { 2- Thessalonians 2:8; - & - Revelation 19:20 }.

( 3 ). Previously we quoted { Acts 7:51-59 } to show that at the time Israel committed the unpardonable sin by sinning against the HOLY SPIRIT, Stephen saw "the SON OF MAN" standing at GOD's right hand in Heaven. That was the last time the title "SON OF MAN" is used in the Bible until we come to { Revelation 1:13 }. We may be sure that when CHRIST is called "the SON OF MAN" GOD is dealing with the nation Israel. This title, is used about eighty times in Matthew, Mark, Luke and John. It was JESUS Himself, and not others, who used that title. Stephen saw "the SON OF MAN standing." This was GOD's message to remind Israel of their unpardonable sin against the SON OF MAN and against the HOLY SPIRIT, { Matthew 12:31-32 }. In this connection note the words of the LORD JESUS to His twelve Apostles:


( 4 ). { V. 5 } Scripture: "These twelve JESUS sent forth and commanded them, saying, Go 'NOT' into the way of the Gentiles, and into any city of the Samaritans enter you not;

( 5 ). { V. 6 }: But go 'rather [ only' ] to the lost sheep of the house of Israel.

( 6 ). { V. 7 }: And as you go, preach, saying, 'The [ i.e., Millennial Earthly' ] Kingdom of Heaven is at hand ... See { Revelation 20:6 }...

( 7 ). { V. 23 }: "But when they persecute you in this city, flee you into 'another [ city' ]: for 'verily [ surely to be believed' ] I say to you, You shall not have gone over the cities of Israel, till the SON OF MAN be come, { Matthew 10:5-7, 23 }."


( 8 ). Commentary . . . "There were several Greek cities in Galilee which existed separately from the Jewish lifestyle. The Apostles were instructed to avoid these towns and to confine themselves to Jewish cities only. Observe the Dispensational interpretation of this emphasis, and note the exclusiveness of their ministry to the house of Israel only. The word Gentiles is in the objective, indicating that they were not to enter into a road even leading to the Gentiles, which included the Samaritans. Thus, it is proper to conclude that the legitimate offer of the Millennial Kingdom to Israel was still being made by the rightful King MESSIAH Himself. Had Israel accepted CHRIST as her King and MESSIAH, she would have had her long awaited kingdom established.

( 9 ). CHRIST in { V. 23 } above warned His disciples against premature martyrdom. They were to leave before the persecution became too great. We today have plenty of work to do and many people to reach. Our work which concerns the BODY OF CHRIST won't be finished until CHRIST returns to Rapture us up into Paradise. The same should have been understood by the L0RD's followers that concerned the Millennial Kingdom while He was teaching them. Only after the return of CHRIST at His Second Coming will the whole world realize the LORD's true identity. See { Matthew 24:14 } which speaks of the Kingdom Gospel for Israel, and { Romans 14:9-12; - & - Colossians 1:24-29 } that concerns the Gospel of the MYSTERY for the BODY OF CHRIST. As to the races: a Gentile is anyone who is not a Jew or a Christian, see the difference in { 1- Corinthians 10:32; - & - Ephesians 2:11-22 } no doubt, several folks will wonder about what I have just stated. During CHRIST's Millennial reign what Believers of the nations will be classed as, is not clear in the Bible, we will just have to wait and see!

( 10 ). During this Grace Dispensation - no matter what race a person was born from, after becoming a Child of GOD their life has been "reborn into the family of GOD which has no blood distinction." In ancient times there was one class of people . . . all were Gentiles no matter which son of Noah they were descended from. When Abraham was chosen by GOD to become the first Hebrew, this would thereafter consist of two classes of people, Gentiles and Hebrews. Since the BODY OF CHRIST began to be formed we have had three classes of people, the Gentile, the Hebrew, and the BODY OF CHRIST, read again { 1- Corinthians 10:32 }, much more could be stated concerning this subject! The writer is well aware that Noah's three sons were the fathers of humanity after the great Flood! Shem was the oldest and the father of the Semitic people, Japheth the father of the white race, and Ham of the dark race. See { 1- Chronicles 1:1-27 }. This means that people of many nations came forth from their combined posterity! A question arises" ...

( 11 ). Why didn't JESUS send the disciples to the Gentiles which includes the Samaritans? The Samaritans were a race that resulted from intermarriage between Jews and Gentiles after the Old Testament captivities, see { 2- Kings 17:24 }. Even though the Samaritans are of the Semitic race they were at that time and still are = classed as Gentiles! JESUS asked His disciples to go only to the Jews because He came first to the Jews { Romans 1:16 }. GOD chose them to tell the rest of the world about Himself. Jewish disciples and Apostles preached the Gospel of the Millennial Kingdom that was soon to be established on the earth by MESSIAH.

( 12 ). There are two specific meanings to the words "Kingdom of Heaven" in the above verses. The Millennial Kingdom was at hand to be set up should the Israelites accept the LORD as their long awaited MESSIAH and King, but as the student is aware they rejected Him, and the Kingdom has been postponed to a future time. The Hebrew people down through the years have prayed and hoped that a MESSIAH would come and fulfill the O. T. prophecies concerning the literal Kingdom Reign on this earth.

( 13 ). The Jews in the Apostles time looked for a King and MESSIAH picturing Him as being a magnificent figure in kingly attire and visualized Him as a super being decked out in fine remnant and probably wearing a golden crown with precious jewels covering his tunic. But, when JESUS appeared as the son of Joseph, a laboring carpenter, each of them in poor apparel and no permanent place to even lay His 0wn head ..., no way were they going to accept Him as their MESSIAH. They were hoping for a political and military genius that would free them from Roman rule and bring back the days of glory such as the days of David and Solomon.

( 14 ). But, JESUS did not only teach about a literal earthly Kingdom, He also taught about a spiritual universal Kingdom that was to actually free all humanity from their troubles. The "Gospel of the MYSTERY" that is to be taught today is all about a Spiritual Kingdom that will last throughout all eternity. This spiritual Kingdom has "always been present" with the TRINITARIAN GOD supervising over it. Therefore, we who are Christians today are members of that Spiritual Kingdom.

( 15 ). The twelve Apostles remained in the cities of Israel and preached to the Jews, see { Galatians 2:9; Acts 8:1; - & - 15:1-18; }. The SON OF MAN did not return to the Jews, because Israel's rulers would not repent. See { Acts 3:19-21; - & - 5:29-33 }. If the SON OF MAN had come, the "These days" of { Acts 3:24 } would have been on the earth. GOD called a new messenger with a new message, "the ambassador of reconciliation { 2- Corinthians 5:18-21 }." JESUS ushered in "the Dispensation of the MYSTERY, of the Grace of GOD" for Gentiles who would become Saints through the ministry of the Apostle Paul. Paul became the prisoner of the LORD JESUS CHRIST for the Gentiles, { Ephesians 3:1-3 }. To Paul was committed the doctrine of the unsearchable riches of CHRIST for Gentiles, so that they could be added into the BODY OF CHRIST after being converted, { Ephesians 3:8 }.


( 16 ). Commentary . . . "With the final postponement of the Millennial Kingdom, and the interpretation of the kingdom covenants, a parenthetical age began and the SON OF MAN will not come as MESSIAH and King until GOD's predestinated, eternal purpose concerning the BODY OF CHRIST has been accomplished. There are to be many signs in connection with the coming of the SON OF MAN to redeem Israel, signs on earth and in the Heavens. But most of these signs, will not be seen until after the BODY OF CHRIST which is also called the "0ne new Man" has been completed and removed from the earth. See again { Ephesians 2:15 }.

( 17 ). Surely we can see that the political works of the blood-thirsty dictators that still rule throughout many nations, are signs of those evil leaders who will be ruling in such an evil manner after the Rapture. And, they will follow the dictates of the Antichrist in fulfillment of the prophecies that will follow the Rapture of the BODY OF CHRIST. These predictions were foretold in Daniel, Ezekiel, Jeremiah, Isaiah, Joel, Zechariah and several other Old Testament prophetic writers, and yes, even throughout the New Testament. The signs for Israel must be studied to show members of the BODY OF CHRIST that it is definitely time to open our eyes to the fact that we must lift up our heads and look up in obedience to the Word of GOD. Israel was told that when the signs expressed by the prophets were being visualized in that future tribulation hour, that "they should ready themselves for MESSIAH's appearing," see { Revelation 19:7 }.

( 18 ). This looking was expressed by the GOD given knowledge from the LORD to the prophets that they might warn the Israelites of CHRIST's return, and that their redemption was drawing very near, see { Luke 21:25-33 }. Since we today see the shadows of things that were outlined by the prophets of old beginning to rear their heads, we had better take note of them and likewise start looking up for the redemption of our own bodies in the translation of ourselves! The trouble is, many ministers as we see it, are blinded to the fact that { Luke Ch. 21 }, was not talking to Christians of today but was speaking to the nation of Israel. On the other hand, since Israel is to watch for MESSIAH's Second Advent, and since we in the BODY OF CHRIST will be Raptured at least 7 years before the Second Coming of MESSIAH, this is all the more reason we today should be looking for His coming down into the atmosphere of this earth to call us up in the Resurrection of His BODY of Saints?

( 19 ). The prophecies in Matthew, Mark and Luke were given to the nation of Israel, and was meant for them and the nations that would be left behind at the Rapture of the Saints in CHRIST's BODY. Countless GOD led Ministers, Pastors, Evangelists and other Saints of GOD have warned the people in every nation about the things in this message. But, it seems that instead of becoming wiser concerning GOD's Word, humanity as a whole have become blind to their teachings!

( 20 ). Naturally we are to study our Bible to increase our own Knowledge and prepare ourselves for our own future. We should understand that some ministers today try to place the BODY OF CHRIST under the rules and prophetic events that were taught by the prophets of old, in doing so they falsely place us under old covenant theology of the Law Dispensation. OR, sometimes they place Christians under the rules and ordinances of the Kingdom administration that concerned the Kingdom Gospel. By this we mean, that Gospel that was set aside when the Gospel of the MYSTERY OF THE GRACE OF GOD was bestowed to the Apostle of the Gentiles some time after Pentecost. By this, the wise Bible student as Paul Harvey would say, should be up to date on the "Rest of the Story! Some teach out of dispensational boundaries not realizing that their teaching is only confusing to their students, and that their denominational rhetoric has often taken the place of Bible doctrine!

( 21 ). Those who teach in a false manner are going by their own incorrect interpretations and are strictly out of order for this present Grace Dispensation. The trouble is, if these ministers were right, this would mean that the Apostle Paul was really deluded concerning this "Dispensation of the MYSTERY program" Many teachers also teach that the BODY OF CHRIST is really spiritual Israel. If this were the case, then we are headed for the Tribulation Period and the critics who call the Pre-millennialists that believe in the imminent coming of the LORD, the "any-moment theorists," are justified in their criticisms. Concerning the nations:

( 22 ). Israel and the world's nations will suffer tremendously through those years of the Tribulation Period, if we are spiritual Israel then that is where we are headed! But, I don't believe this do you? It would be great if we could know what each reader of our messages thinks about all this. but we cannot know unless the reader leaves us a short message on our web page and informs us of what he believes.


Sin Before The Law Was Given . . .


( 23 ). { V. 12 } Scripture: "Therefore, as 'by one man sin [ and the old sin nature' ] entered into the world, and death by sin; and so death passed upon all men, for 'that all have sinned: [ and have inherited physical death' ] ...

( 24 ). { V. 13 }: ( For until 'the [ Mosaic' ] law sin was in the world: but sin 'is not [ was not' ] imputed 'when there is [ was' ] no law.

( 25 ). { V. 14 }: Nevertheless death reigned from Adam to Moses, even over them that had not sinned after the similitude of Adam's transgression, who is 'the figure [ type' ] of Him that was to come, { Romans 5:12-14 }." [ Speaking of CHRIST's first coming. ]


( 26 ). Commentary . . . "In the closely worded argument of this section Paul contrasts death in Adam with life in CHRIST. Just as Adam's sin brought certain results, so did the death of CHRIST. Yet this does not mean automatic salvation, for men must receive the Grace GOD offers, { Vs. 6-9 }. By one man sin entered into the world. { Genesis Ch. 3 } makes it abundantly clear that this one man, Adam, brought sin to the human race by disobedience. After Adam sinned, he and his descendants could only father sinners, so that all men afterward were, and are under the sentence of death and hell, which is the penalty of sin. It was not the sins of Adam's lifetime, but original sin which allowed death, sin's close ally, to enter the world with it. On no less than five occasions in { Romans 5: 15-19 } the principle of one's sin by one man is asserted. One act of disobedience to GOD was sufficient to allow sin to enter and permeate the entire realm of humanity, "for all have sinned!"

( 27 ). Sin immediately inundated the whole world and had a mortal effect on its inhabitants. Sin was not imputed when there was no law, but even before the law of Moses was given, physical death attested to the presence of sin in Adam and his posterity. So universal was this sin that its deadly effects were seen over them that had not sinned after the similitude of Adam's transgression. Adam is here contrasted with CHRIST and said to be a "figure [ Greek typos"] or "type" { V. 14 } above, of Him that was to come. The only Old Testament character to be called explicitly a type of CHRIST is Adam. There the contrast between the first Adam and the last Adam began.

The Prophetic Clock Is Ticking Away Very Rapidly!!!!! . . .

( 28 ). Commentary ... Concerning Paul's MYSTERY: . . . "A sacred Secret never known to mankind until in due time it was opened up by the HOLY SPIRIT through the apostle Paul." "It was given to him to be brought forth - that knowledge that had been hid in the LORD Himself, to eventually bring to comprehension through the Apostle of the Gentiles - at such time as He chose to manifest it.

( 29 ). What the Bible student today should understand about all this, is that = not until Israel had been given every opportunity to receive CHRIST both in incarnation and resurrection would the MYSTERY be revealed. "To the Epistles of Paul alone do we turn for "the revelation of the MYSTERY," It was not known in the book of Acts as it was later fully taught in Paul's Epistles. Acts was not written by Paul as any Bible student should recognize!" As to 'The MYSTERY' associated with the BODY OF CHRIST, we repeat again, it was never made known in Old Testament times, nor yet in the days when our LORD was on the earth." "The Divine method of revealing it was by a special revelation to the apostle Paul, { Colossians 1:24- 29 }." "It was a ministry committed to him to pass on to all other Saints,"


( 30 ). The fact is, Many writers teach "half truths" and confusion reigns supreme. It is because of utter confusion and the many plain contradictions of Scripture that has caused chaos in the ranks of Christianity. The truth is, we have had the history of the MYSTERY of the BODY OF CHRIST during the past 2,000 years. Many are teaching various inconsistencies and doing absolutely nothing to obey { Ephesians 3:9 }: "make all men see what is the 'fellowship [ i.e., Dispensation' ] of the MYSTERY." No one can begin to see this who has it beginning with the Apostle Peter and his Gospel of the 'circumcision [ Jews' ] on Pentecost a Jewish feast day, { Galatians 2:7-9 }! As to prophecy, I am sure when you read { Acts 2:11-18; - 2:27-33; - 3:19-24; - 15:13-18; - & - 26:22-23 }, you will not say that the clock of prophecy stopped at Calvary, or with the "Acts ministry of the twelve Apostles, or even with the complete ministry of the Apostle Paul."

( 31 ). When we have carefully read { Colossians 1:24-27 } and have been taught by the HOLY SPIRIT about the glorious truth in those verses, we should compare them with { Ephesians 4:8-18 }. Understanding all of this, and while looking on those things taking place today, we should be diligent in preparing ourselves for the Rapture of the Saints. With the completion of the "ONE NEW MAN:" the "BODY OF CHRIST" this will complete just one phase of the LORD's eternal programs in CHRIST JESUS. We repeat again:


( 32 ). { V. 10 } Scripture: "To the intent that now unto the principalities and powers in heavenly places might be known by the Church the manifold wisdom of GOD,

( 33 ). { V. 11 }: According to the eternal purpose which He purposed in CHRIST JESUS our LORD, { Ephesians 3:10-11 }."


( 34 ). The above { V. 10-11 } paraphrased in commentary form . . .

{ 10 }: "The purpose is that through the 'BODY OF CHRIST ... the complicated, many-sided wisdom of GOD in all its infinite variety and innumerable aspects might now be made known to the "angelic rulers and authorities [ principalities and powers ] in the heavenly sphere." ...


{ 11 }: This is in accordance with the, terms of the eternal and timeless purpose which He has realized and carried into effect, 'in [ the person of' ] CHRIST JESUS our LORD."


( 35 ). Commentary . . . The word "church" is not in the Greek text, it has 'NOT' been translated correctly. The word comes from the word "Ekklesia" or "Ecclesia," meaning "Assembly." It can also be translated: "Congregation, or BODY OF CHRIST etc. As to the words - BODY OF CHRIST - or ONE NEW MAN - which refers to the same entity see { Romans 12:4-5; - 16:25-27; - 1-Corinthians 10:16-17; - 12:12-27; - Ephesians 1:17-23; - 2:15-16; - Galatians 3:28; - & - Colossians 1:25-29. etc. } The verses in this above chapter of Ephesians is a lesson Paul gives concerning his own concept of his mission. Note that this was GOD's doing, see { Ephesians 3:7 } and, the LORD through Paul was to make available to all mankind Israel's hope for a MESSIAH and, that Paul was to be a theologian-teacher, as well as a prophet and missionary { Vs. 8-9 }. Remember it was Paul who prophesied the Rapture of the BODY OF CHRIST in { 1- Thessalonians 4:16-18 }. Plus, as to the "principality, and power, and might, and dominion," of { V. 10 }, in rabbinic thought of the time, this would describe different orders of angels. Thus, through Paul's ministry - it would even bring angelic beings to see and understand an important portion of the wisdom of GOD in the LORD's plan for the BODY OF CHRIST { V. 10 }. Concerning 'principalities and powers' which does refer to angels, "see { Romans 8:38-39; - Ephesians 1:20-23; - 3:10; - 6:12; - Colossians 1:16; - 2:10, 15; - & - Titus 3:1 }.

( 36 ). The LORD is 'NOT and will NOT' delay the Rapture for His BODY of Christian Saints until there is a new revival of the Roman Empire as many falsely teach! Nor, will He delay the Rapture until the future Kingdom Gospel has been preached as a witness among all nations during the Tribulation period! It would be far more Scriptural to teach that the LORD JESUS is delaying the Rapture until His called out BODY of Saints has been completed. What we should be doing is study and teach { Ephesians 3:9, - 6:19-21; - & - Colossians 4:3-4 } the way the text should be taught. Now, let's get busy teaching the present": Gospel of the MYSTERY of the GRACE OF GOD" as we should be doing! The Gospel of the future Millennial Kingdom is "NOT" to be preached during this Grace Dispensation!

( 37 ). We today are "NOT" looking forward to the setting up of the Millennial earthly Kingdom by MESSIAH since the Tribulation Period must take place first! According to { Revelation 3:10 } we will be kept out of that hour of temptation of the Tribulation Period, in other words, the BODY OF CHRIST will not go into any part of it! ... What wise Child of GOD is there who is looking and waiting in anticipation for the appearing of the Antichrist, and a troublesome seven years of overwhelmingly chaotic trouble - when they are to be looking up towards Heaven for the Appearing of CHRIST to Rapture them? How foolish it is for a teacher or a minister to take Scripture out of its rightful context to prove such a horrible doctrine?

( 38 ). As we have taught previously, the MESSIAH's Kingdom and Kingdom Gospel was set aside immediately before this Grace Dispensation began, and will commence once again where it left off immediately after JESUS Raptures His BODY of Saints from this earth! ... { 1- Corinthians 15:50-54 }. Please, don't let any false doctrines be used by others to mislead you by the mistakes made from denominational ideas! Stick to the proven Word of GOD for truth! ... Read { Titus 2:10-15 } which concerns the Saint's future "BLESSED HOPE!" Just remember this: denominational doctrine is many times faulty and misapplied!

Some Very Interesting Questions Bible Students Should Consider: . . .

( 37 ). [ N- 1 ]: If the LORD JESUS intended that the twelve Apostles should go over all the world and preach the Gospel of the Kingdom to every creature { Mark 16:15 } why did they remain in Jerusalem, { Acts 8:1; - & - 15:1-10 }?

( 38 ). [ N- 2 ]: If the twelve Apostles were to disciple all nations { Matthew 28:19-20 }, why did they agree to go to the Jews years after they received CHRIST's orders, { Galatians 2:7-9 }?

( 39 ). [ N- 3 ]: Why was it unlawful for the twelve Apostles to preach to Gentiles several years after CHRIST gave them their great commission that concerned the Jews only, { Matthew 28:19-20; - Mark 16:15-18; - Acts 1:8; - Acts 10:28; - & - etc }?

( 40 ). [ N- 4 ]: What did CHRIST mean when He said to His twelve Apostles, "You shall not have gone over the cities of Israel till the SON OF MAN be come, { Matthew 10:23 }?"

( 41 ). [ N- 5 ]: When did the LORD JESUS rescind His command to the twelve Apostles, "heal the sick, cleans the lepers, rase the dead, cast out demons, { Matthew 10:8 }?"

( 42 ). [ N- 6 ]: Why do Christians today ignorantly pray the "Our FATHER" model prayer of { Matthew 6:9 }, that was given only as a model of how the Israelites was to pray during the future Tribulation Period, and yet fail to obey the LORD's other command in the same chapter, { V. 17 }, "But you, when you fast, anoint your head"? ... Were these commands really for Children of GOD of this present Grace Dispensation or for the Hebrew people of that former Dispensation?

( 43 ). [ N- 7 ]: Why doesn't Christians today obey the command of JESUS CHRIST in { Luke 12:33 } "sell that you have and give alms?"

( 44 ). [ N- 8 ]: Why is it that the signs of { Mark 16:17-18 } do not follow when sinners are saved by believing the Gospel? { V. 17 } Scripture: "And these signs shall follow them that believe: In My name shall they cast out demons; they shall speak with new 'tongues [ languages' ]; { V. 18 }: They shall take up serpents; and if they drink any deadly thing it shall not hurt them; they shall lay hand on the sick, and they shall recover." Have you ever did this, have you ever saw these things performed? Where, when? A Christian surely would never lie. What do you think? What does the verse in { 1- Corinthians 14:22 } refer to when it says, "Tongues are for a sign, 'NOT to them that believe, but to them that believe NOT? What group of people was it that required a signs? Did those people believe that CHRIST was their MESSIAH? Did those signs in the Acts period refer to Christians today?"

( 45 ). [ N- 9 ]: The Corinthians were the least spiritual of all the Christians to whom Paul wrote. He wrote to them and said: "You are carnal; you walk as men, { 1- Corinthians 3:1-5 }." And yet they exercised the sign-gifts of { 1- Corinthians 12:8-11 }, "miracles; tongues [ i.e., foreign languages ]; healing, etc." Why is it that those carnal Christians exercised those gifts and yet the most spiritual and faithful Saints "today" exercise none of them? [ Naturally what we have said will bring forth controversy! ]

( 46 ). [ N- 10 ]: The first Christians sold there houses and lots and gave the money to the Apostles, { Acts 2:45; - & - 4:34-35 }. If this was GOD's will, then why is it not today?

( 47 ). [ N- 11 ]: What did JESUS CHRIST mean by His command of { Matthew 23:1-3 } ... { V. 1 }: Scripture: "Then spoke JESUS to the multitude, and to His disciples, { V. 2 }: Saying, The scribes and the Pharisees sit in Moses' seat: { V. 3 }: All therefore whatever they bid you observe, that observe and do; 'but [ also' ] 'do not you [ perform or have a desire' ] after their works . . . ?" And, what does it mean that GOD's SON was made under the law? { Galatians 4:4 }.

( 48 ). [ N- 12 ]: Why was it from the beginning of the ministry of John the Baptist - until Peter preached to Cornelius, many years later, that no man was water baptized who had not first been circumcised? If the BODY OF CHRIST began with the teachings of the 12 Apostle's, either on or, even before Pentecost, why is it that we today are not under the same ordinances the Israelites were under at that time, such as circumcision, water baptism for 'remission [ forgiveness' ] of sins, and many more the student should be familiar with? See { Acts 2:38; - & - Colossians 2:14-15 }.

( 49 ). The LORD instructed His Hebrew people in the following words concerning lending , ...


( 50 ). { V. 34 } Scripture: "And If you lend to them of whom you hope to receive, what thank have you? for sinners also lend to sinners, to receive as much again.

( 51 ). { V. 35 }: But love you your enemies, and do good, and lend, hoping for nothing again; and your reward shall be great, and you shall be the Children of the Highest: for He is kind to the unthankful and to the evil, { Luke 6:34-35 }."


( 52 ). [ N- 13 ]: Is this above - a Divine command for today? We would really like to paraphrase every one of these verses, but we will not because we wish for the reader to think about the true meaning of the text themselves. The LORD JESUS thus commanded His disciples:


( 53 ). { V. 40 }: Scripture: "And if any man will sue you 'at [ by, or with' ] the law, and take away your coat, let him have your cloak also.

( 54 ). { V. 41 }: And whoever shall compel you to go a mile, go with him two.

( 55 ). { V. 42 }: Give to him that asked you, and from him that would borrow of you don't turn away, { Matthew 5:40-42 }."


( 56 ). [ N- 14 ]: "Are these above commandments still the LORD's command to Christians during this present Age of Grace?"

( 57 ). [ N- 15 ]: "Can you explain why, on the day of Pentecost, Peter preached to the Jews? and he said . . .


( 58 ). Scripture: "Repent and be baptized every one of you in the name of JESUS CHRIST for the remission of [ i.e., forgiveness of ] sins, and you shall receive the gift of the HOLY SPIRIT, { Acts 2:38 }, [ whereas in his message later on Peter asked . . .


( 59 ). Scripture: "Can any man forbid water, that these should not be baptized, which have received the HOLY SPIRIT as well as we? { Acts 10:47 }."


( 60 ). [ N- 16 ]: Question . . . Was not water baptism a requirement for those who were baptized "WITH" the HOLY SPIRIT on the day of Pentecost? [ Read our lessens concerning the 12 Baptisms ].

( 61 ). [ N- 17 ]: Then can you reconcile the two baptisms in these two passages with the statement of { Ephesians 4:5 }, "there is one baptism?"

( 62 ). [ N- 18 ]: When Paul was converted in { Acts Ch. 9 } he a little later at the house of Ananias, "arose and was baptized" { V. 18 }. Is this our message and ordinance for today? See { Colossians 2:13-14, - & - 20 }. Are we still under the old Biblical ordinances today? Can you find proof that we are? Or, could Scripture have been taken out from the correct interpretations of the various texts?

( 63 ). [ N- 19 ]: In { Acts 3:19-21 } Peter told the Jews if they would repent, GOD would send JESUS CHRIST back to this literal earth from Heaven. Does this fit into GOD's message of Grace today? See { Acts 1:10-11; - & - Zechariah 14:4 }. Also see { 1- Thessalonians 4:16-18 }. Are we today looking forward to the Rapture? Or, are we waiting for the coming of Antichrist, and then the Second Advent of MESSIAH so that we can be Raptured at that time?

( 64 ). [ N- 20 ]: In { Acts 5:31 }, Peter declared that "GOD had exalted CHRIST with His right hand to be a Prince and a Saviour to give repentance to Israel." Why did he not say: "To give repentance to Israel - and Gentiles alike?" Read on thrrough { Vs. 29-32 }. Was Paul speaking to the Jews concerning king David, when he said . . .


( 65 ). [ N- 21 ]: Scripture: "Of this man's seed has GOD according to His promise raised unto Israel a Saviour JESUS, { Acts 13:23 }." Why did not Paul say that GOD had raised up a Saviour for the Gentiles if they would accept Him? Note carefully the following verse . . .


( 66 ). [ N- 22 ]: Scripture: "But contrariwise, when they saw that the Gospel OF the uncircumcision was committed unto me, as the Gospel 'OF' the circumcision was to Peter, { Galatians 2:7}" . . . [ Do you know the difference between these two Gospels? Note carefully . . .


( 67 ). [ N- 23 ]: { V. 1 }: Scripture: "For this cause I Paul, the prisoner of JESUS CHRIST for you Gentiles. ...

( 68 ). { V. 2 }: If you have heard of the "Dispensation [ or Stewardship, Economy, Administration, '0ikonomia' Greek" ] of the Grace of GOD which is given me to you-ward ...

( 68 ). { V. 3 }: How that by revelation He made known to me the "MYSTERY"; [ as I wrote before in few words ], { Ephesians 3:1-3 }." ... [ Can you say definitely what is: "The Dispensation of the MYSTERY of the Grace of GOD for Gentiles?" ] Note again carefully ...


( 70 ). [ N- 24 ]: { V. 3 } Scripture: "Withal [ i.e., thus, at the same time' ] praying also for us, that GOD would open unto us a door of utterance, to speak the "MYSTERY of CHRIST," for which I am also in bonds ...

( 71 ). { V. 4 }: That I may make "it manifest [ known" ], as I ought to speak., { Colossians 4:3-4 }:" [ For what message was Paul in the Roman jail? Do you know what the MYSTERY of CHRIST is? ]


( 72 ). [ N- 25 ]: Commentary . . . Moses was 80 years old when the Old Testament Law was established at Sinai. that was about 2500 years after Adam and Eve left the garden of Eden. Have we any Scriptural right to call Adam, Seth, Noah, Abraham, Isaac and Jacob "Old Testament characters when they lived and died before the law was added?" See { Galatians 3:19; - & - Romans 5:12-14 }. Please study the following verses? . . .


( 73 ). { V. 24 } Scripture: "Who now rejoice 'in my [ Paul's '] sufferings for you, and fill up that which is behind of the afflictions of CHRIST in my flesh for His BODY's sake, which is the 'Church [ I.e., Gk, Ekklesia, ( 1 ): called out Congregation, ( 2 ): BODY OF CHRIST or ( 3 ): the ONE NEW MAN'... All are synonymous. ]: See again { Romans 12:4-5; - Galatians 3:28; - Ephesians 2:15-16; - & - 3:1-7 }.

( 74 ). { V. 25 }: Therefore I am made a minister, according to the 'Dispensation [ of the MYSTERY and its new Gospel ] of GOD which "IS GIVEN TO ME" for you, to fulfill the Word of GOD;

( 75 ). { V. 26 }: Even the "MYSTERY" which 'has been hid from ages and from generations', but 'NOW [ SEVERAL YEARS AFTER PENTECOST' ] is made manifest to His Saints [ by Paul ], { Colossians 1:24-26 }."


( 76 ). [ N - 26 ]: Commentary . . . Paul had to complete the Word of GOD for this Dispensation, what was the MYSTERY? [ Don't you Know? Have you considered the importance of the following two verses in Romans 11?


( 77 ). { V. 15 } Scripture: "For if the casting away of them be the reconciling of the world, What shall the receiving of them be, but life from the dead?


( 78 ). The above { V. 15 } paraphrased in commentary form . . . "For if the casting away of 'them [ i.e., the setting aside of the Jews' ] be the reconciling of 'the world [ of the heathen - Gentiles' ], What shall the receiving of 'them [ the Jews' ] be, [ it will be nothing short : ] but [ of ] life from the dead?" . . . [ See the "parable of the dry bones of { Ezekiel; Ch. 37 }, which concerns the resurrection of the old Israel from THE PAST into a new future nation!" ]


( 79 ). Commentary . . . of the above verse . . ., When Israel rejected their MESSIAH - JESUS CHRIST, the nation would now bee on the way to loose her favored position before GOD by being set aside in { Acts 28:28 }. Then of course, Paul's new "Gospel of the MYSTERY { Ephesians 3:3-9; - & - Romans 16:25 }," would then be taught to the Gentiles through the Apostle Paul. This was accomplished in order to cause jealously among the Jews so that many of them might be saved. But, the setting aside of the Hebrew people would only be a temporary time while the BODY OF CHRIST was to be called out, and this new "Dispensation of the MYSTERY of the Grace of GOD" would be completed. When MESSIAH returns to this earth, a Remnant of saved Jewish people will be regathered, judged, and restored to favor, and be redeemed after the fulness of the Gentiles have ran its course.


( 80 ). { V. 30 }: "For as you in times past have not believed GOD, yet have now obtained mercy through their unbelief, { Romans 11:15, - & - 30 }."


( 81 ). The above { V. 30 } paraphrased in commentary form . . . "For as 'you [ who had been heathenistic Gentiles' but have become 'born again Christians,' and ] in times past have not believed GOD, yet have now obtained mercy through 'their [ Israel's ] unbelief.


( 82 ). Commentary . . . When did Paul begin to preach RECONCILIATION to the Gentiles?

( 83 ). [ N- 27 ]: Do you know the difference between Peter's message of { Acts 2:38 } and Paul's message of { 2- Corinthians 5:16-21 }?

( 84 ). [ N - 28 ]: Have you considered the great blunder of some teachers, when they taught that Israel had been set aside - at Pentecost, especially when Peter and the other Apostles taught { Acts 2:36 }? If not, read { Acts 3:19-21; - 5:29-32; - 10:28; - 13:39-46; - & - 28:28 }.


( 85 ). [ N - 29 ]: Scripture: "Unto me who am less than the least of all Saints, is this Grace given, that I should preach among the [ 'lost ... heathenistic ]: Gentiles' the unsearchable [ untraceable ] riches of CHRIST, { Ephesians 3:8 }."


( 86 ). Commentary. . . Do you think that the LORD committed to Peter "the Dispensation of the MYSTERY of the Grace of GOD" for Gentiles, or instructed Paul to preach the "unsearchable riches of CHRIST" to Gentiles? Do not forget { Galatians 2:7-9 }. Unsearchable, means "UNTRACEABLE" and is not prophesied in the O.T.

( 87 ). [ N- 30 ]: What do you think Christians should do about { Ephesians 3:9-12 }? What would every Saint comprehend if they saw this? Make [ and teach ] all [ humanity, that they might ]: see and understand "this Dispensation of the MYSTERY.

( 88 ). [ N- 31 ]: Compare { Romans 15:8 = with = Romans 15:16 }. Then compare { Matthew 10:5-8 = with = 2- Timothy 1:9-10 }. What was the difference between the ministry and message of JESUS of Nazareth and His 12 Apostles while on this earth and the ministry and message of Paul after CHRIST went back to Heaven? In Paul's later ministry did Paul teach the "Gospel of the Kingdom" that CHRIST and the 12 Apostles had taught before the death of JESUS? Or, did Paul preach the "Gospel of the MYSTERY of the Grace of GOD" from then on to the Jew first and then to the Gentiles according to { Romans 1:16; - & - 2:9-10 }. See { Ephesians 3:3-12 }? Today: "the Gospel of the MYSTERY" is to be taught exclusively to every person, first, last and until the Rapture of the BODY of CHRIST!

( 89 ). [ One ]: The old Law Dispensation ended with the calling of John the Baptist { Luke 16:16 }, but was fulfilled on CHRIST's Cross when the LORD stated with these words "It is finished" { John 19:30 }. This meant "paid in full." CHRIST paid the price for our redemption, but this also ended the old Mosaic Law, its commandments, and ordinances in their entirety! This meant that this period from John the Baptist to the Cross was a period of transition with the Law and the Kingdom Gospel overlapping each other. See { Colossians 2:13-19 } read especially { V. 14 }! . . . [ Two ]: "The Gospel of the Kingdom" was being taught from the calling of John until sometime during the Acts period, each if these Transitions periods overlapped the period that would follow. . . [ Three ]: The Good news of the "Gospel of the MYSTERY" was to go to the Jew first only during the Transition Period that was in effect during the transition between the time the Kingdom Gospel was finely taught and set aside, and this new Grace Dispensation began!

( 90 ). [ N- 32 ]: On earth the LORD JESUS ministered to a Roman man { Luke 7:1-12; - & - Matthew 8:1-15 }. He also ministered to a Greek woman, { Matthew 15:21-28; - & - Mark 7:24-30 }. Do you know of one other Gentile mentioned in { Matthew, Mark, Luke and John } to whom JESUS of Nazareth ministered? Of course you know the Samaritans of { John Ch. 4 } were considered as Gentiles, { Matthew 10:5-7 }.

( 91 ). [ N- 33 ]: Can you find in the Book of Acts where any of the 12 Apostles preached to Gentiles except the one message of Peter to the household of Cornelius? Why did the other eleven Apostles condemn Peter for preaching to Cornelius? { Acts 11:1-3 }.

( 92 ). [ N- 34 ] Why did Paul condemn Peter for his cowardice and duplicity in { Galatians 2:11-16 }? and state whether you believe that Peter was the LORD's Apostle to the Gentiles.

( 93 ). [ N- 35 ]: Please note that the contents of { Ch. 5-7 of Matthew } are in the form of a continued discourse of our LORD, commonly called "the sermon on the mount." Do you believe that this sermon applies to us today?


Conclusion . . . Salvation: Are You Ready For Heaven?

( 94 ). It is possible that your 'heart [ mind' ] has been running from the LORD and rebels against Him. If so the Word of GOD calls this "sin." The Scriptures state that every one of us are sinners in the flesh, see { 1- John 1:8 } and everyone have in the past sinned:


( 95 ). Scripture: "For all have sinned, and come short of the glory of GOD, { Romans 3:23 }."


( 96 ). Commentary ... But, despite your sin, GOD loves you and wants to save you from sin, and to offer you a new life of hope. Sin is defined in { 1- John 3:4 } as lawlessness, and here as lack of conformity to the glory of GOD. These are complementary ideas, since the law of GOD is an expression of His character.


( 97 ). Scriptures: " . . . I am come that they might have life, and that they might have it more abundantly, John 10:10 }."


( 98 ). Commentary . . . To give you a gift of salvation the LORD made a way through a Saviour JESUS CHRIST.


( 99 ). Scripture: "But GOD commands His love toward us, in that, while we were yet sinners, CHRIST died for us, { Romans 5:8 }."


( 100 ). Commentary ... You receive the gift of salvation not by trying to be good enough to get to Heaven, but by just believing in JESUS CHRIST and trusting His Word. Are you and your loved ones ready if death overtakes you? GOD is ready. CHRIST has prepared a home for you in Heaven. He wants you there. I believe that you want to go there. The Word of the LORD states:


( 101 ). Scripture: "He, 'that [ who' ] being often reproved [ and ] hardens his neck, shall suddenly be destroyed, and that without remedy, { Proverbs 29:1 }."


( 102 ). Commentary . . . If you will not listen and believe before the Resurrection of the BODY OF CHRIST, look what the LORD says about you ] . . .


( 103 ). { V. 10 } Scripture: "And with all deceivableness of unrighteousness in them that perish; because they received not the love of the truth, that they might be saved.

( 104 ). { V. 11 }: And for this cause GOD shall send them strong delusion, that they should believe a lie.

( 105 ). { V. 12 }: That they all might be damned who believed not the truth, but had pleasure in unrighteousness, { 2- Thessalonians 2:10-12 }."


( 106 ). The above { Vs. 10-12 } paraphrased in commentary form . . .

{ 10 }: "And with all deceivableness of [ unlimited seduction to evil and with all wicked deception to ] unrighteousness in them that perish [ and are going to perdition, perishing ]; because they received not the love of the truth, that they might be saved. [ They refused to believe the truth of GOD's Word ].

{ 11 }: And for this cause GOD shall send them [ a working error of ] strong delusion [ a misleading influence, of some type of idol worship ], that they should believe a lie [ of what is false, i.e., "idol worship" ].

{ 12 }: That they all might [ be judged and ] be 'damned [ condemned' ] who 'believed not [ and refused to adhere to trust and rely on' ] the truth, 'but [ instead' ] had pleasure in unrighteousness, { 2- Thessalonians 2:10-12 }."


( 107 ). { V. 6 } Scripture: "Now we command you brethren, in the name of our LORD JESUS CHRIST, that you withdraw yourselves from every brother that walks disorderly, and not after the tradition which he received of us.

( 108 ). { V. 7 }: For yourselves know how you ought to follow us: for we behaved not ourselves disorderly among you, { 2- Thessalonians 3:6-7 }."


( 109 ). { Vs. 6-7 } above paraphrased in commentary form . . .

{ 6 }: "Now we warn you, brethren, in the name and on the authority of our LORD JESUS CHRIST, the true MESSIAH. That you withdraw and keep away from every 'brother [ who is according to his own carnal works - but is still a Christian, and yet ' ] who is 'slack in the performance of [ his true ambassadorship' and ] duty. ... And thus, is disorderly, living as a shirker and not walking in accord with 'the traditions [ true doctrine,' ] and instruction that you have received from us [ the LORDs ministers ] .

{ 7 }: For you yourselves must be constantly aware of the fact that it is necessary for all of you to imitate our example, for we were not disorderly or shirking of duty when we were with you . . . i.e., we were positively not idle ]."


( 110 ). Commentary ... In order to be positive of your own Salvation, we would ask you to "Please" read and pray the following prayer and if you really believe and accept in your 'heart [ mind' ] what you have read and have spoken these words in this prayer with a contrite mind to GOD the FATHER, you will have become a Child of GOD!

The Sinners Prayer . . .

( 111 ). Heavenly FATHER, I know that I'm a lost sinner and that I cannot save myself by good works. I believe that JESUS CHRIST is GOD the SON Who came down from Heaven and took on a human body of flesh and was born of the Virgin Mary. I believe that JESUS shed His blood on the Cross of Calvary and died paying the price for my sins with His death so that I can receive salvation because and through His sacrifice. I believe that after CHRIST's sacrifice and death, He arose from the tomb after three literal days and three literal nights. And, that JESUS ascended into the third Heaven to sit at the right hand of GOD the FATHER. I believe that JESUS will return for all Saints who belong to the BODY OF CHRIST in the Rapture, according to His own promise! I know that I have been up to this time a lost sinner and deserved to go to hell. So I beseech you Heavenly FATHER, send your HOLY SPIRIT at this very moment into my heart and save me for JESUS CHRIST sake as has been promised me by Your Holy Word. I am receiving JESUS CHRIST at this very moment as my personal Saviour, my LORD and as my only blessed hope for salvation. Thank You LORD for now I am saved by Your wonderful Grace. "Amen!: [ The word "Amen" means "that is so - or - let it be so" ]!


( 112 ). Scripture: "For GOD so loved the world, that He gave His only begotten SON, that whosoever believes in Him should not perish, but have everlasting life. For GOD sent not His SON into the world to condemn the world; but that the world through Him might be saved, { John 3:16-17 }."


( 113 ). Scripture: "For by Grace are you saved through faith; and that not of yourselves: it is the gift of GOD: Not of works, lest any man should boast, { Ephesians 2:8-9 }."


( 114 ). Scripture: "But as it is written, Eye has not seen, nor ear heard, neither have entered into the heart of man, the things which GOD has prepared for them that love Him. But GOD has revealed them to us by 'His [ HOLY ] SPIRIT,' for the SPIRIT searches all things, yes, the deep things of GOD, { 1- Corinthians 2:9-10 }."


In regards to our readers, we would deeply express our thanks to those who will re-copy this message and pass it on to others that they too may find Salvation and wisdom from it.

End 0f This Seven Part Message.