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Lesson - 1, Part One: Of The Bride And BODY Of CHRIST.

Much Controversy Has Taken Place Concerning This Subject. . . . Is The Future "Bride Of CHRIST" To Be The Present "BODY Of CHRIST," That Is Called The Church, 0r Is It To Be The Remnant Of The Saved Hebrews That Will Become The Bride At The Return Of MESSIAH? This Message Concerning "The Bride And BODY Of CHRIST Should Settle The Question In The Bible Students Mind! . . .


The Various "Churches - [ Congregations" ] - Mentioned In Our Bible:

1. If the readers desire to have a part in the LORD's work as soul workers, it would be great for them to begin their own Christian tract ministry by downloading our messages and send or give copies to others. What could be more important for you as an ambassador for CHRIST than to support the BODY OF CHRIST in this way? The messages are already written, so why not pass them on to others? It should be noted that practically all our Scriptures are taken from the "King James Version" unless we Paraphrase the text. We would also suggest that the Bible student begin his own web page which is free on the internet, and download many of our messages and add them to his own web page. It is possible that thousands of souls could be saved to CHRIST through your own personal Ministry. Think of the blessings that would be bestowed upon you for helping someone to get to know the LORD, and all of these souls will be added to the BODY OF CHRIST! See { 2- Corinthians 5:17-21 } which is the commission for you! And, we would hope that you will not make any changes in our messages because they have been thoroughly researched as to content!

2. As to the writer's belief and doctrine, we are strictly Biblical! We adhere to no denominational beliefs unless what they teach is taken from the true Word of GOD and taught in the correct context. We believe that we are to be busy proclaiming the truths for the present age of Grace, in view of the soon coming of our LORD.

3. We believe in . . .

No - 1. The verbal inspiration of the Word of GOD, { 2- Timothy 3:16 }.

No - 2. The Deity of JESUS CHRIST, and the Trinity of the God-Head, { Titus 2:13; - & - 2-Corinthians 13:14 }.

No - 3. The total depravity of man, and everlasting punishment of those who reject CHRIST, { Romans Ch. 3; John 3:36; - & - Revelation 20:15 }.

No - 4. Redemption by the blood of CHRIST, and by Grace, not of works, are we saved, { Titus 3:5; - & - Ephesians 2:8-9 }.

No - 5. Everlasting life and the security of the Child of GOD, { John 10:29 }.

No - 6. The personality and everlasting punishment of Satan, { Job Ch. 1; - & - Revelation Ch. 20 }.

No - 7. The imminent Rapture [ Resurrection ] of the BODY OF CHRIST, followed by the great 7 year Tribulation Period and the literal Millennial reign of CHRIST on this earth, { 1- Thessalonians 4:16-18; - 1- Corinthians 15:50-55; - & - Revelation 20:1-6 }.

No - 8. Each and every Christian is a member of the BODY OF CHRIST, { 1- Corinthians 12:27, } and this is our true denomination!


4. A good idea would be to read your Bible along with each verse we have quoted. It is also very important for the student to look up all the added Bible texts that we have referred to in the various Messages. This will give the reader much added information! Another thing we should mention is that when we copy a verse from the Bible we will change much of the spelling from the archaic King James language to the modern way of spelling. Such as . . .

5. "Searcheth to 'searches,' . . . thy to 'your,' . . . standeth to 'stands,' . . . knoweth to 'knows,' . . . maketh to 'make,' . . . nay to 'no,' . . . bringeth to 'bring or bring,' . . . hath to 'has or have,' . . . saith to 'says,' . . . unto to 'to,' . . . doeth to 'does,' . . . wherefore to 'therefore,' . . . thee to 'the,' . . . justifieth to 'justify,' . . . helpeth to 'help,' . . . liveth to 'lives,' . . . ever to 'always,' . . . lest to 'otherwise or perhaps,' . . . hitherto to 'even yet - or thus far,' . . . Behold 'take notice,' . . . heart to 'mind or intellect,' . . . whereunto to 'the fact is or it was to this end that,' . . . elect to 'chosen,' . . . quickens to 'make alive,' . . . Lo to 'take notice,' . . . sorer- to 'surer,' . . . saving- to 'except,' . . . Woe to 'grievous or distress to you,' . . . and etc. None of this will take away from the true meaning of the original text. Also at times in the following message we will refer to the BODY OF CHRIST as "The One Body." There will be several things to observe such as the following states . . .

6. [ 1 ]: The reader will notice that we have put words in parenthesis in the various Bible verses. This is done to help the student have a better understanding of the old King James language, which is often a little bewildering to some folks who are not use to that kind of speech. Therefore, please bear with us as we teach the message. [ 2 ]: The reader will also notice that we have repeated several verses here and there in our message and of course we do this to bring out a better understanding of the message. [ 3 ]: Also, a few of the questions we ask at the end of a lesson may be repeat questions to bring to mind various things that have been taught in an earlier lesson.


7. To begin this message it must be noted that there are 'NINE' parts to the entire message. The student should study each of the parts in order to make himself better acquainted with the BODY OF CHRIST, the Bible and its various Dispensations. The nine parts of our messages are written as mentioned below . . .

Part: 1, Has eight long lessons in itself and concerns the various "Assemblies" mentioned in our Bible and much - much More.

Part: 2, The Great Commission, for the BODY OF CHRIST and other Commissions.

Part: 3, The Transition Periods.

Part: 4, The Five Different Resurrections.

Part" 5, The Various Commissions Given From GOD To The Nation Israel.

Part: 6, Proof Of The True Bride Of CHRIST.

Part: 7, Armageddon.

Part: 8, The Bride Of CHRIST In The Song Of Songs.

Part: 9, The Different Temples Of GOD, And The Temple For The Bride Of CHRIST In The 7th Millennium Of Man.

Suggestions For Biblical Study

8. [ 1 ]: Prayer: Open and close your study with a time of prayer. Pray for wisdom and enlightened understanding as Paul did.


9. { V. 17 } Scripture: "That the GOD of our LORD JESUS CHRIST, the FATHER of glory, may give to you the spirit of wisdom and revelation in the knowledge of Him . . .

10. { V. 18 }: The eyes of your understanding being enlightened; that you may know what is the hope of this calling, and what the riches of the glory of His inheritance in the Saints,

11. { V. 19 }: And what is the exceeding greatness of His power to us who believe, according to the working of His mighty power,

12. { V. 20 }: Which He wrought in CHRIST, when He raised Him from the dead, and set Him at His Own right hand in the Heavenly places . . .

13. { V. 21 }: Far above all principality, and power, and might, and dominion, and every name that is named, not only in this world but also in that which is to come, { Ephesians 1:17-21 }."


14. The above 5 verses paraphrased in commentary form . . . { 17 }: "For I always pray: That the GOD of our LORD JESUS CHRIST, the FATHER of glory, may give to you the spirit of wisdom and 'revelation [ understanding' ] in 'the knowledge of and insight into mysteries and secrets in the deep and intimate Knowledge of Him' . . . { 18 }: The eyes of 'your mind' are flooded with understanding so that you can comprehend by being enlightened; that you may know what is the hope of 'this calling of yourself as one of His Ambassadors,' and what the riches of the glory of His glorious inheritance in 'the Saints i.e., the set apart BODY OF CHRIST,' . . . { 19 }: And so that you can know and understand what is 'the exceeding immeasurable, unlimited and surpassing' greatness of His power to us who believe, according to the work demonstrated by and of His strength 'and mighty power,' . . . { 20 }: Which He 'wrought [ exerted' ] in CHRIST, 'when He, GOD the FATHER', raised the LORD JESUS from the dead, and set Him at His Own right hand in the Heavenly places. . . { 21 }: Far above all principality rule and authority, and power, and might, and dominion, and every name that is named above every title that can be conferred, not only in this world and this age but also 'in the age and the world of that which is to come,' { Ephesians 1:17-21 }." . . . [ Pray to be rooted and grounded in love ]:


15. { V.14 } Scripture: "For this cause [ I Paul ] bow my knees to the FATHER of our LORD JESUS CHRIST,

16. { V. 15 }: Of Whom the whole family in Heaven and earth is named,

17. { V. 16 }: That He would grant you, according to the riches of His glory, to be strengthened with might by the SPIRIT in the inner man;

18. { V. 17 }: That CHRIST may dwell in your hearts by faith; that you being rooted and grounded in love,

19. { V. 18 }: May be able to comprehend with all Saints which is the breadth, and length, and depth, and height;

20. { V. 19 }: And to know the love of CHRIST, which passes knowledge that you might be filled with all the fulness of GOD, { Ephesians 3:14-19. }" . . . [ " and built up in CHRIST. " ]


21. The above { Vs. 14-18 } paraphrased in commentary form . . . { 14 } "For this reason seeing the greatness of this plan by which you are built together in CHRIST JESUS, I Paul bow my knees in prayer before the FATHER of our LORD JESUS CHRIST, . . . { 15 }: For Whom the whole family in Heaven and on earth is named, . . . [ that FATHER ] from Whom all fatherhood takes its title and derives its name. . . . { 16 }: "That He would grant you, according to the riches of His glory, to 'be strengthened by being reinforced' with might by 'the power of the HOLY SPIRIT Himself' in the inner man which is the CHRIST like new nature indwelling your innermost being and personality; . . . { 17 }: That CHRIST may dwell, settle down, abide, and make His permanent home in your 'hearts [ minds' and, ] by and through your faith; sense you are a Child of ALMIGHTY GOD, I pray that you will always be rooted and grounded in love, . . . { 18 }: That you may have the power and be strong to apprehend and grasp with "all the Saints [ GOD's devoted people," the experience of that love ] which is the breadth and length and height and depth of it; . . . { 19 } That you may really come to know practically, through experience for yourselves the love of CHRIST, which far surpasses mere knowledge [ without experience ], that you may be filled through all your being into all the fullness of the LORD, i.e., that you may have the richest measure of His Divine Presence, and become a body wholly filled and flooded with the LORD Himself!"


22. Scripture: "Rooted up in Him, and established in the faith, as you have been taught, abounding therein with thanksgiving, { Colossians 2:7 }.


23. The above { V. 7 } paraphrased in commentary form . . . "Have the roots of your faith firmly and deeply planted in CHRIST JESUS fixed and founded in Him being continually built up in the LORD, becoming increasingly more confirmed and established in the faith, just as you were taught, and abounding and overflowing in it with thanksgiving."


24. [ 2 ]: Commentary . . . Bible Study: Studying the Scriptures referred to and quoted in parallel passages should be the focal point of your adventure. It is the Word of GOD that builds and strengthens the Children of GOD.


25. Scripture: "And now, brethren, I commend you to GOD, and to the Word of His Grace, which is able to build you up, and to give you an inheritance among all them which are sanctified, { Acts 20: 32 }."


26. The above { V. 32 } paraphrased in commentary form . . . "And now, brethren, I commit you to GOD - i.e., I deposit you in His charge, entrusting you to His protection and care. And, I commend you to the Word of His Grace to the commands and counsels and promises of His unmerited favor. Which is able to build you up and to give you your rightful inheritance among all GOD's set-apart Saints those whom are positively consecrated, purified and transformed of soul."


27. Commentary . . . Sanctified, positionally . . . For the several aspects of sanctification, there are at least three aspects to sanctification that we might mention [ 1 ]: "Positional sanctification," possessed by every Christian from the moment of their conversion [ their perfect standing in holiness ], read { V. 32 } above which again brings this out nicely, see { 1- Corinthians 1:2 }. [ 2 ]: "progressive sanctification," the daily growth in Grace, becoming in practice more and more set apart for the LORD's use, see { John 17:17 - & - Ephesians 5:26 }. And [ 3 ]: "Ultimate sanctification," attained only when we are fully and completely set apart to GOD in Heaven { 1- Thessalonians 5:23 }.


28. { V. 14 } Scripture: "But [ as for you ] continue you [ to hold to your convictions ] in the things which you have learned and have been assured of, knowing of whom you have learned them;

29. { V. 15 }: And that from a child 'you [ Timothy' ] have known the Holy Scriptures, which are able to make you wise unto salvation through faith which is in CHRIST JESUS.


30. Above { V. 15 } paraphrased in commentary form . . . "And how from your childhood you have had a knowledge of and been aquatinted with the sacred writings which are able to instruct you and give you the understanding for salvation which comes through faith in CHRIST JESUS, that is, through the learning of the entire human personality of GOD in CHRIST JESUS in absolute trust and confidence in His power, wisdom and goodness.


31. { V. 16 } "All Scripture is given by inspiration of GOD, and is profitable for doctrine, for reproof, for correction, for instruction in righteousness:

32. { V. 17 }: That the man of GOD may 'be perfect [ complete and proficient' ], 'thoroughly furnished [ and equipped' ] unto all good works, { 2- Timothy 3:14-17 }." [ Searching the Word is both noble and commendable ] . . .


33. The above { V. 16 } paraphrased in commentary form . . . "Every Scripture is GOD-breathed given by His inspiration, and profitable for instruction, for reproof and conviction of sin, for correction of error and discipline in obedience, and for training in righteousness, [ that is, in holy living, in conformity to the LORD's will in thought, purpose and action.


34. Commentary . . . I.e., The Bible came from GOD through the men who wrote it, see { 2- Peter 1:21 }. The LORD superintended approximately 40 human authors so that, using their individual personalities, they composed and recorded without error GOD's Word to man. CHRIST attested to the fact that inspiration extends to the very words, see { Matthew 5:18 - & - John 10:35 }. In the same verse Paul quoted Deuteronomy and Luke as Scripture, read also { 1- Timothy 5:18 }. Peter declared that all of Paul's Epistles to be Scripturally correct, read { 2 - Peter 3:16 }. Inspiration does not involve mechanical dictation but the accurate recording of GOD's Words. Inspiration does not extend beyond the original manuscripts, though the text's we posses today have been transmitted with high accuracy, Scripture is useful 'for doctrine, teaching,' 'reproof, rebuking those in sin', correction of those in error, and 'instruction [ training' ] in righteousness.


35. { V. 10 } Scripture: "And the brethren immediately sent away Paul and Silas by night to Bere'a: who coming there went into the synagogue of the Jews. [ Bere'a which is the modern day city of Verna. ]

36. { V. 11 } These were more noble than those in Thessaloni'ca, in that they received the Word with all readiness of mind, and searched the Scriptures daily, whether those things were so,

37. { V. 12 }: Therefore many of them believed; also of honorable women which were Greeks, and of men, not a few, { Acts 17:10-12 }."


38. The above { Vs. 11-12 } paraphrased in Commentary form . . . { 11 }: "Now these Jews "whom are at times called Bereans" were better disposed and more noble than those in Thessalonica. Therefore, they were entirely ready and thus welcomed and accepted the message from these two ministers concerning the attainment through CHRIST of eternal salvation in the Kingdom of GOD, with inclination of mind and eagerness, searching and examining the Holy Scriptures daily to see if those things written therein and taught by these teachers were true. { 12 }: Many of them therefore became Believers, together with not just a few Greeks both women as well as men."


39. And . . . Scripture: "Study to show yourself approved unto GOD, a workman that need not be ashamed, rightly dividing the Word of truth, { 2- Timothy 2:15 }."


40. The above { V. 15 } paraphrased in commentary form . . . "Study, be eager and do your utmost to present yourself to your Heavenly FATHER well approved having become tested by trial, a workman who has no cause to be ashamed, correctly analyzing and accurately dividing, by rightly handling and skillfully teaching the LORD's Word of Truth."


41. [ 3 ]: Application: Always seek to close your study by applying the practical implications of the truth reviewed or discovered to daily faith and living. . . . Question . . .

42. [ 1 ]: How do these truths increase your knowledge of the Person and work of the LORD JESUS CHRIST? . . .

43. [ 2 ]: How can they influence your attitudes and motives? . . .

44. [ 3 ]: How do they draw you closer to the LORD's Word and to other Christians? . . .

45. [ 4 ]: How does this truth challenge you to minister GOD's Word to others in CHRIST and to those outside of CHRIST?

Further Suggestions . . .

46. [ A ]: If this guide is used for a class or a study group, seek to discuss and draw out the findings of as many in the group as possible.

47. [ B ]: If used by a discussion group, do not try to over-control the discussion. Do not let any one person dominate the group unless the teacher / pupil relationship is preferred.

48. [ C ]: Plan to cover one portion or a marked out portion of the message at each sitting or each session. Require everyone to read the portions before the meeting.

49. [ D ]: Formulate thoughts and answers in your own words when you can. This exercise will help impress the information into memory.

50. [ E ]: Scripture references pinpoint answer locations.

51. [ F ]: At the end of most chapters will be a small group of questions for the class to answer, the teacher might wish to add other questions to the list in order to make the subjects more interesting and comprehensible.


52. Scripture: "For this cause also thank we GOD without ceasing because, when you received the Word of GOD which you heard of us, you received it, not as the word of men but as it is in truth, the Word of GOD, which effectually works also in you that believe, { 1- Thessalonians 2:13 }."


53. { V. 13 } above paraphrased in commentary form . . . "And we also especially thank the LORD continually for this, that when you received the message from GOD which you heard from us, you welcomed it not as the word of mere men but as what it truly is, the Word of GOD, which is effectually at work in you who believe, exercising its superhuman power in those who truly trust and rely on it ."


54. Commentary . . . It is very important to point out four reasons why JEHOVAH's people, the Israelites, were called His "Church [ Congregation or Assembly - Greek text" ], { Matthew 16:18; - & - Acts 2:47 }, and: remember that JEHOVAH was the leader of 'the Hebrew Assembly' and led the people from Egypt, while appearing as a 'pillar of fire' by night and from a cloud during the daylight hours. And never forget, they were called a . . . "Kingdom Assembly not the BODY OF CHRIST." . . .


55. { V. 21 } Scripture: ". . . the LORD went before 'them [ the Israelites' ] by day in a pillar of a cloud, to lead them [ along ] the way; and by night in a pillar of fire, to give them light; to go by day and night:

56. { V. 22 }: He took not away the pillar of the cloud by day, nor the pillar of fire by night, from before the people, { Exodus 13:21-22}." =========================

57. Commentary . . .The pillar of cloud and of fire guided the people through the wilderness and assured them of GOD's presence, it also protected them from the Egyptians. Study the following verses paraphrased . . .


58. { V. 19 } Paraphrased text . . . Scripture: "And the 'Angel of GOD [ CHRIST incarnate' ] Who went before the host of Israel, changed places and went behind them; and the pillar of the cloud went from before them and stood behind them,

59. { V. 20 }: Coming between the host of Israel. It was a cloud and darkness to the Egyptians, but it gave light by night to the Israelites; and neither one of these host of people came near the other throughout the entire night, { Exodus 14:19-20 }."


60. Scripture: "This is he , that was in the church in the wilderness with the Angle Which spoke to him in mount Sinai, and with our fathers: who received the lively oracles to give to us, { Acts 7:38 }."


61. The above { V. 38 } paraphrased in commentary form . . . "This is Moses, that was in 'the [ Congregation or Assembly - Greek.' ] in the 'wilderness [ desert' ] who was used as the go-between for the 'Angel [ ANGEL of the LORD: CHRIST Incarnate' ] Which spoke to him on mount Sinai, and with our forefathers; and he 'received to be handed down to us' the 'lively oracles i.e., the living Word of GOD consisting of the Mosaic Law and the Ten Commandments' to give to us." [ Read the whole chapter of { Exodus 19 }.


62. Commentary . . . CHRIST's Assembly and His Bride are spoken of in the Old Testament Scriptures, but NEVER "His Body." Not even in the Kingdom Gospel records of Matthew, Mark, Luke or John are CHRIST's people called His body. And, to no one else until the Apostle Paul uses this figure of speech. Incidentally, the above four books mentioned contains but "One Gospel," singular, "The Gospel of the Kingdom," and not four Gospels as many people teach. The writers were inspired by the HOLY SPIRIT wrote some things differently so that the readers by the inspiration of GOD might have a better understanding. When reading these four books we find that they primarily tell the story of the ministry that concerned the LORD while He taught the children of Israel during His short personal ministry while on this earth.

63. The BODY OF CHRIST was to consist of two groups of People who became one in CHRIST JESUS, we whom were Gentiles but now are Saved Saints and members in CHRIST's Body, and those whom are Believing Christian Hebrews who came out from the doctrine of works and are now Saints of GOD through the blood of CHRIST. All this is accomplished by the baptism of GOD the HOLY SPIRIT. The term "Body" could not apply to the company of GOD's people before the door of salvation by faith plus nothing was opened to the Gentiles through the ministry of the Apostle Paul. The following Scriptures will prove to the student that what we have stated is factual in every way, and what has been said of Paul in true! Therefore bear with us, Each of these following verses will be paraphrased for a better understanding of the above sentence! Therefore, the reader should follow along with us by reading his own Bible:


64. Text paraphrased Scripture: "For by the means of the personal agency of the HOLY SPIRIT we are all, whether Hebrews or Gentiles, slaves or free, "Spiritually baptized," and by this SPIRIT baptism we are united together into one Body of Christian Believers, and are all made to drink of the one "HOLY SPIRIT," { 1 - Corinthians 12:13 }." . . . [ In all paraphrased Scriptures we use please read along in your King James Bible ]:


65. { V. 3 } Scripture: "Know you not, that so many of us that were baptized into JESUS CHRIST were baptized into His death?

66. { V. 4 }: Therefore we are buried with Him by baptism into death: that like as CHRIST was raised up from the dead by the glory of the Father, even so we also should walk in newness of life.

67. { V. 5 }: For if we have been planted together in the likeness of His death, we shall be also in the likeness of His resurrection:

68. { V. 6 }: Knowing this, that 'our old man [ sin nature' ] is crucified with Him, that the body of sin might be destroyed, that henceforth we should not serve sin.

69. { V. 7 }: For he that is dead is free from sin.

70. { V. 8 }: Now if we be dead with CHRIST, we believe that we shall also live with Him:

71. { V. 9 }: Knowing that CHRIST being raised from 'the dead [ will ] die no more;' death has no more dominion over Him.

72. { V. 10 }: For in that He died, He died to sin "ONCE": but in that He lives, He lives unto GOD.

73. { V. 11 }: Likewise reckon you also yourselves to be dead indeed to sin, but alive to GOD through JESUS CHRIST our LORD, { Romans 6:3-11 }."


74. Above 9 verses paraphrased in commentary form . . . Scripture: { 3 }: "Are you ignorant of the fact that all of us who have been baptized by the HOLY SPIRIT into CHRIST JESUS were baptized into His death? . . . { 4 }: We are buried therefore with CHRIST JESUS by the LORD's Spiritual death Baptism, so that just as CHRIST was raised from the dead by the glorious power of the FATHER, so we too might habitually live and conduct ourselves properly in newness of life. . . { 5 }: For we have become one with JESUS by sharing a death like His. We shall also be one with Him in sharing His resurrection, that is, we will be resurrected in the future, in the same type of resurrection that He was at the time of His Own resurrection . . . { 6 }: We are aware that our old sin nature was nailed to CHRIST's Cross at the time of His death in order that our body which is an instrument of sin, might be made ineffective and inactive for evil, that we might no longer be the slaves of sin. . . { 7 }: For when a man dies to CHRIST and is saved to eternal life he is free from the power of sin in the new nature [ among men. ] . . . { 8 }: Now if we have died with CHRIST, we believe that we shall also live with Him. . . { 9 }: Because we know that CHRIST, the Anointed One, being once raised from the dead will never die again; death no longer has power over Him. . . { 10 }: For by the death He died, He died to sin having ended His relation to it once for all, and the life that He lives He is living to GOD in unbroken fellowship with the HOLY SPIRIT and the FATHER. . . { 11 }: Even so consider yourselves also dead to sin and your relation to it broken, but that you are alive to GOD living in unbroken fellowship with Him in CHRIST JESUS, { Romans 6:3-11 }."


75. Commentary . . . "Paul here in relating to the secret of living a holy sanctified existence, a life which is characterized by being dead to sin. The secret of sanctification is not found in some sanctimonious formula or some deeper or mystical experience with the LORD. The secret is found in three words [ 1 ]: Know { V. 3 }; [ 2 ]: reckon { V. 11 }; and [ 3 ]: yield { V. 13 }. We must be vitally aware of these words as we seek to understand the relationship between justification and sanctification. To show the immaturity of those who would continue in sin after justification so that Grace may abound, Paul introduces the subject of HOLY SPIRIT Baptism as evidence that life in sin cannot coexist with death to sin. The words "So many of us as were baptized into JESUS CHRIST." Baptism into CHRIST means to be incorporated into Him spiritually after being placed there by the SPIRIT's Baptism, and at the same second being placed into the BODY OF CHRIST as a member { 1- Corinthians 12:13; - & - Ephesians 4:5 }. . . .

76. Therefore, to share with CHRIST those experiences which, although were historically His, are vicariously ours [ i.e., His crucifixion, death, burial, and resurrection ]. "Therefore we are buried with Him by [ and unto His ] baptism into death." Thus, buried with CHRIST performed by GOD the HOLY SPIRIT in an miraculous event signifies that sin no longer judicially has a hold upon the Child of GOD. This naturally has nothing to do with the old Hebrew ordinance of water baptism which was of works by the hands on man but never a commandment for those of today who are not under the Old Testament works of the Law. Therefore, having henceforth been justified, eternally without works, Christians are to teach that good news to the world by teaching 'Grace through CHRIST JESUS' and by the Grace given to us by ALMIGHTY GOD. Just as we have been buried with JESUS "In the likeness of His death, we shall be also [ raised ] in the likeness of His resurrection ]." Thus we have entered into His life and became a part of Him spiritually, yielding to Him our desires, our wishes, and ourselves.

77. It must be recognized by the student that there is no reference to a water ritual in these verses. Ritualism by works is taught by Denominational Doctrine for us today but not by N.T. Bible doctrine that concerns the BODY OF CHRIST during this age of Grace! In the above verses { 6-8 } Paul is still teaching the first principle of true Sanctification. Hence, as in { V. 3 }, he repeats the word that is characteristic of the first principle. "Knowing this, that our old man [ sin nature ] is crucified with Him." The old sin nature portrays our old self before we became Saints of GOD, the person we once were before we were crucified with JESUS. This crucifixion is not a present, daily experience but is rather a past event, expressed by the aorist tense in Greek. { 1- Corinthians 15:31 } and was spoken by Paul in the context of physical not spiritual death. Our old sin nature is not constantly being crucified, day by day, but has been crucified at the Cross of Calvary. The reason is "that the body of sin might be destroyed." [ Greek. 'katargeo' ], is or "might be rendered inoperative."

78. At the Cross of Calvary a victory was won which afterward provided the Believer with the power not to live as he once did, serving his old master Satan, i.e., in sin, but to live eternally serving his new Master JESUS CHRIST. The words in { V. 8 } above "For he that is dead is freed from sin," means that all who have died to sin are no longer debtor to it. Death wipes the slate clean. The death of JESUS has completely removed the guilt and penalty of our sin. Consequently, because we have died with CHRIST, we shall also live with Him. Living with JESUS precludes the possibility of carnally continuing in sin so that Grace may abound.

79. When we read { Vs. 9-10 } above - the words "Knowing that CHRIST being raised from 'the dead [ will' ] die no more." This is the third time Paul has used the word "know or knowing." These three instances teach that we have been spiritually baptized into JESUS CHRIST, that our old sin nature has been crucified with JESUS as we have already brought out, the LORD shall never die again. Death is a completed transaction by which we have once and for all passed into the resurrection life of our LORD. JESUS can never die again period! When we died with Him to sin, we cannot ever do this over again either! When He went to the Cross and paid the sin debt in full, death could no longer claim JESUS or those who died with Him. Therefore, sanctification is knowing what CHRIST has already accomplished for us through His death. It is not primarily a matter of striving to live holy, but of knowing that we are members of CHRIST's BODY and "are presently" and will be eternally "holy in the LORD."

80. The above { V. 11 } proves definitely that the Christian is dead to sin as far as eternity is concerned. Knowing what has been accomplished on our behalf at Calvary is not in itself sanctification. It is but the first principle in the process of sanctification. Paul adds to that principle a second one. "Likewise 'reckon [ consider' ] you also yourselves to be dead indeed unto sin, but alive to GOD." The word 'reckon [ Greek logizomai'' ] means that we know something is true and then, moment by moment, day by day, consider the truth of it. We must take as a precise reality that which GOD has promised. Therefore, not only do we know what has been accomplished in our justification, but we are to continue to live as though we had already entered into the resurrection presence of our LORD. Spiritually speaking, we do not die daily, but we do live daily, into the glory of GOD.

81. "This 'reckoning' is no vain experience but one which is morally fruitful. The HOLY SPIRIT has come to make effective in Children of GOD what CHRIST has done for them, and to enable them to become better effective in daily experience. As far as folks may be involved in the present conditions of mortality, "what they already are 'in CHRIST' and what they will fully be in the resurrection life" must begin to take place in their present lifestyle. When we daily count ourselves to be dead in the penalty of sin and alive to GOD, the Christian should avoid being tempted to continue in sin, and refuse any carnal temptation out of thankfulness to the LORD for counting us and treating us as we were righteous. Read { V. 12 }. [ Read also our message concerning Sanctification ]. Remember this: "Life with CHRIST is an endless hope; without Him, it is a hopeless end!":


82. { V. 9 } Scripture: "But you are not in the flesh, but in the SPIRIT, if so be that the SPIRIT of GOD dwell in you. Now if any man have not the SPIRIT of CHRIST, he is none of His.

83. { V. 10 }: And if CHRIST be in you, the body is dead because of sin; but the SPIRIT is life because of righteousness.

84. { V. 11 }: But if the SPIRIT of Him that raised up JESUS from the dead dwell in you, He that raised up CHRIST from the dead shall also quicken your mortal bodies by His SPIRIT that dwells in you.

85. { V. 12 }: Therefore, brethren, we are debtors, not to the flesh, to live after the flash.

86. { V. 13 }: For if you live after the flesh, you shall die: but if you through the SPIRIT do mortify the deeds of the body, you shall live.

87. { V. 14 }: For as many as are led by the SPIRIT of GOD, they are 'the [ adopted ] sons of GOD [ the FATHER' ].

88. { V. 15 }: For you have not received the spirit of bondage again to fear; but you have received the SPIRIT of adoption, whereby we cry, Abba, FATHER.

89. { V.16 }: The SPIRIT itself bears witness with our spirit, that we are the Children of GOD, { Romans 8:9 -16 }."


90. Above 8 verses paraphrased in commentary form . . . { 9 }: "But you are not living the life of the flesh, but you are living the life of the SPIRIT, i.e., if GOD the HOLY SPIRIT really dwells within you, and directs and controls you. But, if any person does not possess the HOLY SPIRIT, they are none of His, they do not belong to the LORD JESUS and is not a Child of the FATHER. see { V. 14 }." . . . { 10 }: But if CHRIST lives in you, then although your natural body is dead by reason of sin and guilt, the spirit and "soul which is your life" is alive because of the righteousness that CHRIST imputes to you." . . . { 11 }: And if the SPIRIT of Him Who is GOD the FATHER raised up JESUS from the dead dwells in you, then He Who raised up CHRIST JESUS from the dead will also restore to life 'your mortal [ short lived, perishable ] bodies through His SPIRIT Who dwells in you." . . . { 12 }: So then, brethren, we are debtors, but not to the flesh, we are not obligated to the flesh to live a life ruled by the standards set up by the dictates of the flash:" . . .,

. . . { 13 }: For if you live according to the dictates of the flesh you will surely die. But if you live through and by the power of the HOLY SPIRIT, you are habitually putting to death, making extinct, and deadening the evil deeds prompted by the body. You shall really and genuinely live forever as a true Child of GOD! . . . { 14 }: For all who are led by the SPIRIT of GOD "are Sons of GOD." . . . { 15 }: For the SPIRIT of GOD which you have now received is not a spirit of slavery to put you once more in bondage to fear, but you have received the SPIRIT of adoption "[ you have been adopted by GOD the FATHER into the BODY OF CHRIST as His Own Children because of ] the SPIRIT producing sonship in the bliss of which we cry, Abba! that is, FATHER!" . . . { 16 }: The HOLY SPIRIT Himself therefore testifies together with our own human spirit assuring us that we are Children of GOD! { Romans 8:9-16 }."


91. { Romans 10:9-17 } { V. 9 } Scripture: "That if you shall confess with your mouth the LORD JESUS and shall believe in your heart that GOD has raised Him from the dead, you shall be saved.

92. { V. 10 }: For with the heart man believes unto righteousness; and with the mouth confession is made unto salvation.

93. { V. 11 }: For the Scripture states, Whoever believes on Him shall not be ashamed.

94. { V. 12 }: For there is no difference between the Jew and the Greek: for the same LORD over all is rich unto all that call upon Him.

95. { V. 13 }: For whoever shall call upon the name of the LORD shall be saved.

96. { V. 14 }: How then shall they call on Him in who they have not believed? and how shall they believe in Him of Whom they have not heard? and how shall they hear without a preacher?

97. { V. 15 }: And how shall they preach, except they are sent? as it is written, How beautiful are the feet of them that preach the gospel of peace, and bring glad tidings of good things!

98. { V. 16 }: But they have not all obeyed the gospel. For Isaiah said, LORD, who has believed our report? See { Isaiah 53:1 }.

99. { V. 17 }: So then faith comes by hearing, and hearing by the Word of GOD."


100. { Romans 10:9-17 } above paraphrased in commentary form . . . { 9 }: Scripture: "Because if you acknowledge and confess with your lips that JESUS is LORD and in your 'heart [ mind' ] believe trust and rely in the truth that GOD the FATHER raised JESUS from the dead, you will be saved. . . . { 10 }: For with the 'Heart [ mind' ] a person believes on CHRIST, and so is justified, declared righteous, and acceptable to GOD, for with the mouth he confesses openly and speaks out freely his faith and confirms his salvation. . . . { 11 }: The Scripture states, no man who believes in CHRIST JESUS will ever be put to shame - be disappointed or lose his eternal inheritance. See { Isaiah 28:16; - 49:23; - Jeremiah 17:7; - & - Psalm 34:22 }. . . { 12 }: ( No one, ) for there is no distinction between Hebrew and Gentile. The same LORD is LORD over all of us and He generously bestows His riches upon all who call upon Him in faith:

. . . { 13 }: For every one who calls upon the name of the LORD invoking Him as LORD will be saved. See { Joel 2:32 }. . . . { 14 }: But how are people to call upon Him Whom they have not believed - in Whom they have no faith, on Whom they have no reliance? And how are they to believe trust and rely in Him of Whom they have never heard? And how are they to hear and comprehend without being taught by a preacher? . . . { 15 }: And how can men be expected to preach unless they are sent? As it is written, How beautiful are the feet of those who bring glad tidings! How welcome is the coming of those who preach the good news of CHRIST's good things! See { Isaiah 52:7 }. . . . { 16 }: But they have not all heeded the Gospel of the Mystery of the Grace of GOD; for Isaiah said, LORD "who has believed and had faith in what he has heard from us?" { Isaiah 53:1 }. . . . { 17 }: Therefore, faith comes by hearing what is told, and what is heard comes by the preaching and teaching of the message that came from the lips of CHRIST, the future King and MESSIAH Himself, { Romans 10:9-17 }."


101. Scripture { V. 16 }: "Know you not that you are the temple of GOD, and that the SPIRIT of GOD dwells in you?

102. { V. 17 }: If any man defile the temple of GOD, him shall GOD destroy; for the temple of GOD is holy, which temple you are.

103. { V. 18 }: Let no man deceive himself. If any man among you seem to be wise in this world, let him become a fool, that he may be wise.

104. { V. 19 }: For the wisdom of this world is foolishness with GOD for it is written, He takes the wise in their own craftiness.

105. { V. 20 }: And again, the LORD knows the thoughts of the wise, that they are vain.

106. { V. 21 }: Therefore let no man glory in man. For all things are yours;

107. { V. 22 }: Therefore Apollos, or Cephas, or the world, or life, or death, or things present, or things to come; all are vain;

108. { V. 23 }: And you are CHRIST's and CHRIST is GOD's, { 1- Corinthians 3:16-23 }."


109. The above verses paraphrased in commentary form . . . { 16 }: Scripture: "Do you not discern and understand that you the whole Congregation at Corinth that are Christians are GOD's Temples, His Sanctuaries, and that the LORD's SPIRIT has His permanent dwelling in you - to be at home in you collectively as a Body and also individually? I.e., the physical body of each individual Child of GOD is a Temple of GOD because the SPIRIT of GOD dwells in each and every Saint! . . . { 17 }: If any one does hurt to GOD's Temple or corrupts it with false doctrines or destroys it, the LORD will do hurt to him and bring him to the corruption of death and destroy him. All the terrorist should read and comprehend this text for the Temple of GOD is holy, and sacred to GOD, and those Temples meaning the human bodies of each and every member of the BODY OF CHRIST is considered to be holy by the LORD. . . . { 18 }: Let no person deceive himself. If any one among you supposes that he is wise in this age - let him discard his worldly discernment and recognize himself as dull, stupid and foolish, without true learning and scholarship; let him become or rather consider himself a fool in his own mind that he may become really wise. See { Isaiah 5:20-23 }. . .

. . . { 19 }: For this world's wisdom is foolishness, absurdity and stupidity with GOD. For it is written, He lays hold of the wise in their own craftiness; see {Job 5:13}. . . . { 20 }: And again, the LORD knows the thoughts and reasonings of people who believe they are wise and recognizes how futile and weak they are. See { Psalm 94:11 }. . . . { 21 }: So let no one exult proudly concerning men boasting of having this or that man as a leader, for all things are yours, . . . { 22 }: Whether Paul or Apollos or 'Cephas ( Peter' ), or the universe or life or death, or the immediate and threatening present or the subsequent and uncertain future; all are yours, . . . { 23 }: And you are CHRIST's and CHRIST is GOD's, { 1- Corinthians 3:16-23 }."


110. A further commentary of the above 8 verses . . . "{ 16 }: "You are the temple of GOD." There is a two-fold meaning in these words, one is speaking of that which is the Christians body of flesh, the other refers to Christians who are those who make up the local Assemblies throughout the world, see { Ephesians 2:21; - & - 2 - Corinthians 6:16-18 }. "The SPIRIT of GOD dwells in you:" this expression does not do away with the doctrine of the omnipresence of the HOLY SPIRIT. Naturally the HOLY SPIRIT is everywhere, but He doesn't necessarily dwell everywhere. He dwells in the local Assembly because He has taken up residence in every Child of GOD, see { John 14:16-17. } . . .

111. In verse { 17 }: the words "defile and destroy [ Gr. phtheiro" ], has the idea of dishonoring or destroying. "Him shall GOD destroy," this is a much stronger expression than "suffer loss" in { V. 15 }. Paul may have in mind unsaved people who may or may not be in the Assembly, but who, in fact, are false believers. The prospect for such a one is a fearful one. "The temple of GOD is holy, which temple you are." Paul has built an argument here. In { V. 16 } he has said, "you are a temple [ such as a shrine ] of GOD." Now he says, "the temple of GOD is holy. "Therefore, the conclusion is, each member of "the BODY OF CHRIST IS HOLY IN CHRIST JESUS and in his new nature! " . . .

112. In verse { 18 }: Here the Apostle gives the formula for godly wisdom. "Let no man deceive himself," Do not be led away from the truth and simplicity of the Gospel by having too high an opinion of human wisdom. "If any . . . seems to be wise in this world, let him become a fool." Does this fit you as a Christian? Learn to resign your own understanding to follow the instruction of the LORD. This is the way to the truth and everlasting wisdom. In order that "he may be wise." One must learn to prefer the infallible revelation of GOD to his own shallow reasonings. { 19-20 }: There can be no comparison between GOD's wisdom and man's. "He takes the wise in their own craftiness," see { Job 5:13 - & - Psalm 94:11 }. The conclusion to Chapter 3 is much like the conclusion of Chapter 2. If you must boast, then by all means, do not boast concerning yourself or of any man, but in CHRIST. { 21 }: "For all things are yours," the folks who belong to CHRIST are Children of GOD, and their heavenly FATHER will do anything for them. Nothing of the FATHER's resources shall be begrudged to His Children. See { Romans 8:32 }!

113. As to { 22 }: "Whether Paul, or Apollos, or Cephas." The absurdity of their dividing over allegiances to any of these men is that GOD gave them "all " to the Corinthians. "Or the world," a rebuke to the legalists of Paul's day. "Or life, or death," the former denoting "things present," the latter, "things to come." The Child of GOD in CHRIST "shall want good things" { Psalm 84:11 }. { 23 }: But, it must be remembered that "You are CHRIST's." It is only because of our relationship to CHRIST Who is LORD of all, that all of these benefits accrue. "CHRIST is GOD's." CHRIST is not subordinate to GOD, as the Christian is to CHRIST; rather, He is the Anointed One of the Triune GOD. He is GOD in the flesh, "reconciling the world unto Himself, { 2- Corinthians 5:19 }.


114. { V. 16 } Scripture: "For though I preach the Gospel, I have nothing to glory of: for necessity is laid upon me; yes, woe unto me, if I preach not the gospel!

115. { V. 17 }: For if I do this thing willingly, I have a reward: but if against my will, a Dispensation of the Gospel is committed to me.

116. { V. 18 }: What is my reward then? 'Verily [ surely' ] that, when I preach the Gospel. I may make the Gospel of CHRIST without charge, that I abuse not my power in the Gospel.

117. { V. 19 }: For though I be free from all men, yet I have made myself servant unto all, that I might gain the more, { 1- Corinthians 9:16- 19 }."


118. Above 4 verses paraphrased in commentary form . . . { 16 } Scripture: "For if I [ Paul merely ] preach the Gospel, that gives me no reason to boast, for I feel compelled of necessity to do it. Woe is me if I do not preach the glad tidings of the Gospel!

. . .{ 17 }: For if I do this work of my own free will, then I have my pay - my reward; but if it is not of my own will, but is done reluctantly and under compulsion, I am still entrusted with a sacred trusteeship and Commission that has been given me directly from the LORD JESUS personally. . . . { 18 }: What then is the actual reward that I will receive? Just this: that in my preaching the good news - the Gospel of the Mystery of the Grace of GOD, I may offer it absolutely free of expense to anybody, not taking advantage of my rights and privileges as a minister of the Gospel. . . . { 19 }: For although I am free in every way from one's control, I have made myself a bond servant to everyone, so that I might gain the more for CHRIST, { 1- Corinthians 9:16-19 }."


119. To consider a better Commentary of the above 4 verses the writer states . . . "{ 16 }: For though I preach the Gospel, I have nothing to glory of:" Paul is ironically answering now the questions he asked to begin with in { Ch. 9:1 }: "am I not an Apostle? Am I not free?" The implied answer to the first is "yes because he was called as the Apostle of and for the Gentiles, and also for the BODY OF CHRIST of this present age of Grace." As for the second answer, the answer is also "yes, but that is no cause for glorying." { V. 16 }: "For necessity is laid upon me; yes, woe is unto me, if I preach not the Gospel!" . . . , And, the same can be said of you if you are an ambassador of CHRIST, are you? . . . Read { 2- Corinthians 5:18-21. } . . .

. . . { 17 }: As proof of the fact that Paul had no grounds for boasting, he adds, "For if I do these things willingly, I have a reward," If it was optional for him to preach the Gospel, then he would deserve to be paid for his work. "But, if against my will, a Dispensation of the Gospel is committed to me." By this, the Apostle is not implying that he was an unwilling servant of the LORD, see { Romans 1:5; - 11:13; - 15:15-16; - 1- Corinthians 15:9; - 4:1-2; - & - Ephesians 3:8 }. He is simply drawing a distinction between what was optional for him, and what was obligatory upon him. Paul was given a stewardship to preach. That was enough, see { Luke 17:10 }. A steward received no pay. He was merely a slave doing his assigned task faithfully . . .,

. . . { 18 }: "What is my reward then?" The answer to this question is twofold. "That . . . I may make the Gospel of CHRIST without charge." And secondly, "That I abuse not my power in the Gospel." The former discharges his obligation to GOD. The latter discharges his obligation to man. In the context, it is important to note that Paul is not laying this down as a general principle for all ministers of the Gospel to follow. The point is that it was a voluntary necessity. He had the authority to do many things, yet, he did not "abuse [ Gr. katachraomai, use to the full" ] that authority. The historical, social, and cultural context were the criteria by which Paul made this determination, as it is shown by what follows . . .,

. . . { 19 }: ". . . I be free from all men." When understood in the context of his Christian liberty, Paul was indeed free. But when understood in the light of his Christian responsibility, "Yet have I made myself servant to all." With all the freedom in the world open to him, why did the Apostle restrict himself so severely? The answer is "That I might gain the more." His foremost interest was to preach the Gospel and win more folks to JESUS CHRIST. Whatever it took in personal freedom, he was prepared to pay the price. It is only fair to point out here that the Apostle is not teaching that the end justifies the means. Or that compromise is in order. Certainly if there was anyone who was prepared to stand rigidly upon matters of principle, it was the Apostle Paul, see { Galatians 2:5 }. But as for matters of indifference, they are luxuries, and therefore, dispensable."


120. { V. 16 } Scripture: "The cup of blessing which we bless, is it not the communion of the blood of CHRIST? The bread which we break, is it not the communion of the BODY OF CHRIST?

121. { V. 17 }: For we being many are one bread, and One Body: for we are all partakers of that one bread, { 1- Corinthians 10:16-17 }."


122. Above text paraphrased in commentary form . . . { 16 } "The cup of blessing of wine at the LORD's supper upon which we ask GOD's blessing, does it not mean that in drinking it we participate in and share a fellowship in a communion as a memorial to the LORD by using the wine as a type: of the blood of CHRIST? The bread which we break, does it not mean that in eating it - we whom are members of the LORD's BODY participate in and share a fellowship in a communion and memorial to the LORD by eating the bread as a TYPE of the LORD's physical body . . . { 17 }: For we, no matter how numerous we are, we are of One BODY, and One Bread ourselves - because we all partake of the one bread as a TYPE of CHRIST's flesh, therefore, we partake of the bread not as an ordinance but as a memorial to the LORD - the One Whom the communion wine and bread represents."


123. Commentary of the above 2 verses . . . "{ 16 }: "The cup . . . communion of the blood of CHRIST?" Consider the LORD's table. When a Christian participates, he partakes of CHRIST's blood and His body. This means to share and to participate in the benefits of CHRIST's saving work on Calvary, and as a "Memorial to Him as the LORD until He returns in the air { 1- Corinthians 11:26; - & - 1- Thessalonians 4:13-18 }." This being the case, all Christians who come to the LORD's supper enter into communion with one another. They form One BODY in virtue of their joint participation of CHRIST. { 17 }: "For we being many are one bread, and one body: for we are all partakers of that one bread."


124. { V. 6 } Scripture: "Not with eye service, as menpleasers; but as the servants of CHRIST, doing the will of GOD from the heart:

125. { V. 7 }: With good will doing service, as to the LORD, and not to men, { Ephesians 6:6-7 }."


126. The above two verses paraphrased in commentary form . . . { 6 } "So that we might be to the praise and the commendation of CHRIST's glorious Grace favor and mercy, which He so freely bestowed on us in the Beloved CHRIST Himself ] . . ., { 7 }: To Him we have redemption, deliverance and salvation through His blood, the 'remission [ forgiveness' ] of our offenses [ shortcomings and trespasses ], in accordance with the riches and the generosity of His gracious favor, { Ephesians 1:6-7 }." . . . See also { Ephesians 2:8-10; - 3:3-9; - & - 4:4-6 }.


127. A further Commentary of the above text . . . { 6 }: "Not with eye service:" Working only while being under the watchful eye of an exacting employer and to make a show and gain human praise. "As manpleasers: who have no higher motive than to please their human masters and curry their favor. "But, as the servants of CHRIST:" rather to meet the demands of your station as bond slaves of CHRIST. "Doing the will of GOD from the heart:" Even while the servants of man, view your task as doing GOD's will from the "heart [ mind - literally out from your very soul ] ... { 7 }: With good will doing service:" and not with resentment, this implies enthusiasm and a generous spirit."

128. "The Apostle Paul explicitly states and makes it very clear that "The Gentiles after they become born again, they will be joined as 'fellow heirs and of a joint Body" along with the Believing Hebrews who have been saved into the BODY OF CHRIST. This was a Mystery that "in other ages was not made known," until revealed to Paul, and we will repeat this fact several times in the remainder of this message, see { Ephesians 3:5; - Colossians 1:12-14; - & - 1:25-29 }. This means that Paul was the one who was chosen by JESUS to first receive the Mystery revelation and Gospel from the risen CHRIST, { Ephesians 3:1-6 }, and that he would pass it on to the 12 Apostles and then to the world at large, { Ephesians 3:5-9 }. The revelation of this great Mystery produced the Joint BODY OF CHRIST. This Divine record given to us by the Apostle Paul could not have made this truth any clearer than { Ephesians Ch. three. }


129. { Ephesians 2:11-18 } . . . { V. 11 } Scripture: "Therefore remember that you being in time past gentiles in the flesh, who are called uncircumcision by that which is called the circumcision in the flesh made by hands'

130. { V. 12 }: That at that time you were without CHRIST, being aliens from the commonwealth of Israel, and strangers from the covenants of promise having no hope, and without GOD in the world. . . .

131. { V. 13 }: But now in CHRIST JESUS you who some times were far off are made "NEAR" by the blood of CHRIST.

132. { V. 14 }: For He is our peace, Who has made both one, and has broken down the middle wall of partition between us;

133. { V. 15 }: Having abolished in His flesh the enmity, even the law of commandments contained in ordinances; for to make in Himself of twain ONE NEW MAN, so making peace.

134. { V. 16 }: And that He might reconcile both unto GOD in ONE BODY by the Cross, having slain the enmity thereby.

135. { V. 17 }: And came and preached peace to you which were afar off, and to them that were near.

136. { V. 18 }: For through Him we both have access by one SPIRIT unto the FATHER, { Ephesians 2:11-18 }."


137. The above 8 verses paraphrased in commentary form . . . { 11 } Scripture: "Therefore remember that you being in time past 'gentiles - heathen ' in the flesh, who are called 'uncircumcision - Gentiles' . . . by 'that - tthose' which is called the 'circumcision meaning Hebrews . . . circumcision in itself being a mere mark' in the flesh made 'by human hands' . . . which naturally refers to the men of Israel being circumcised by human beings. Paul then expanded the concept of the BODY OF CHRIST put forward in { Ephesians 1:23 }. . . . { 12 }: That at that time you were without CHRIST, being aliens "Gentiles" from 'the commonwealth referring to the Hebrew Nation' of Israel, and strangers from 'the Abrahamic and Davidic covenants of promise' having no hope, and without GOD in the world. . . . To repeat { V. 12 } in a better way we will state it this way: "Remember that you Gentiles were at that time separated and living apart from the LORD and were excluded from any part in Him, utterly estranged and outlawed from the rights of Israel as a nation, and strangers with no share in the sacred compacts of the Messianic promises, with no knowledge of - or right in the LORD's agreements, or His covenants. And, you had no hope, no promise; thus, you were in the world without GOD."

. . . { 13 }: But now in CHRIST JESUS 'you Gentiles, Heathen,' who some times were 'so far off [ away' ] are made "NEAR" to the FATHER by the blood of CHRIST. [ Gentiles had not arrived yet, but now they can become Children of GOD if they desire to do so! ] . . . { 14 }: For CHRIST is our peace, our bond of unity and harmony He Who has made us both one, i.e., as saved Jews and Gentiles into ONE BODY and has 'broken down, destroyed, and abolished the hostile dividing middle wall of partition between us.' Explanation: The middle wall of partition . . . an allusion to the wall which separated the Court of the Gentiles from the Court of the Jews in the Temple. An inscription warned Gentiles of the death penalty for going beyond it.

. . . { 15 }: Having "abolished in the LORD's flesh the enmity, even 'the Mosaic law of commandments' contained in ordinances," for to make in Himself of twain i.e., two that is both types of people: the saved people who had been Jews and Gentiles now after becoming Christians are now a part of the "One New Man": the perfect man, see { Ephesians 4:13-16 }, so making peace. To make this verse more comprehensible . . . "In His flesh" . . . for an explanation of Paul's understanding of this phrase, see { Galatians 4:4, - & - Hebrews 2:14-15 }. The Law . . . the whole legal system. Of twain, i.e; of two - both born again Jew and Gentiles in one [ Greek "Sussomos," Joint BODY OF CHRIST ]. See { Romans 8:29-30; - 9:23-24, - & - 11:32. }

. . . { 16 }: And that He might reconcile 'both' unto GOD in "One Body" by the Cross, having slain the enmity thereby. and we repeat: Both, saved Hebrews and the saved people who had been Gentiles. . . . { 17 }: And CHRIST came and 'preached the glad tidings of peace to you which were afar off, 'Gentiles - Heathen' and to them that were nearr the Hebrews. See { Isaiah 57:19. } . . . { 18 }: For through Him we both Hebrew and Gentile whether far off or near have access by one Holy SPIRIT unto the FATHER so that all may approach Him through prayer at any time we chose, { Ephesians 2:11-18 }." See also {1- Corinthians 12:13 }.


138. Commentary . . . Concerning the middle wall partition, the Hebrew temple had a partition which separated the Gentiles in the outer court from the Hebrews in the inner court. After CHRIST died this partition was to no longer exist. This meant that now the Gentiles and the Hebrew Believers could be formed into one group of Godly Saints during the Millennial age, which should have come into existence after Pentecost. The Hebrews, as we have before stated, were to become a protected nation who will inherit the land of Israel beginning with MESSIAH's Second Coming. Since the Hebrews rejected the King and His Kingdom, the wall would no longer exist because now those of all races, which would include the Hebrews, could become one Joint BODY OF CHRIST, and naturally we now know the rest of the story! . . .

139. The saved people who had been Gentiles will inherit the nations of the world as their inheritance under the millennial kingdom order, this of course does not include the BODY OF CHRIST which will exist forever in the heavens. But as has been shown, the Hebrew nation as a whole rejected their MESSIAH and still turned away from Him as late as A. D. 63, 30 years after He had sent the HOLY SPIRIT down at Pentecost, { Acts 28:2628 }. And now Israel's promises of the Millennial kingdom will have to wait until the Second Coming of CHRIST, for they were postponed till that time. . . .

140. This present Joint BODY is the result of the breaking down of "[ the middle wall of partition ]" between Hebrew and Gentile that, of course, did not become known until after the calling of Paul into his Apostle-ship which Paul himself states in { Ephesians 2:4-14; - & - 3:1-21 }. Thus we have found that something new has come into being and has started to be made known. The Apostle Paul who was not, and never became one of the 12 Apostles, he was called out of due season to be the "One Apostle" who would lead those who were lost . . . into the BODY OF CHRIST and into salvation, knowledge, and glory with the Word of GOD. Paul was called by the LORD a few years after CHRIST had risen from the tomb and glorified by the FATHER. . . .

141. Paul was saved on the road to Damascus { Acts 9:3 }, several years after Pentecost and was given his Apostle-ship personally by the LORD JESUS Himself. Paul's marching orders were to preach and teach the "New Gospel" of the mystery to the known world. Paul taught similar to that which was being taught by the 12 Apostles except this: "New Mystery Gospel was to SUPERSEDE THE KINGDOM GOSPEL and would include Gentiles along with Hebrews after they became born again which would place them as equals into the BODY OF CHRIST . . . as the Apostle Peter was to find out later in Acts Ch. 10 & 11 }. Peter's Kingdom Gospel was to be applied to the Hebrew nation and this also included the proselytes who had become Hebrew in name only by being joined to the Hebrew religion and by accepting the Kingdom Gospel as their own. . . .

142. Notice that, in Peter's time, the Kingdom Gospel was to only be taught to the Hebrews! On the other hand, a small number of Gentiles, such as Cornelius, an Italian Gentile, and his family, became Believers in Peter's Kingdom Administration. All Gentiles who became Hebrews by accepting the Hebrew religion were called Proselytes. Paul's Gospel is called the Gospel of the "uncircumcision [ of the Mystery "] which referred primarily to Gentiles who would be saved into the LORD's BODY. Whereas, Peter and the other 11 Apostles had been given the Gospel of the "circumcision" which was to be taught to the Israelites and Proselytes during the Kingdom Administration, see { Galatians 2:7-9 }, and be sure to observe { Matthew 10:5-8 }. It should also be noted that Peter was given the keys to the Earthly Kingdom, { Matthew 16:19 }, which apples to the Millennial Kingdom order. See { Matthew 3:2, - 4:17, - 5:3-5, - & - 15:24 }. Therefore, Peter became the leader of the 12 Apostles up to the time the Kingdom Gospel was starting to be set aside and the 12 Apostles begin to fade from view in the { Acts Ch. 13-15 }. And a short time later Paul became the leading Minister, and Apostle. . . .

143. It should also be noted, that during the Kingdom Gospel Ministry, before the death of CHRIST, no one at that time could be saved by the HOLY SPIRIT baptizing them into the BODY OF CHRIST because the BODY OF CHRIST had not as yet began! Also notice that, at that time no one could be placed under the blood of CHRIST as no blood of CHRIST had as yet been shed! The uncircumcision consisted of all those who were to be saved from the beginning of the BODY OF CHRIST Period until the Rapture of the BODY into Heaven. Paul was given the Apostle-ship over the doctrine of the Mystery Gospel which is still being taught at this very time and will be taught until the BODY OF CHRIST is translated into Heaven from this earth. . . .

144. It may sound to the reader that we are saying that only Gentiles are to be saved under Paul's commission to teach the Gospel of the uncircumcision therefore causing the student to become confused. The truth is that the word uncircumcision refers to anyone who is not required to be circumcised under a ceremony or an ordinance as the Hebrews were during the legalistic Mosaic Law system. When Paul was given the Gospel of the uncircumcision, which is the same thing as the Gospel of the Mystery that we teach today, any one throughout the whole world no matter what race they are could become Children of GOD and be joined to the BODY OF CHRIST under this Gospel whether they were Gentiles or Hebrews! . . .

145. This has been true since the BODY OF CHRIST first began with the Apostle Paul! Biblically speaking, there has always been three different names associated with the human race since the BODY OF CHRIST began. [ 1 ] The Hebrew, [ 2 ] The Gentile and [ 3 ] The BODY OF CHRIST. Since this BODY OF CHRIST period began some two thousand years ago, the Hebrews who were saved under Paul's Mystery Gospel, became as one with the rest of the Saints who belonged to the BODY OF CHRIST. [ They now remain Hebrews by race only ]. The same thing applies to any who had been Gentiles before they were born again into the LORD's BODY! Therefore, we as Children of GOD, now have become One Christian BODY in CHRIST at this time. Paul taught the Hebrews first, but when he found that they were so hard hearted and would not change from the works of the old order to the new, he turned to the Gentiles and taught the Gospel of the Mystery as has been shown in this message. No longer was the Hebrew Law of commandments with its ordinances or the Kingdom Gospel of any effect as far as this Mystery Gospel was concerned. [ Read our message concerning the different Gospels ]. . . .

146. The Mosaic Law and its carnal ordinances had been set aside at the Cross where the Law was fulfilled with CHRIST's death. The fact that only the high Priest could go into the Holy of Holies, and that he had to go each year signified that no final offering for sin was made in O.T. times, and that the offerings that were made could not cleanse the conscience. Carnal ordinances refer to regulations concerning the body, reformation . . . I.e; the change brought about by the completed sacrifice of CHRIST and His entering into Heaven did away with all the old Testament ordinances that had been impossible to keep at that time. Today all the old Biblical ordinances are past tense having been nailed on CHRIST's Cross and done away with. Read { Colossians 2:13-14 }. Also read {Hebrews 9:8-12 } where the text states:


147. { V. 8 } Scripture: The HOLY SPIRIT this signifying, that the way into the holiest of all was not yet made manifest, while as the first tabernacle was yet standing;

148. { V. 9 }: Which was a figure for the time then present, in which were offered both gifts and Sacrifices, that could not make him that did the service perfect, as pertaining to the conscience;

149. { V. 10 }: which stood only for meats and drinks, and divers washings, and carnal ordinances, imposed on them until the time of reformation.

150. { V. 11 }: But CHRIST being come a High Priest of good things, by a greater and more perfect tabernacle not made with hands, that is to say, not of this building;

151. { V. 12 }: Neither by the blood of goats and calves, but by His own blood He entered in once into the holy place, having obtained eternal redemption for us, { Hebrews 9:8-12 }."


152. The above { Vs. 8-12 } paraphrased in commentary form . . . { 8 }: "By this the HOLY SPIRIT points out that the way into the true Holy of Holies is not yet thrown open as long as 'the former i.e., the outer portion of the tabernacle' remains a recognized institution and is still standing . . ., { 9 }: Seeing that - that first outer portion of the tabernacle was a parable - a visible symbol or type or picture of the age and administration that was present at that time. In it, gifts and sacrifices were offered, and yet were incapable of perfecting the conscience or of cleansing and renewing the inner man of the worshipper. . . . { 10 }: For the ceremonial rituals were only dealing with clean and unclean meats and drinks and different washings, that consisted of mere external rules and regulations primarily performed by rituals. These rituals was performed in accordance to and, in ordinances for the body, imposed to tide the worshippers over until the time of setting things straight of reformation . . ., i.e., of the complete new order when CHRIST, the MESSIAH shall establish the reality of what things foreshadow, a better covenant for Israel. See { Jeremiah 31:27-40 }.

. . . { 11 }: But, that appointed time arrived the first time when CHRIST, the MESSIAH, appeared as a High Priest of the better things that have come and are to come and thus, will be fulfilled in the future. Then through the greater and more perfect tabernacle, not made with human hands, that is, not a part of this material creation . . . , { 12 }: CHRIST went once for all into 'the Holy of Holies of Heaven,' not by virtue of the blood of goats and calves by which to make reconciliation between GOD and men, but by His own blood, having found and secured a complete redemption and everlasting release for us."


153. Commentary . . . Through this topological picture of the Tabernacle the HOLY SPIRIT was showing that man did not possess direct and complete access to GOD at that time and would not while the Tabernacle and its Law still remained in force. The Old Tabernacle further served as a figure [ Greek - "parable" ], a physical picture or symbol, for all to see that, just as access was not open into the Holy of Holies during the Law period, access to GOD was not complete. Man's conscience was always left unsatisfied. Since he must return repeatedly and since he never knew what happened within the closed chambers, man could never feel he had been completely and permanently cleansed. All the outward rituals could not meet the deep spiritual need of man, nor would they remain after the time of reformation. This reformation [ Greek "diorthosis" ] - [ used only hear in the New Testament ] involved a reconstruction, a reshaping of all that existed within Israel's religious structure. It might be called a "New Order."

154. In { Hebrews Ch. 9 } the author declares the superiority of a new and greater promise and a perfect Tabernacle that would consist of the Paradise of Heaven, which is to be the eternal home of the One New Man in CHRIST JESUS. This makes clear that the promises for us today are far more superior than the old covenant was that existed during the Mosaic Law period. The Tabernacle of the Old was earthly and symbolic; but, most importantly, its inner sanctuary was a closed chamber { Vs. 1-10 }. Beginning at { V. 11 }, the author demonstrates the superiority of the new agreement by expressing four things which CHRIST has done so as to make the promises for us today far superior. [ The inner sanctuary for us today can also refer to the Christians own physical body as a Temple or can be construed as a Tabernacle where GOD the HOLY SPIRIT dwells in each Christians body ].

155. First, CHRIST has opened the inner sanctuary of the Heavenly Tabernacle, which is quite in contrast to the closed sanctuary of the earthly, The reference in { V. 12 } to the "holy place [ Greek tahagia" ] needs to be understood as the Holy of Holies. This Greek phrase is not used consistently for any one part of the Tabernacle. In { Ch. 9:2 } it is used for the Holy Place; in { Ch. 9:25 } it has reference to the Holy of Holies. Thus, the usage of the phrase must be determined by the demands of the context. { Vs.. 11-12 } clearly relate to the inner sanctuary, the Holy of Holies, as have the preceding verses { Vs. 7-10 }. These two verses present the essentials in operating the new Promises: a superior Tabernacle and an infinitely superior Sacrifice. Our LORD's sacrifice was His Own blood: ( "NOT ) that of animals whom were offered over and over," but CHRIST's sacrifice that was to be: offered only once "NOT" repeatedly, and resulted in eternal redemption, and not as a temporary covering for sin.

156. From now on the old Law would only be taught as a historical fact, but never would the Mosaic Law be applied to the Mystery Gospel by learned men of the Scriptures. The trouble is, it seems that to many Ministers today are not as learned as they should be, because they still try to keep their flock under various portions of the old Law! Also, there are those who still believe that works are a necessary requirement for salvation in this age. Our Bible makes very clear that these are Blind Teachers LEADING THE BLIND when they believe and teach that men must work their way to Heaven instead of getting there by faith as the Scriptures teach. See { Ephesians 2:15; - Colossians 2:14,20; - & - Galatians 2:7 }.

157. Therefore, the "joint BODY OF CHRIST" is composed of Hebrews and Gentiles that had now been saved and thus "reconciled to GOD in "One Joint BODY" by the Cross { Ephesians 2:16 }. Scriptures plainly illustrate that reconciliation was not proclaimed to the Hebrew nation while she was in covenant relationship with JEHOVAH, but only after GOD began to set her aside. Setting Israel aside by casting her out into the Gentile nations of the world in A .D. 70, for a two thousand year period, which opened the way for the reconciling of the world into the "BODY OFF CHRIST" { Romans 11:15 }. Hence our Saviour and the 12 Apostles did not proclaim reconciliation . . . to all mankind before the calling of Paul. Thus, Through Paul's ministry, all men and women are offered reconciliation, and their race or color makes no difference at all. Both Hebrews and all Gentiles, "all the fallen descendants of Adam" can now come to CHRIST by faith alone and become a part of the one BODY OF CHRIST. Read: { Matthew 1:1, - Acts 2:29-31, - & - 3:25-26 }. Now read { Romans 5:10-19, - & - Ephesians 2:16-19 }.

158. All who become Saints and are possessed by CHRIST, make up the present BODY, and when the Rapture takes place this BODY will be complete. The word Rapture comes from the Latin word "Rapto, Rapere or Raptus" which describes the event or sudden disappearance of CHRIST's Body of Christians from this Earth into Heaven. The word Rapture, "Rapto" means to be "Caught up, or to snatch or catch away . . ., resurrected." All the above indicates that while the LORD's BODY was conceived in the mind of GOD before the ages of men began, it did not come into being historically until the calling of Paul the Apostle to began the one Body Administration. Paul states . . .


159. Scripture: "That in the Dispensation of the fulness of times, GOD will gather together in one all things in CHRIST both which are in Heaven, and which are upon the earth, even in Him, { Ephesians 1:10 }." . . .


160. The above Text paraphrased . . . "The LORD planned for the maturity of the times and the climax of the ages to unify all things and head them up and consummate them in CHRIST, [ both ] things in Heaven and things on the Earth ."


161. Commentary . . . Notice also "the mystery of His will" in { V. 9 }. This will involve more than a judicial standing before GOD, for the BODY OF CHRIST of this Dispensation is a demonstration of what the LORD will do on a grand scale in "the Dispensation of the fullness of times." But by this very token, the "One BODY" had a historical beginning under the ministry of Paul. GOD today is demonstrating that true unity can be found only in CHRIST. Only that which centers in JESUS and over which He as the living Head of the Body can we enjoy true peace and unity. Even the professing Assemblies cannot know unity at this time, for they fail to find their place in CHRIST. The truth is, that only "true professed and possessed Children of GOD," find complete unity in the LORD. Millions profess CHRIST in the various Assemblies of the world, but few truly posses Him "We being many" are truly "One BODY." In CHRIST each member cares for the others with tender solicitude. { 1- Corinthians Ch. 12 } teaches by saying:


162. { V. 20 } Scripture: "But now are they many members, yet but one BODY."

163. { V. 21 }: And the eye cannot say unto the hand, I have no need of you: nor again the head to the feet, I have no need of you.

164. { V. 22 }: No, much more those members of the BODY, which seem to be more feeble, are necessary.

165. { V. 23 }: And those members of the BODY, which we think to be less honorable, upon these we bestow more abundant honor; and our uncomely parts have more abundant comeliness:

166. { V. 24 }: For our comely parts have no need: but GOD has tempered the BODY together, having given more abundant honour to that part which lacked:

167. { V. 25 }: That there should be no schism in the BODY but that the members should have the same care one for another.

168. { V. 26 }: And whether one member suffer, all the members suffer with it; or one member be honored, all the members rejoice with it .

169. { V. 27 }: Now you are the BODY OF CHRIST, and members in particular, { 1- Corinthians 12:20-27 }."


170. The above 8 verses paraphrased in commentary form . . . { 20 } Scripture: "But now are they 'many members such as limbs and organs,' yet but "One single BODY." . . . { 21 }: And the eye is not able to say to the hand, I have no need of you, nor again the head to the feet, I have no need of you. . . . { 22 }: But, instead there is much more - actually an absolute necessity for those members of the BODY, which are considered the more feeble, that is, which are looked on as being weaker than the rest of the BODY but are still necessary to have in the BODY of CHRIST. Just because some Christians are weak and perhaps carnal in the flesh doesn't mean they are not included as a part of CHRIST's BODY OF Saints. . . . { 23 }: And those members of the BODY, which we think and consider to be less honorable or rather ignoble, upon these we bestow more abundant i.e., additional honor; and our uncomely or unseemly parts have more abundant comeliness that is, are thought to be unsuitable for exposure, on the other hand.

. . . { 24 }: For our comely or more presentable parts of the BODY have no need that is, are not looked upon as being unseemly: but GOD has 'tempered, adjusted, mingled, harmonized and subtly proportioned' all the parts of the BODY as a whole together, having given more abundant and greater honour to that part which was looked on as being inferior and: which lacked apparent importance . . . { 25 }: That there should be 'no schism no division or discord or lack of adaptation' in the various members of the BODY but that the members 'should be as one member' as { Ephesians 2:15 } states, as "ONE NEW MAN" and have the same mutual interest and care one for another. . . { 26 }: And, even though one member may suffer, all the members suffer together and share the suffering with it; or one member be honored, all the members are to share in the enjoyment and rejoice with it . . . , { V. 27 }: Now you collectively are the BODY OF CHRIST, and individually you are members in particular and distinct each with his own place and function, { 1- Corinthians 12:20-27 }."

171. Further commentary of the above 8 verses . . . { 20 }: "Based upon the theological fact of organic unity, Paul express the fact that each Member of the BODY OF CHRIST is interdependent upon the others. { 21 }: There is no such thing as a freelance Christian. No part of the BODY can take leave of the other members as though they were not necessary. { 22-23 }: Like the members of the human body some Christians are weaker than others. Likewise, there are some that are thought to be less honorable, some parts of the Christian BODY seemingly receive more attention and exposure than others, while there are other Christians in the BODY that are never noticed at all. { 24 }: As the LORD views the BODY He does not see it in part but in the whole. The word "tempered" was used to speak of mingling two elements to form a compound.

172. { 25-26 }: In the BODY OF CHRIST there should be no chasms. Divisions and alienation of feelings should find no place in the BODY OF CHRIST, such as the many denominations that cause friction among the various Congregational Assemblies throughout the world. The student is aware that those denominations will never fully agree on the correct interpretation of the Scriptures but nevertheless it is wrong that so many of them teach certain false doctrine. The BODY OF CHRIST is one and has a common life and consciousness, therefore, when one member suffers, truthfully all members suffer. Likewise, if one member is honored, all the members are to rejoice because of it! { 27 }: In one statement the Apostle expresses both the unity and the diversity of the BODY OF CHRIST as a whole. In the original the definite article does not appear before "BODY." The thought is not that this particular local assembly at Corinth constituted the BODY OF CHRIST. The stress is on quality. Since they are of the BODY OF CHRIST their actions and their attitudes toward one another should reflect CHRIST's character!"


173. Scripture: "From whom the whole Body fitly joined together and compacted by that which every joint supplies, according to the effectual working in the measure of every part, makes increase of the BODY unto the edifying of itself in love, { Ephesians 4:16}." =========================

174. The above { V. 16 } paraphrased in commentary form . . . "From whom and because of CHRIST the whole BODY OF CHRIST with all its members which are fitly joined and closely knitted together and compacted by that which every joint supplies, according to the effectual working in the measure of every part - i.e., each part with power adapted to its need and in its functions . . . makes increase of the BODY unto the 'edifying and building up' of itself in love, { Ephesians 4:16 }."


175. Scripture: "Having abolished in His flesh the enmity, even the law of commandments contained in ordinances; for to make in Himself of twain [ Two ] ONE NEW MAN, [ masculine ] so making peace, { Ephesians 2:15 }," -


176. Commentary . . . Therefore, the BODY OF CHRIST, the "ONE NEW MAN has His place in the realm of GOD. And saved Israel who are apart from the BODY OF CHRIST in a different Dispensational standing will have her place as the Bride of CHRIST for her eternal inheritance. All is in perfect harmony with GOD Who created and planned all things. Paul stated in . . .


177. { V. 13 } Scripture: "Till we all come in the unity of the faith, and of the knowledge of the Son of GOD unto a "PERFECT MAN," unto the measure of the stature of the fulness of CHRIST,

178. { V. 14 } That we henceforth be no more children, tossed to and fro, and carried about with every wind of doctrine, by the sleight of men, and cunning craftiness, whereby they lie in wait to deceive':

179. { V. 15 }, But speaking the truth in love: may grow up into Him in all things which is the Head, even CHRIST, { Ephesians 4:13-15 }."


180. The above { Vs. 14-15 } paraphrased in commentary form . . . { 14 }: That we henceforth be no more children, 'tossed like folks on a ship during a storm' to and fro because of false teaching, and carried about with every wind of doctrine, by the sleight 'of false doctrine, the cunning and cleverness and lies by unscrupulous men, and cunning craftiness, whereby they lie in wait to deceive' . . . { 15 }, But speaking the truth in love let our lives lovingly express truth in all things that we: may grow up into Him in all things which is the Head, even CHRIST."


181. Further commentary of the above verses . . . "That it might develop till we all attain oneness in the unity of the faith, and in the comprehension of the full and accurate knowledge of the SON of GOD; that we might arrive at full grown mature manhood, the completeness of personality which is nothing less than the standard height of CHRIST's Own perfection, the measure of the stature of the fulness of the CHRIST, and the completeness that is forever found in Him." [ Notice that CHRIST's Body of believing Saints is to be a perfect mature man, in other words, in the "Masculine gender," Not in the Feminine as most teachers teach! ]


Here the class teacher should now form several questions concerning the above lesson similar to the questions that are placed at the end of the following chapters!

Be Sure And Read Lesson Two Of Part 0ne of the Bride and BODY OF CHRIST.