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The Significance Of Bible Numbers


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Remarks: Some numbers are easier found than others. The proof on some is abundant and positive. On others the proof is meager and hard to find. These are followed by the question mark.

1: Unity--------------------------------------------------------------------45: Inheritance.

2: Division Or Separation---------------------------------------------46: Second Death?

3: The Resurrection, And Trinity------------------------------------47: Calling?

4: Creation, The Flesh, Natural Man---------------------------- --48: A Dwelling Place Or Tabernacle.

5: Grace------------------------------------------------------------------49: Wrath.

6: Satan And His Influence-------------------------------------------50: The Holy Spirit .... Jubilee.

7: Completion, Perfection Or Finish--------------------------------51: Sanctification.

8: The New Birth, Or New Things----------------------------------52: Corruption.

9: Fruit Of The Spirit----------------------------------------------------53: To Make Plain?

10: Law----------------------------------------------------------------------54: The Security Of The Believer.

11: Judgment--------------------------------------------------------------55: Frustration Of Grace.

12: Divine Authority Or Power-----------------------------------------56: To Awake From Sleep.

13: Sin Or Rebellion-----------------------------------------------------57: ...?

14: Salvation Or Deliverance------------------------------------------58: To Weep.

15: Rest----------------------------------------------------------------------60: The Gentiles, Or Fullness of the Gentiles.

16: Love---------------------------------------------------------------------63: Israel.

17: Victory------------------------------------------------------------------ 64: Manifestation Of The Sons Of God.

18: Bondage-------------------------------------------------------------- 65: Glory.

19: Faith-------------------------------------------------------------------- 66: Worship, True Or False.

20: Redemption---------------------------------------------------------- 69: To Cut Off.

21: Covering For Sin--------------------------------------------------- 70: Israel's Restoration.

22: Light Or To Discern, Or See------------------------------------- 71: To Be Convinced.

23: Death------------------------------------------------------------------ 72: Sign.

24: Priesthood----------------------------------------------------------- -73: Opposition?

25: The Forgiveness Of Sin--------- ------------------------------ --74: Guidee Or Rule?

26: Good News Or The Gospel--------------------------------- ----75: Purpose.

27: Prophecy Or To Proclaim------------------------------------ --- 77: Vengeance.

28: Eternal Life------------------------------------------------------ ---- 90: Freedom.

29: Departure Or To Go Out----------------------------------------- -91: To Cast Out.

30: Blood----------------------------------------------------------------- -99: Seal.

31: Children Or Offspring--------------------------------------------- 100: Election.

32: Covenant----------------------------- -------------------------------- 105: To CCall On The Lord.

33: Promise----------------------------------------------------------------120: Children Of Promise.

34: Patience---------------------------------------------------------------144: King Of Kings.

35: Hope------------------------------------------------------------------- 300: Anointing.

36: Enemy----------------------------------------------------------------- 400: To Afflict.

37: Exhalation------------------------------------------------------------ 600: Warfare.

38: Righteousness------------------------------------------------------- 666: The Number Of The Beast.

39: Truth?-------------------------------------------------------------------700: The Fulfillment Of Prophecy.

40: Temptation Or Trial--------------------------------------------------70 Times 7... Final Restoration Of Israel.

41: To Misunderstand Or Be Deceived.

42: The Coming Of Christ, Both First And Second.

43: Abomination Or Desolation.

44: Perdition.

The Greek Alphabet

In the New Testament the 24 letters of the Greek Alphabet have a numerical value from 1 to 24, according to the place each comes in that alphabet. We can express numbers by spelling them such as One, Two, Three, Four, Five, etc; or we can express them with figures such as 1, 2, 3, 4, 5. The Greeks and Hebrews had no system of figures by which to express numbers. They either had to express them by spelling the numbers or using different letters in their Alphabets. The following are the Greek letters and their numerical values.

1. Alpha ... [Short A]--------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------13. Nu ... [N].

2. Beta ... [B].-----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------14. Xi ... [X].

3. Gamma ... [G].-------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------15. Omicron ... [Short O].

4. Delta ... [D].----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------16. Pi ... [P].

5. Epsilon ... [E - Short]. ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------17. Rho ... [R].

6. Zeta ... [Z]. ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------18. Sigma ... [S].

7. Eta ... [Long A]. ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------19. Tau ... [T].

8. Theta ... [TH]. --------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------20. Upsilon ... [U].

9. Iota ... [I & J]. ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------21. Phi ... [PH].

10. Kappa ... [K & C]. --------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------22. Chi ... [CH].

11. Lambda ... [L]. -----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------23. Psi ... [PS].

12. Mu ... [M]. ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------24. Omega ... [Long O].

In the hundreds of cases the writer has tested the numerical value of the Greek letters as given above, and he has yet to find a case where they fail to work with numerical accuracy. In {Galatians 4:23} Sarah is called the "Freewoman." The numerical value of the letters in the word "Freewoman" is 90, Sarah's age when Isaac was born {Genesis 17:17}. The Passover and feast of unleavened bread were typical of Christ. See {1- Corinthians 5:7-8}.

The numerical value of the Greek letters which spell Lord Jesus Christ is 294. The feast of unleavened bread was observed from the 14th to the 21st day of the month, {Exodus 12:18}. When 14 and 21 are multiplied we get exactly 294. The value of the letters which spell Jesus plus the Bible number for Son equals the numerical value of the letters which spell Christ. The numerical value of the letters which spell Saviour plus the Bible number for promise equals the numerical value of the letters in Christ.

The numerical value of the Greek letters in the words "Abraham, which is dead" in {John 8:53} is 175, the age of Abraham when he died. The numerical value of the letters which spell "Joshua plus the Bible number for death" equals 110, the age at which Joshua died. The numerical value of the letters which spell "Moses and Sinai" equals 120, the age at which Moses died. The numerical value of the letters which spell "Intercession" in {Hebrews 7:25} is 123, the age which Aaron the first high priest died.

Jacob and Esau were twin brothers. The numerical value of the Greek letters which spell their names is 46 in each case. The numerical value of the Greek letters found in the name of Lazarus in the account of his death and resurrection is 381. When Jesus raised the daughter of Jairus He said to her "Talitha cuni" which is said to mean "Damsel, I say unto you, arise." Dr. Berry's Interlinear shows that the numerical value of the Greek letters in these words is 381, the same as in the case of Lazarus who died and was raised from the dead.

The Meaning Of Certain Bible Symbols:

1. Gold ... Glory [1- Peter 5:1-4; and Revelation 4:4}. ------------------11. Salt ... Grace, {>Leviticus 2:13; Colossians 4:6; and Mark 9:49}.

2. Silver ... Redemption {Exodus 30:12-16; and 38:25}. ------------- 12. Leaven ... Corrupt doctrrine or practice, {Matthew 16:6-12; Galatians 5:8-9; and 1- Corinthians 5:6-8}.

3. Brass ... Judgment {Exodus 27:1-8; and Numbers 21:7-9}.-------13. Beasts ... Wicked Kings Or Kingdoms, {Daniel 7:17; 7:23; and Revelation 13:1-18}.

4. Iron ... Breaking and Bruising {Daniel 2:30}. -----------------------------14. Horns ..... Kings either good or evil, {Daniel 7:24; Revelation 5:6; and 7:12}.

5. Lead ... Wickedness {Zechariah 5:7-8}. -----------------------------------15. Mouuntain ... Kingdom, {Daniel 2:35; and Jeremiah 51:24-25}.

6. Tin ... Dross {Isaiah 1:25}. -----------------------------------------------------16. Fine Linen ... Righteousness, {Revelation 19:8].

7. Shittim Wood ... The humanity of Christ {Isaiah 53:2; and 26:1-5}.-----17. Horses ... War, {Revelation 19:11 and Proverbs 21:31}.

8. Purple ... Royalty {Judges 8:26; and Mark 15:17-18}. ----------------18. Wood - Hay - Stubble .... Un-scriptural - service, {1- Corinthians 3:12-15}.

9. Blue ... Heavenly origin {Exodus 26:31; and Hebrews 6:19-20}.----19. Oil ... The Holy Spirit, {Exodus 30:22-30; and Acts 10:35}.

10. Scarlet ... Blood {Leviticus 14:1-32; and Joshua 2:18-19}.