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Part One Of "Baptism." The Truth Concerning The 12 "Baptisms," In The New Testament Including The One True

GOD Given "Real-Baptism" For This Grace Age. The Following Are Biblical Lessons On This Subject. . . And Many 0ther Things Are Explained In This 8 Part Message That Can Help

The Student Comprehend His Bible.


1. If the readers desire to have a part in the LORD's work as soul workers, it would be great for them to begin their own Christian tract ministry by downloading our messages and send or give copies to others. What could be more important for you as an ambassador for CHRIST than to support the Body of CHRIST in this way? The messages are already written, so why not pass them on to others? It should be noted that practically all our Scriptures are taken from the "King James Version" unless we Paraphrase the text. We would also suggest that the Bible student begin his own web page which is free on the internet, and download many of our messages and add them to his own web page. It is possible that thousands of souls could be saved to CHRIST through your own personal Ministry. Think of the blessings that would be bestowed upon you for helping someone to get to know the LORD, and all of these souls will be added to the Body of CHRIST! See { 2- Corinthians 5:17-21 } which is the commission for you! And, we would hope that you will not make any changes in our messages because they have been thoroughly researched as to content!

2. As to the writer's belief and doctrine, we are strictly Biblical! We adhere to no denominational beliefs unless what they teach is taken from the true Word of GOD and taught in the correct context. We believe that we are to be busy proclaiming the truths for this present age of Grace, in view of the soon coming of our LORD.

3. We believe in . . .

No - 1. The verbal inspiration of the Word of GOD, { 2- Timothy 3:16 }.

No - 2. The Deity of JESUS CHRIST, and the Trinity of the Godhead, { Titus 2:13; - & - 2-Corinthians 13:14 }.

No - 3. The total depravity of man, and everlasting punishment of those who reject CHRIST, { Romans Ch. 3; John 3:36; - & - Revelation 20:15 }.

No - 4. Redemption by the blood of CHRIST, and by Grace, not of works, are we saved, { Titus 3:5; - & - Ephesians 2:8-9 }.

No - 5. Everlasting life and the security of the Child of GOD, { John 10:29 }.

No - 6. The personality and everlasting punishment of Satan, { Job Ch. 1; - & - Revelation Ch. 20 }.

No - 7. The imminent Rapture [ Resurrection ] of the Body of CHRIST, followed by the great 7 year Tribulation Period and the literal Millennial reign of CHRIST on this earth, { 1- Thessalonians 4:16-18; - 1- Corinthians 15:50-55; - & - Revelation 20:1-6 }.


4. A good idea would be to read your Bible along with each verse we have quoted. It is also very important for the student to look up all the added Bible texts that we have referred to in the Message. This will give the reader much added information! Another thing we should mention is that when we copy a verse from the Bible we will change much of the spelling from the archaic King James language to the modern way of spelling. Such as . . .

5. "Searcheth to 'searches,' . . . thy to 'your,' . . . standeth to 'stands,' . . . knoweth to 'knows,' . . . maketh to 'make,' . . . nay to 'no,' . . . bringeth to 'bring,' . . . hath to 'has or have,' . . . saith to 'says,' . . . unto to 'to,' . . . doeth to 'does,' . . . wherefore to 'therefore,' . . . thee to 'the,' . . . justifieth to 'justify,' . . . helpeth to 'help,' . . . liveth to 'lives,' . . . ever to 'always,' . . . lest to 'otherwise or perhaps,' . . . hitherto to 'even yet - or thus far,' . . . Behold 'take notice,' . . . heart to 'mind or intellect,' . . . whereunto to 'the fact is or it was to this end that,' . . . elect to 'chosen,' . . . quickens to 'make alive,' . . . Lo to 'take notice,' . . . sorer- to 'surer,' . . . saving- to 'except,' . . . Woe to 'grievous or distress to you,' . . . and etc. None of this will take away from the true meaning of the original text. There will be several things to observe such as . . .

6. [ 1 ]: The reader will notice that we have put words in parenthesis in the various Bible verses. This is done to help the student have a better understanding of the old King James language, which is often a little bewildering to some folks who are not use to that kind of speech. Therefore, please bear with us as we teach the message. [ 2 ]: The reader will also notice that we have repeated several verses here and there in our message and of course we do this to bring out a better understanding of the message. [ 3 ]: Also, a few of the questions we ask at the end of a lesson may be repeat questions to bring to mind various things that have been taught in an earlier lesson. [ 4 ]: The reader will also observe that we have placed dividing brackets such as those below - just above and below the various "Bible Texts," and also Quotes from other ministers and Theologians in our message.








7. Since this study concerns "Baptism," we will spell the word each time with a capital "B" since it is the subject at hand. You will find a list of questions in several places in this study that the students should answer. Should someone be teaching on this subject, he or she might wish to make up additional questions to add to our list in order to make the lesson more interesting and comprehensive.


[ Lesson One. ] Baptism With The Great Church Fathers . . .



8. Commentary. . . Harry Bultema . . . wrote the following article about the belief of the ancient Church fathers, he stated as follows, [ Quote ]: "Strange to say, there was a great lack of illumination with all of them. When we inquire as to the cause of this, then we can only come to one conclusion: just as all of Asia and all of Rome left Paul at the end of his life, so the Church fathers of old, like the apostolic fathers had forsaken Paul's teaching in regard to "Baptism" and the mystery of the Body of CHRIST. But, they never left behind the doctrine of "Baptisms." Also they never clung to the one glorious "Baptism" of { Ephesians 4:5 }, and they identified "Baptism" with regeneration which led to the baptismal regeneration teaching of our day."



9. Ireneus . . . was born prior to the death of John the Apostle and he was acquainted with Ploycarp, the friend of John. Speaking of heretics, he says: [ Quote ], "that they have been sent out by Satan to frustrate the "Baptism" of regeneration unto GOD." [ End Quote ].



10. Justin Martyr . . . was born soon after John's death. Speaking of the washing of "[ water ] Baptism," he says, [ Quote ] they are regenerated [ End Quote ].



11. Clement of Alexandria . . . [ A. D. 150-213 ] said, [ Quote ]: "He that is once regenerated as the name of that sacrament is." Again: "Whether John's 'Baptism' was regeneration, we do not discuss." [ End Quote ].



12. Tertullian . . . [ A.D. 193-216 ] was one of the most enlightened Church fathers and dearly loved the LORD. He spoke the phrase: "regenerated of water and the SPIRIT." He said [ Quote ] . . . "Whereas it is an acknowledged rule that none can be saved 'without [ water' ] "Baptism," this he affirms especially by the sentence of our LORD: "unless one be born of water he cannot be saved." [ End Quote ].



13. Cyprian, . . . [ born 200 A.D ]; was known as the greatest church man of the third century. He stated, [ Quote ]: "That the old man dies and the new man is born "in [ water ] Baptism," the blessed apostle clearly proves, saying: "He saved us by the laver of regeneration." [ End Quote ].



14. Origen, . . . a learned Alexandrine of the third century was a fervent lover of the LORD and his Word, but became nevertheless the father of many heresies. He said, [ Quote ]: "Everyone that is born of water and the SPIRIT is clean from pollution and it is by this washing of regeneration that he comes to the future regeneration." [ End Quote ].



15. Jerome, . . . [ A.D. 340-420 ] was a great Biblical scholar for that day. His translation of the Vulgate was the only translation of the middle ages and became the infallible version of the Catholic Church until our day. He uses the phrase [ Quote ]: "the waters of saving Baptism." [ End Quote ].



16. Athanasius, . . . who fought so heroically for the doctrine of the absolute Godhead of our LORD he states, [ Quote ]: "He who is [ water ] "Baptized" puts off the old man, and is renewed, being born again from above." [ End Quote ].



17. Ambrose, . . . bishop of Milan from [ A.D. 374 to 391 ], speaking of the cleansing of the leper, says, [ Quote ]: "No one can be cleansed from the leprosy of sins by the water of "Baptism," except through invocation of the FATHER, SON and SPIRIT." [ End Quote ].



18. Chrysostom, . . . [ A.D. 347-407 ] upon whom the title of golden-mouthed was bestowed, because of the peerless pulpit eloquence, eloquently sums up as "the benefits of [ water ] Baptism," and says, [ Quote ]: the "Baptized" are free saints, justified, sons, heirs, brothers of CHRIST, co-heirs, members of CHRIST and his temple and organs of the SPIRIT. [ End Quote ].



19. Gergory of Nazianzus, . . . [ A.D. 329-390 ] was a most influential theologian of the Eastern Church. He said, [ Quote ]: "The Word teaches us that generation is threefold, that of our Bodies, that of [ water ] "Baptism," and that of resurrection." [End Quote].



20. Cyril of Alexandria, . . . [ A.D. 376 - 444 ] says, [ Quote ]: "We have been "Baptized" not with water alone, . . . but with the HOLY SPIRIT and fire." [ End Quote ].



21. Augustine, . . . [ A.D. 354 - 430 ] had more influence on the Church until this day than any other Church Father. He said, [ Quote ]: "The [ water ] 'Baptism' of infants is necessary, so that they who by their generation are subject to condemnation, may by regeneration be freed from it." Again: "The force of that sacrament is such that he who is once regenerated by it, etc." [ End Quote ].



22. These few quotations of the leading Church Fathers make it unmistakably clear that they all taught the doctrine of what is now known as baptismal regeneration. These godly men by disregarding the Pauline teaching of leaving the water "Baptism" and cleaving to the one glorious "Baptism" of our identification with the risen LORD have led the historical Church astray on the doctrine of "Baptism." Is it any wonder that water "Baptism" advocates are brain washed concerning the water ritual in our own Grace Age?



23. Most revolting of all is that many Protestants have taken from Rome the doctrine of infant damnation of the unbaptized children. The Roman writer Fulgentius had taught [ Quote ]: "that the unborn offspring dying in the mother's womb, or just after birth, being unbaptized, must be punished by the eternal torture of undying fire. He said, although they have committed no sin of their own, they have nevertheless drawn with them the condemnation of original sin by their carnal conception and nativity. [ Unquote ] Another medieval theologian gave the assurance that babes not a span long were crawling unbaptized over the floor of hell. This is superstition and cruelty combined. Dante in his teaching concerning the - Inferno of suffering in hell - the [ "limbus infantum" ] . . . that hell is full of unbaptized children, but this was and is the ungodly Roman Catholic view.



24. The old Puritan theologians did not fully renounce the ancient Roman leaven. Baxter wrote: [ Quote ]: "We are made new creatures when we are "Baptized." Polle's Annotations identify "water Baptism" with regeneration and so do many Puritan expositors. The Presbyterian Churches also teach a mysterious sacramental union between the sign and the thing signified. Thus, they teach that water "Baptism" secures all the benefits of the covenant of Grace. Calvin also has many benefits conferred on us by "water Baptism."

25. To use Calvin's own words: [ Quote ] "We are the children of GOD, because we have put on CHRIST in [ "water ] Baptism," [ Unquote ] and he used many statements similar to this. Many Amillennialists theologians have followed in the footsteps of their master. Beza says that we are to be "regenerated by His SPIRIT in [ water ] "Baptism." Many of the great Dutch theologians, as Kramer has pointed out, spoke the same way about water "Baptism."

26. The Congregational Churches declared in the Saybrook Platform "that by the right use of this ordinance the Grace promised is really conferred by the HOLY SPIRIT. They teach that water "Baptism" is a sign of regeneration, which shows what Grace is conferred in that rite, and that it is the means of introducing us into the family of GOD." In the System of Theology, T. Dwight makes of born of water in { John 3:5 } "water Baptism."



27. Certain Christian denominations teach water "Baptism" for the 'remission [ forgiveness' ] of sins. As proofs they point to { Mark 16:16 }: "He that believes and is "[ water ] Baptized" shall be saved." Then concerning { John 3:5 } that says: "Except a man be born of water and of the SPIRIT, he cannot enter into the kingdom of GOD" they use this verse to prove their point. Where the text in { Acts 2:38 } states: "Repent and be "Baptized," every one of you, in the name of JESUS CHRIST, for the remission of sins;" they use as further proof of their baptismal regeneration theory, just as they use { Romans 6:3-4 } for the same theory. But, theory is just what it is, it certainly is NOT "Biblical truth!"

28. The doctrine of the Baptist denominations are that we should be "water Baptized" because our sins have been forgiven. The Amillennialists [ such as the Church of CHRIST ] strenuously hold that we should be "Baptized in water" in order to have our sins forgiven. The little word "eis" used in { Acts 2:38 } can never mean "on account of," but must of necessity mean here as expositors admit; "IN ORDER TO, with a view to obtain. . . . It is the blunder of blunders that they did not distinguish between Israel and the Body of CHRIST. [ End Quote by "Harry Bultema" from No. 8 above through No. 28 ].

29. Commentary . . . The average article that has been written concerning "Baptism" has primarily been to prove how to "Baptize" folks, and which mode should be used to perform the ritual. Many times history books of one type or another are used to prove what men themselves believe to be the right way according to their own particular belief. History books of every kind are great to study, but the writers of history are prone to disagree it seems, with practically every subject that occupies their minds.

30. As far as Church history is concerned, it can never take the place of the teachings of the Holy Bible, the Bible alone gives us the correct truth of what the LORD wants His people to comprehend. When studying "Baptism," it has been found that the denominations as a whole have strayed away from the Word of GOD to the point where much brain washing has taken over, and confusion abounds in the minds of the average Child of GOD.

Confusion, Confusion! . . .

31. In this study we hope to clear up this confusion in the following lessons. Although the Bible clearly teaches the vast difference between the earthly people Israel and the heavenly people, in the Body of CHRIST. Protestantism has almost " totally followed Romanism" in this identification and so have taken over the ancient legal rituals of the Israelites. Many folks have in the past expressed a need to deal with each reference in the Word of GOD where "Baptism" is referred to. A chronological study such as this will enable any Bible student to have a better understanding of the subject which has been so highly controversial and divisive within the professing Body.

32. Actually, there are three different Dispensational pictures portrayed to us in the Scriptures since the beginning of the Mosaic Dispensation first began till this present time. This first one was called [ 1 ]: The Law and the prophets. [ 2 ]: The coming of CHRIST as King gives us a picture of the short 'Dispensation [ Administration' ] when the LORD began to teach about setting up His Millennial Kingdom. And [ 3 ]: The beginning of the present Grace Dispensation onward to its conclusion. The water "Baptism" of humans primarily began as a ritual after the LORD JESUS came on the scene. When John the Baptist "Baptized" the LORD JESUS in { Luke 16:16 } we have the old Law ending even though it was NOT fulfilled until CHRIST fulfilled it on His Cross. The LORD's first coming as mentioned in number two above and His three and a half year ministry on into the Acts period takes in His Millennial Kingdom calling and rejection of Himself as Israel's King. And then, the third Dispensation concerning the present Grace Period was presented to us by the Apostle Paul. There was a transition period beginning with the first coming of CHRIST that only ended at the end of the Acts period! And, this transition period is the principal cause for the confusion since the beginning of the Body Of CHRIST.

33. We believe that this "8 part message" will answer any question the student might have concerning the various "Baptisms" mentioned in the Scriptures. The best Theologians have spoken of spiritual "Baptism" as the real "Baptism" for this present age. In order to separate the spiritual from the ritual such as water "Baptism," we must go into much detail in the entire subject. Naturally, both spiritual and ritual "Baptism" are real in their Dispensational spheres. Spiritual "Baptism" in this age is more real because it has been sanctioned by the LORD and is continually enduring. On the other hand, ritual "Baptism" is performed by men in this present age, and in itself accomplishes nothing whatsoever except confusion. Paul stated . . .


34. Scripture: "We look not at things which 'are seen [ the physical' ], but at things which 'are not seen [ the spiritual' ]: for the things which are seen 'are [ visible ], temporal [ brief and fleeting' ], but the things which are not seen are eternal { 2- Corinthians 4:18 }."


35. Commentary . . . The above title of our message has been chosen to give a better understanding between these different "Baptisms." The truth about ritual "Baptism" has been expressed in several places in the Scriptures. Because of the great controversy among the majority of professing Christians it has been a proven fact that they know nothing but the ritual and seem to be completely blind concerning the existence of real "Baptism" for this Dispensation!

36. We sincerely pray that this message will tend to awaken some folks to comprehend that only real Scriptural "Baptism" can make one a member of the Body of CHRIST. Should a people put their faith primarily in the ritual "Baptism" for salvation and fail to receive the real, they will not become Children of GOD. Also should folks receive the true spiritual "Baptism" that has made them Saints of the LORD and bestowed upon them the blessing of becoming members of the Body of CHRIST, then the question must be asked . . . what reason is there for a ritual???

37. We will teach the various "Baptisms" in the following Scriptures under different headings, therefore, should our readers agree or disagree with our message, at least they will have been shown what the Scriptures have expressed concerning this particular subject. We have checked and cross-checked all our references from Strong's Exhaustive concordance, the Hebrew and Greek Interlinear plus scientific data from other well-known scholars, thus you can therefore, be sure that the list of reference is exhaustive.

Write Down The Answers To The Questions That Are Associated With This Above Lesson . . .

38. [ 1 ]: What do the best Theologians say about the true "Baptism" for this present age of Grace? . . . What type of "Baptism" is it?

39. [ 2 ]: What does ritual "Baptism" do for mankind during this age of Grace? Is it sanctioned by the LORD?

40. [ 3 ]: What kind of study should one make concerning "Baptism?"

41. [ 4 ]: Is "Baptism" a controversial subject? . . . Can Church History be counted as truthful concerning "Baptism?"

42. [ 5 ]: Should we pay strict attention to what a certain denomination teaches about "Baptism," or, should we ignore the denominations and stick strictly to what the Bible teaches about the subject?

A Class teacher should add many other questions to this above List!


[ Lesson 2. ] There Are Five Different Words Concerning Baptism

That We Will Discuss Below . . .

1. "Baptism" [ 1 ]: Commentary . . . "Bapto." This word refers to "Dip," and has been used 3 times in the new Testament. Dip does NOT refer to a ritual "Baptism," it is only associated with other words concerning "Baptism." When this word is used it is associated with a cloth when the cloth is dipped into a certain color of dye to change one color to another, see { Luke 16:24; - John 13:26; - & - Revelation 19:13 }. Charles Baker says . . .

2. "Baptism" [ 2 ] . . . "Baptizes." In Greek nouns the suffix, tes [ long E as in prey ], indicates the agent performing the action and is mentioned 14 times in the N.T, it refers to John the Baptist the forerunner of the LORD JESUS. This word hasn't any doctrinal bearing. It is referred to in: { Matthew 8:1; - 11:11-12; - 14:2,8; - 16:14; - & - 17:13. } See also { Mark 6:24-25; - 8:28; - Luke 7:20, 28; - & - 9:19 }."

3. "Baptism" [ 3 ] . . . "Baptizo." Pronounced [ Bap-tid'-zo ]. This is the verb meaning to "Baptize" and is always used in this way except in the book of { Luke Ch 11:38 }, where the word "washed" is used. This word is mentioned 80 times in our New Testament. There is, one reference alluded to in { Mark 6:14 }, and the participle form of the verb is used of John the Baptist who is performing the "Baptizing" ritual.

4. "Baptism" [ 4 ] . . . "Baptisma." In Greek nouns, the 'ma' at the end of this word is speaking of that which is the result of the action of this "Baptism" which is expressed in the verb. "Baptisma" is continually interpreted "Baptism" and is mentioned 22 times in our New Testament.

5. "Baptism" [ 5 ] . . . "Baptismos." The letters 'MOS' at the end of this word refers to the action of the verb, and the word in our N.T. "Baptismos" is mentioned 4 times. The correct translation of the word is mentioned 3 times as "washing" and the other time as "Baptisms," Read { Hebrews 6:2; - 9:10; - & - Mark 7:4,8 }. The total usage of "Baptismos, Baptisma and Baptiso," are written 106 times in 91 verses of the Scripture. In the N.T, there are 12 "Baptisms" mentioned and only 5 of them have anything to do with a water ceremony.

[ 1 ]: Being "Baptized" into Moses.

[ 2 ]: The "Divers Baptism's" of the Law.

[ 3 ]: Traditional Hebrew "Baptism."

[ 4 ]: John the Baptist's "Baptism" of the Israelites for the 'remission [ forgiveness' ] of sins.

[ 5 ]: CHRIST being "Baptized" by John the Baptist to fulfill all righteousness.

[ 6 ]: The Pentecostal "Baptism" for the 'remission [ forgiveness' ] of sins.

[ 7 ]: CHRIST "Baptizing WITH" the HOLY SPIRIT, and with power.

[ 8 ]: The Death "Baptism."

[ 9 ]: The "Baptism" of fire.

[ 10 ]: "Baptism" for the dead.

[ 11 ]: The typical "Baptism" of Noah's Ark.

[ 12 ]: The HOLY SPIRIT "Baptizing" into the Body of CHRIST.


6. The following questions and answers should be written down in a note book to keep in the students own library for future reference.

7. Later on in this message the question will be asked . . ., "for what reason did the Apostle Paul practice "water Baptism" and thus for only short period of time when he made clear that "Baptizing in water was NOT associated with his Commission?" We will likely mention this several times in these lessons!

8. Also in one lesson, we will study the mode of the different "Baptisms" and several conflicting denominational interpretations concerning water "Baptism."

Write Down The Answers To The Questions That Are Associated With This Above Lesson . . .

9. [ 1 ]: Ceremonial "Baptism" is certainly mentioned in our Bible, but how many of these "Baptisms" are there that haven't been referred to as a ceremonial "Baptism" in water?

10. [ 2 ]: The question is . . . How many "Baptisms" are found in our N.T. What are they?

11. [ 3 ]: How many times are the words "Baptismos, Baptisma and Baptizo" found?

12. [ 4 ]: What to you is an indication that "Baptismos - & - Baptizo" have nothing to do with immersing in water?

13. [ 5 ]: Narrow down these 3 words and count the different texts where they are found.

14. [ 6 ]: Concerning the basis of this study, what are the 3 Greek words which are used for these different "Baptisms?"

15. [ 7 ]: If you believe that there is a particular "Baptism" that one must have in order to become a Christian . . . Which one would you say is the right one? Is it ritual or spiritual?

16. [ 8 ]: This question should be asked, do you as a Child of GOD admit that all the Bible is true? . . . On the other hand do you believe that Christians on the average can differentiate between a ritual and a spiritual "Baptism" for a Child of GOD today?

17. [ 9 ]: Will you explain what a true genuine "Baptism" during our Present Body of CHRIST period consists of? Please note the answer!

18. [ 10 ]: Can Church History give the true answer for all your questions?

19. [ 11 ]: Should one search for his or her answers to Biblical questions in the history books?

20. [ 12 ]: According to the history of the Body of CHRIST, what is there about "Baptism" that has been substantiated as being clearly defined?

21. [ 13 ]: Are you a person that has accepted what has been taught about "Baptism" from your denominational doctrine?

22. [ 14 ]: Concerning the history of the Body of CHRIST, do you believe that your Assembly teachings are completely reliable for doctrine and practice for today? . . . What is the Body of CHRIST? . . . See { Colossians 1:18; - Ephesians 1:22; - 4:12, 24-25; - Romans 7:4; - 11:4-5; - 1- Corinthians 6:15; - 10:17; - & - 12:20, 27. }


A Class teacher should add many other questions to this above List!


[ Lesson - 3. ] "Baptized . . . 'WITH' The SPIRIT" By The LORD JESUS CHRIST" . . .

1. Commentary . . . We will now consider each and every word where "Baptism" occurs when the name of the HOLY SPIRIT is used. The contrast between "ritual Baptism" and "spiritual Baptism" must be well defined.


2. [ Number 1. ] Scripture: "I indeed 'Baptize' you with water unto repentance: but He that comes after me is mightier than I, whose shoes I am not worthy to bear: 'He [ CHRIST' ] shall "Baptize" 'you [ Hebrew Believers' ] "WITH" the HOLY 'SPIRIT [ Greek' ], and with fire, { Matthew 3:11 }."


3. Commentary . . . We also find that in { Mark 1:8; - & - John 1:33 }, these same words by John the Baptist are repeated by these Apostles.


4. [ Number 2. ] . . . { V. 4 } Scripture: "And being assembled together with them, commanded them, that they should not depart from Jerusalem, but wait for the promise of the FATHER, which says He, you have heard of Me,

5. { V. 5 }: For John truly "Baptized" with water; but you shall be "Baptized WITH" the HOLY 'SPIRIT [ Greek,' by the LORD JESUS CHRIST ] not many days hence, { Acts 1:4-5 }."


6. Commentary . . . The reader should observe that this "Baptism" took place on the Hebrew feast day of Pentecost.

7. [ Number 3. ] . . . Some 10 years later the LORD commanded Peter to go and preach to 'Cornelius [ who became a proselyte' ]:


8. { V. 15 } Scripture: "And as I begin to speak, the HOLY 'SPIRIT [ Greek' ] fell on them, as on us at the beginning,

9. { V. 16 }: Then remembered I the word of the LORD, how that He said, John indeed "Baptized [ 'Baptizo' pronounced 'Bap-tid-zo' ] WITH water;" but you shall be "Baptized [ by Me Personally" ] "WITH" the HOLY 'SPIRIT [ Greek,' ], { Acts 11:15-16 }."


10. [ Number 4. ] . . . Commentary . . . "WITH" this SPIRIT "Baptism" you will receive power from on high. This does not mean that at that time every Child of GOD performed miracles, just those who were called to do so. There is only one more verse where the name of the HOLY SPIRIT is used where the word "Baptism" is mentioned . . .


11. Scripture: "For by one SPIRIT are we all 'Baptized [ Baptizo ' ] into one Body, whether we be Jews or Gentiles, whether we be bond or free; and have been all made to 'drink [ living water' ] into one SPIRIT, { I- Corinthians 12:13 }." See { Ephesians 4:5 } which is synonymous with { 1- Corinthians 12-13 }.


Write Down The Answers To The Following Questions That Are Associated With This Above Lesson . . .

12. [ 1 ]: Who was it that "Baptized" WITH the HOLY SPIRIT?

13. [ 2 ]: What day was this "Baptism" given, and what type of day was it?

14. [ 3 ]: Who was it that was to wait in a particular place, and where was that place to be, why were they to wait there?

15. [ 4 ]: Who was Cornelius, was he a Jew or a Gentile? . . . Who was it that was sent to Cornelius?

16. [ 5 ]: How long was it after Pentecost when the Apostle want to Cornelius?

17. [ 6 ]: Do you know what a proselyte is? Discuss this with your class.

18. [ 7 ]: What does it mean when it says: "the HOLY SPIRIT fell on them? . . . as on us at the beginning?"

19. [ 8 ]: When the text states the following, what does it mean: "[ CHRIST ] shall 'Baptize you WITH' the HOLY SPIRIT, and with fire,"


A Class teacher should add many other questions to this above List!


[ Lesson - 4 ]. As To What These Various Scriptures Refer To . . .

1. Commentary . . . The average teacher when referring to these different passages, teaches that they all represent the same thing. These folks believe that this is the same "Baptism" that takes place today. They believe this because of the fact that this "Baptism" is always associated with the name of the HOLY SPIRIT, but this is certainly not true! The above { Matthew 3:11 } does refer to the same type of work that concerns the LORD JESUS CHRIST "Baptizing" folks 'WITH' the HOLY SPIRIT and power! But, number 4 above has a different meaning all-together.

2. [ Number 1 ]: in { V. 11 } above, JESUS is the one doing the "Baptizing." and if you will notice, He "Baptized [ Baptizo ], ... 'WITH' the HOLY SPIRIT." On the other hand Paul, makes clear that it is the HOLY SPIRIT today that "Baptizes" all Saints into CHRIST JESUS and into the Body of CHRIST. The work of the Trinitarian GOD is seen to be distinguished as not being the same in the Scriptures, in other words, each of their works are in many ways dissimilar. For one to expect the LORD JESUS to "Baptize" anyone into Himself can never make any sense. Have you ever read where the SPIRIT of GOD sent GOD's SPIRIT down on the day of Pentecost? The LORD JESUS is the one who sent the SPIRIT down to this earth to do a special work with the Human race.

3. As we have stated . . . on the day of Pentecost the LORD JESUS "Baptized . . . WITH the HOLY SPIRIT." In { 1- Corinthians 12:13 }, the SPIRIT of GOD performs the spiritual "Baptism" when He "Baptizes" a new Child of GOD into CHRIST. These are positively two separate and distinct "Baptisms!"

4. [ Number 2. ]: Where the "Baptism . . . WITH" the SPIRIT is mentioned on the day of Pentecost, the Body of CHRIST is not mentioned or referred to. 'Hebrews [ Jews' ] were the only people present that received such a "Baptism." It was several years after Pentecost when we read about the conversion of any Gentiles except proselytes who entered into the Hebrew order. The Hebrews who were "Baptized" on that Jewish Holiday did not become a part of the Body of CHRIST because the LORD's Body of saved Saints had not as yet commenced . . . i.e., it did not yet exist. See what Paul says . . . { Ephesians 3:1-9. }

5. Therefore, the people remained as members of the Kingdom Dispensation, its Gospel, its ritualistic water "Baptisms" and its great Commission. The Scripture explains that they "continued daily in the Temple." These Israelites are nowhere mentioned as being separated from their Kingdom order that the prophets in the past had outlined. [ See our messages "Part One and Two concerning the Bride and Body of CHRIST." ]

6. The Apostle Paul made very clear in his Epistles that the hope of the Hebrew Nation to enter into a Millennial Kingdom order with a MESSIAH as the eternal King over the nation had been set aside to take place in a later Dispensation. The Apostle Paul had now been chosen to be the Apostle that would receive the knowledge of the present Grace Dispensation. He became the leading Minister, teacher and Apostle of this Dispensation of the Mystery, and of its Gospel and Commission.

7. After the completion of the Kingdom order being set aside, no longer would the Hebrews be the first to receive the knowledge of the Gospel. From now on anyone on this earth could be taught on an equal basis. There was now no difference between the Gentile or the Hebrew, all who would become Christians became equal after being born again into the Body of CHRIST. Since the beginning of this one Body Dispensation, the one real "Baptism" for this age was to take place. This one real "Baptism" would be given at the time of the conversion of the individual sinner into an adopted Child of GOD the FATHER! Read { Ephesians 4:5 } again.

8. [ Number 3. ] . . . The "Baptism . . . WITH" the HOLY SPIRIT at Pentecost, had been prophesied by the O.T. Prophet Joel, and this particular prophecy was primarily fulfilled on Pentecost when it had been carried out. On the other hand, some received this "Baptism" during the transitional Acts period which we will speak of later in our message.


9. { V. 16 } Scripture: "But this is [ the beginning of ] that which was spoken by the prophet Joel;

10. { V. 17 }: And it shall come to pass in the last days, said 'GOD [ JEHOVAH' ], I will pour out of My SPIRIT upon all 'flesh [ of mankind' ]: and your sons and your daughters 'shall prophesy [ telling forth the Divine counsels' ], and your young men shall see visions [ that is, Divinely granted appearances ], and your old men shall 'dream [ Divinely suggested ] dreams,' { Acts 2:16-17 }." See { Isaiah 65:20-25 }.


11. Commentary . . . The fulfillment of the above prophecy is two/fold, only the first part was fulfilled on Pentecost. When the student studies the Scriptures he will find that many verses in the Bible have more than one meaning. The Hebrews at Pentecost when "Baptized" with the HOLY SPIRIT were "Baptized" with the power to perform Kingdom miracles, and to also be blessed by receiving the outpouring of these miracles themselves.

12. Many of them were gifted to perform all those miracles that were performed during the Acts Administration that followed Pentecost, onward till the Apostle Paul turned his back on Israel as a nation for the last time in { Acts 28:28 }. These particular miracles began and ended during the Acts Dispensation and will not begin again until the Tribulation Period begins after the Body of CHRIST has been Raptured from this earth. See { 1- Thessalonians 4:16-18 }. The prophecy in Joel states . . .


13. { V. 28 } Scripture: "And it shall come to pass afterward, that I will pour out My SPIRIT upon all flesh; and your sons and your daughters shall prophesy, your old men shall dream dreams, your young men shall see visions:

14. { V. 29 }: And also upon the servants and upon the handmaids in 'those [ very last' ] days [ when MESSIAH returns to rule over them ] will I pour out My SPIRIT.

15. { V. 30 }: And I will 'show [ signs and' ] wonders in the Heavens and in the earth, blood and fire, and 'pillars [ columns' ] of smoke. [ "Atomic war" ]. See { Isaiah 13:5-6; - 24:3-6, 20-23; - Jeremiah 25:29-38; - Zechariah 14:12-13; - & - Malachi 4:1 }.

16. { V. 31 }: The sun shall be turned into darkness, and the moon into blood, before the great and the terrible day of the LORD come. See { Luke 21:25-32; - Joel 2:30-32; - 3:15; - Matthew 24:29-30; - Ezekiel 32:7-10; - Isaiah 13:9-10; - 30:26; - Philippians 2:9-11; - Romans 11:26-27; - Revelation 6:12; - & - 8:8-9 }.

17. { V. 32 }: And it shall come to pass, that whoever shall call on the name of the LORD shall be 'delivered [ saved' ]: for in mount Zion and in Jerusalem shall 'be deliverance [ for those who escape' ], as the LORD has said, and in 'the remnant [ of survivors' shall be those ] whom the LORD shall call, { Joel 2:28-32 }." . . . See { Zechariah 13:8-9; - Hebrews 2:14-15; - 12:15; - Ephesians 6:10,12, 17; - 2- Corinthians 4:3-4; - 1- John 1:9; - Proverbs 28:13; - John 3:3-6, 36; - Matthew 23:39; - Acts 2::17-21; - & - Romans 10:13 }.


18. Commentary . . . I.e., afterward { V. 28 } above "Israel's future repentance and restoration" { Zechariah 12:10; - & - 13:1 }, in connection with the Second Advent of CHRIST, as witnessed by portents of { V. 30 } see { Acts 2:16-21 }. The HOLY SPIRIT will then be poured out on all classes of Hebrews that are on the earth who have become a part of the believing remnant of the Hebrew people { V. 32 }.

19. The Apostle Paul was very explicit in his explanation concerning the time element of the beginning of the Body of CHRIST. The student should read and study { Ephesians 3:1-9; - & - Colossians 1:25-29 } very carefully! Until Paul came on the scene as the one Apostle for the Gentiles, he makes clear that the Body of CHRIST and its Gospel had been hid in the LORD. Thus, this "Mystery Gospel" had not been revealed to anyone until Paul received it along with his Commission to teach it directly from the risen CHRIST several years after Pentecost:


20. Scripture: "How that by revelation He made Known unto me the mystery [ as I wrote before in few words, { Ephesians 3:3 }."


21. The above verse Paraphrased in commentary form . . . Scripture: "How that 'by a special' revelation 'He CHRIST' made 'known and intrusted' it 'unto me and I was allowed to comprehend it' the 'mysterious secret'; [ as I wrote before in few words, { Ephesians 3:3 }."


22. Commentary . . . The mystery, was not something 'mysterious [ in a modern sense' ] but something unknown until revealed to the initiated. The mystery spoken of here is not speaking necessarily about the Gentiles being blessed [ for that had been predicted in the O.T. ], but that the Hebrews and the Gentiles alike who would be reborn into the family of GOD, would then become equal as heirs in the one Body of CHRIST in this Grace Dispensation. Very diligently - observe { V. 6 } below.

23. This had not been revealed in the O.T, prophetic Scriptures but was now revealed to the Apostle Paul here in the N.T! Concerning the Apostles and Prophets mentioned in { V. 5 } below, the student should research the Scriptures that speak of the Apostles and Prophets who were followers of the Apostle Paul. There were several mentioned other than CHRIST's 12 Apostles! Speaking of that which refers to Paul's Gospel . . .


24. { V. 25 } Scripture: "Now to him that is of power to establish you according to my Gospel, and the preaching of JESUS CHRIST, according to the revelation of the Mystery, which was kept secret since the world began,

25. { V. 26 }: But now is made manifest and by the Scriptures of the Prophets according to the commandment of the everlasting GOD, made known to all nations for the obedience of faith, { Romans 16:25-26 }."


26. The above two verses paraphrased in Commentary form . . . { V. 25 } Scripture: "Now to him that is 'of power being able to establish and strengthen' you in the faith according to "my Gospel, NOT the Gospel of the Kingdom but the Gospel of the Mystery" and the preaching 'of that which concerns JESUS CHRIST the MESSIAH,' according to the 'revelation - the unveiling' of the Dispensation of the Mystery of the plan of redemption for this age of Grace, which 'was kept secret and in silence from all previous ages' since the world began, { V. 26 }: But now is made 'manifest - disclosed' and by the 'Scriptures of the Prophets i.e., through the prophetic Scriptures in the past ages' according to the commandment of the everlasting GOD is to be, made known 'to all nations by Paul, and through the other Apostles and Prophets whom Paul had passed this information to' for the obedience of faith and to win them to obedience to the faith, { Romans 16:25-26 }."


27. { V. 4 } Scripture, "Whereby, when you read [ this ], you may understand 'my knowledge [ and insight' ] in the mystery of CHRIST,

28. { V. 5 }: Which in other ages was not made known, unto the sons of men, as it is now revealed unto His holy apostles and prophets by the SPIRIT;

29. { V. 6 }: That the Gentiles should be fellowheirs, and of the same Body, and partakers of His promise in CHRIST by the Gospel, { Ephesians 3:4-6 }."


30. The above { Vs. 5-6 } paraphrased in commentary form . . . { 5 }: This mystery which in other ages was "not made known and never disclosed to human beings in past generations," neither, unto the sons of men, as it is now revealed unto 'His holy apostles and prophets and consecrated messengers' by the HOLY SPIRIT Himself. And, { 6 }: It is just this that 'the future born again Saints out from the' Gentiles should be 'fellowheirs with the Hebrews', and 'members of the same Body of CHRIST from now on', and will be joint partakers thus sharing in His Divine promise in CHRIST 'BY and through their acceptance of the glad tidings of' the Gospel, { Ephesians 3:4-6 }."


31. Commentary . . . The truth is, the "Baptism WITH" the HOLY SPIRIT mentioned by the prophet Joel which occurred at Pentecost definitely is much different than the spiritual "Baptism" that is received when a sinner becomes born again today. After being reborn into the family of GOD the FATHER, the new convert today is immediately "Baptized" into the Body of CHRIST by the HOLY SPIRIT during this Age of Grace. This shows the difference in the present SPIRIT "Baptism" which forms the Body of CHRIST and gives proof that none of the prophets before Paul knew anything about the Christian Body of today. They certainly never ever spoke anything about such a Body! See { Ephesians 3:9; - & - Colossians 1:24-29 }.

32. [ Number 4 ]: The "Baptism" that took place at Pentecost was experiential; the "Baptism" today by the HOLY SPIRIT into the Body of CHRIST isn't. There definitely are other unique difference between those two "Baptisms." CHRIST stated . . .


33. Scripture: "And 'behold [ take notice' ], 'I send [ forth' ] the promise of My FATHER upon you: but tarry you in the city of Jerusalem, until you be 'endued [ clothed' ] with power from on high, { Luke 24:49 }."


34. Commentary . . . This was the "Baptism WITH" the HOLY SPIRIT 'OF POWER' sent upon the followers of the LORD that they might perform the mighty works and miracles that were shown forth during the Acts transition period.


35. Scripture: "But you shall receive 'power [ ability, efficiency and might' when ], after that the HOLY 'SPIRIT [ Greek' ] 'is [ has' ] come upon you . . . { Acts 1:8 }." See also { V. 5 }.


36. Commentary . . . This is proven to be a "Baptism of power," and many miraculous demonstrations were performed. They heard a loud sound from the sky, it sounded as if a very forceful rushing wind was approaching. Cloven tongues that appeared like fire came upon the LORD's Apostles. They spoke mysteriously in foreign languages. This "Baptism" was 'so experiential [ of such an experience' ] that everybody in the City of Jerusalem was astonished. On the other hand, there isn't anything experiential about the spiritual "Baptism" we receive during this present Age.

37. Our "Baptism" is all-together different from the Pentecostal "Baptism," at that time when they received great power from on high, they knew that something miraculous had taken place in their lives. On the other hand, the "Baptism" of the HOLY SPIRIT today does not cause the new Child of GOD to feel that any special inner experience has taken place. In other words, we feel no experience at all when the HOLY SPIRIT seals us with the salvation of eternal life and places us into the Body of CHRIST. We just trust "BY Faith" that GOD has saved us when we placed all our faith in His promises that He had written in His Word - in our Bibles! See again { John 3:16 }.

38. Many have been taught that one must receive the gift of tongues, or perhaps one or more of the Pentecostal gifts in order to know that they are saved. They erroneously identify the outward works of water "Baptism" or perhaps something else - into the Body of CHRIST, with the Pentecostal "Baptism," and with various types of other manifestations following.

39. This writer had a man come to him and ask to be led to CHRIST. Therefore, we prayed, and he prayed the sinners' prayer, but since he did not receive any outward gifts that he could feel, he said that he was still not saved. The man had gone to many ministers before he decided to approach me, and each time the same thing had happened to him. The trouble with him was that he was trying to receive salvation through something other than faith. He wanted the manifestation of outward miraculous demonstrations to take place to prove that he was saved. He could not accept the fact that one could be saved by faith alone without the Pentecostal gifts.

40. There are many folks that believe that spiritual "Baptism" at Pentecost took place one time only and was never to take place again, therefore water "Baptism" has to be the "Baptism" for today. They believe this because they take { Ephesians 4:5 } out of its rightful context to prove their erroneous doctrine. There are others and many - many Ministers among them who believe and teach that { Ephesians 4:5 } means that the "Baptism" mentioned refers to HOLY SPIRIT "Baptism" but water "Baptism" was to be added afterward. This also is an erroneous doctrine!

41. We believe that enough proof has been given thus far that the Pentecostal "Baptism WITH power" to perform outward manifestations concerning miraculous works was never repeated after the end of the Acts Period. We enlarge on the fact that we find no proof in the Bible or in History that the "Baptism" of Power ever followed after A.D. 70. when the Israelites had been dispersed into the worlds' nations. We also believe that we have proven that "Baptism" of the Child of GOD today is far different from the "Baptism" with power or with any type of a water ritual at Pentecost or during any previous Dispensation.

42. [ Number 5 ]: Cornelius in { Acts Ch. 10 } as any good student of the Scriptures can tell, was "Baptized" with the Pentecostal "Baptism" of power. This was the same "Baptism," that was bestowed upon the followers of CHRIST by the LORD at Pentecost. No outer manifestations of works follows GOD's Children when they have been "Baptized" by the HOLY SPIRIT during this Age of Grace. But, when one studies this particular text he finds that certain manifestations of works did follow the "Baptism" of Cornelius!

43. [ Number 6 ]: It has been understood by many students that these "Baptisms" are different. There are those who teach that both of these "Baptisms" are received by a Child of GOD today. They believe that when "unknown languages" are spoken . . . that this is proof that one has received the SPIRIT. The "Baptism WITH power" at Pentecost was the fulfillment of the promise given by the LORD JESUS sometime before Pentecost,


44. { V. 2 1 } Scripture: "Then said JESUS to them again, Peace be unto you [ just ]: as My FATHER has 'sent Me [ forth to you' ], even so send I you.

45. { V. 22 }: And when He had said this, He breathed on them, and said to them, receive [ 'admit ] you' the 'HOLY SPIRIT [ Greek' ] { John 20:21-22 }."


46. Commentary . . . JESUS said "receive you the HOLY SPIRIT," but they did not receive the "Baptism WITH power." Nor did they receive the HOLY SPIRIT indefinitely until later at Pentecost. On the other hand, as the prophets of old had received limited power to perform miracles during the law period, the 12 Apostles themselves did also receive limited power from GOD while they were following JESUS in His ministry, and this was during CHRIST's Kingdom Dispensational program, See { Matthew 9:35-38; - 10:1-15, - & - 18-20. } Remember Judas the betrayer had also had that same power to perform miracles. This meant that a great deal more was to take place when CHRIST's "Baptism" WITH the SPIRIT was yet to transpire in the Apostles future. At Pentecost, you will notice that two different things took place, the LORD's 'disciples [ followers' ] were filled with the SPIRIT . . . and the great power of GOD followed to empower many different people to perform miracles and to automatically speak in foreign languages without being able to speak or understand these different languages beforehand, see { Acts 2:1-12 }. And Paul, years after Pentecost, had acquired this same type of power and he was a great miracle worker!


Write Down The Answers To The Following Questions That Are Associated With This Above Lesson . . .

47. [ 1 ]: Concerning the HOLY SPIRIT "Baptism" in the first 5 books of the N.T. who do you think it was that performed this "Baptism?"

48. [ 2 ]: If you were asked about these three "Baptisms" what would be your answer? . . . How would you explain the difference in the . . . A: "Baptism 'WITH' the HOLY SPIRIT," . . . B: "BY the HOLY SPIRIT" . . . or C: "OF the HOLY SPIRIT?" . . . Which two of these expressions do you believe are the most accurate in the N.T? . . . Where are the texts to each of these "Baptisms found?"

49. [ 3 ]: Can you prove from the fourth chapter of the book of Ephesians, that two of these SPIRIT "Baptisms" are to be received by a new convert in this Age of Grace?

50. [ 4 ]: Do you accept or deny the fact that CHRIST's prophetic utterance in { John 20:22 } was in reference to the Apostles, that they would receive the "Baptism WITH" the HOLY SPIRIT on the day of Pentecost? . . . What took place after CHRIST's followers received this "Baptism?"

51. [ 5 ]: Who was it that performed the "Baptizing" In { Romans 6:3-4; - Colossians 2:12 - & - 1 - Corinthians 12:13 }?

52. [ 6 ]: Do you think that any of the above verses refer to ritual "Baptism" if so, then what part does the HOLY SPIRIT have in the ritual? . . . Where do you find in Scripture water being used in either of these verses or "Baptisms?"

53. [ 7 ]: Can you possibly find a difference in the "Baptism" of { 1- Corinthians 12:13; - Acts 1:4-5; - & - Acts 10:43-48 }? . . . What is the difference that you have found? . . . Which of these "Baptisms" apply to new converts today? . . . Did miracles follow any of these "Baptisms?" . . . What about { Acts 11:16 }, what type of "Baptism" is mentioned here?

54. [ 8 ]: In relation to prophecy in the O.T. does either of the "Baptisms" we have spoken of refer in any way to that period of time? If one is, then tell us which one and what you think about it.

55. [ 9 ]: When we speak concerning the fact that the Trinitarian GODHEAD contains three persons, GOD the FATHER, GOD the SON and GOD the HOLY SPIRIT, and yet being only one GOD. Why would you possibly believe that GOD the SON would be the one that performed the "Baptism" spoken of in { 1- Corinthians 12:13 }? Do you personally believe that He is the "Baptizer?" [ Why? ]

56. [ 10 ]: Is there a difference between the Gentiles and the Hebrews when some were "Baptized" at Pentecost and during the early part of the Acts period according to . . . Number - 7 above . . . and the "Baptism" spoken of in { 1- Corinthians 12:13 }? . . . Is there a difference as far as the 'Israelites [ Hebrews' ] are concerned in either "Baptism?"

57. [ 11 ]: Were either of these "Baptisms" experienced by the senses, that is, were they experiential of or pertaining to the senses of physical sensation and if so, how were they experienced?

58. [ 12 ]: If water "Baptism" in Israel's great Commission of { Matthew 28:19-20; - Luke 7:29; - & - Acts 2:38 }, is so important in our day, why is it that Bible teachers today are not preaching about it with the supreme urgency of the Apostle Peter, when he taught it in his day?

59. [ 13 ]: Water "Baptism" is a doctrine which Bible Seminaries do not provide a real clear positive understanding. The question is, without agreeing in a positive manner, how can they institute a true Scriptural program and teaching ministry on this subject when the faculty members cannot come to any positive understanding themselves? In other words, as a usual thing, they agree to disagree on the subject.

60. [ 14 ]: When the denominations are so controversial where "Baptism" is concerned, it is really a difficult Situation when a teacher tries to teach the truth of the subject. In other words, when the truth is taught, many people are so brain washed with Church doctrine other than Bible doctrine that College administrators and professors who teach the Bible may fear that their financial support may be cut off from the College. Do you think that this is one reason why practically all College professors will "NOT" take a stand for the Pauline way of teaching? . . . Could this also be one reason why they avoid teaching the one "Baptism" for the one Body of CHRIST of today?

61. [ 15 ]: Is it possible that most of the Theologians do not disagree between the different "Baptisms" that Paul and Peter taught?

62. [ 16 ]: Do you think the different denominations should compromise with each other or continue to remain separated as they are?

63. [ 17 ]: Do you believe that the LORD can be pleased with men of higher learning, or with anybody who will continually compromise on major Doctrinal themes such as "Baptism?"

64. [ 18 ]: What about those who may deliberately suppress the truth in order to hold a good paying position, can the LORD be pleased with such a person? . . . Do you think this may be taking place in some of our Assemblies and Colleges today?

65. [ 19 ]: If a student of the Scriptures cannot learn the truth about a major doctrine at a Bible Seminary or College, where would you suggest he or she go to get a good Christian education?

66. [ 20 ]: What do you believe the penalty will be for teaching false doctrine? . . . What will the penalty be if the teacher who teaches false doctrine is a Christian?

67. [ 21 ]: At Pentecost "folks were" "Baptized" with water { Acts 2:41 }, plus, they were "Baptized" WITH" the SPIRIT of GOD { Acts 1:5 }, how many "Baptisms" were bestowed on them at that time? Discus this with your class.

68. [ 22 ]: { Ephesians 4:5 } states that there is "One LORD, one faith, and one "Baptism." In the next verse we find that there is "One GOD and FATHER of all, Who is above all, and through all, and in you all." We also know that there is one Body of CHRIST and In { 1- Corinthians 12:13 } it is "One SPIRIT of GOD that 'Baptizes' new converts into the one Body." According to this, where do we find that water "Baptism" must be added to a Child of GOD in this age? . . . Isn't this one unity, between the one LORD and one Body? . . . Why add anything else? . . . Does this eliminate "ALL" works for salvation?

69. [ 23 ]: It has been stated that religion is of Satan and Christianity is of GOD. There are countless religions that are false but only one true Christianity! If we practice any religious rites that was once required for forgiveness of sins, isn't it a fact that we are casting reflections upon the finished work of the LORD JESUS CHRIST for our salvation?

70. [ 24 ]: Under CHRIST's Kingdom Administration even right up to the death of JESUS, animals were killed and blood sacrifices were offered for atonement that one might be reconciled to GOD. A certain type of "Water Baptism" was performed actually for the same reason, for the remission or forgiveness of sins, another form of atonement. Does this mean that we today should follow this ritual for atonement? If so then, can we really separate the "Baptism" of water from the blood offerings that was instituted at the same time? . . . If we are to perform one of these rituals why not the other? "A teacher should open for class discussion."

A Class teacher should add many other questions to this above List!


[ Lesson 5. ] When The SPIRIT Of GOD "Baptizes" One Into CHRIST's Body Of GOD's Children Today . . .

1. Commentary . . . When the Dispensation of the Mystery Gospel is taught by the Apostle Paul, what actually takes place? Along with the HOLY SPIRIT "Baptizing" new converts into the Body of CHRIST during our own age, all truly saved people receive the one "Baptism." They receive it at the time they are converted, and yet they have not all been immersed! Here is no possibility of ignorance or willfulness . . . no dodging the issue, because all Saints have this one "Baptism."

2. It is high time that this above knowledge should be emphasized and recognized. We never find any of this associated in any way with the power poured out on the Hebrews at Pentecost. The Bible verses already mentioned are those which concern the SPIRIT of GOD and "Baptism" before the Body of CHRIST was introduced into being by the Apostle Paul after he had received the revelation of GOD through the risen CHRIST. In some references that we have not as yet studied, there is no mention of the name of the HOLY SPIRIT even though they refer to Him.

3. Concerning Paul's praise found in { 1- Corinthians 1:13-17 }, this denotes the fact, that there cannot be any real spiritual blessing in water "Baptism" whatsoever. It is pointed out that beyond a shadow of a doubt there is no "Baptismal" Grace through a water ritual. Under no circumstances and for no reason whatsoever could and would Paul have ever thanked GOD for not "Baptizing," if there had been only the least blessing inherent in it. It has been objected that Paul thus thanked GOD with a view to the abuse made of his name and works. This is fully correct, but the deduction made from this fact is incorrect, now please pay attention, it was a stated rule and principle with our Apostle never to forsake a truth for the abuse of that truth.

4. According to this fatal principle mentioned above, we would have to surrender all truth, because it has been abused. People should think only of the doctrine of Grace and justification without the law of works. Though Paul knew that these truths were hated and abused, he never faltered to teach and to apply them boldly. What about redemption? Some folks frequently yearn for redemption, while sometimes forgetting that CHRIST is their redemption.

5. Many do long for their sins to be forgiven, while in CHRIST JESUS they have eternal forgiveness. These folks search for the true unity of Sainthood, while the HOLY SPIRIT millennia ago made a perfect, divine, and unbreakable unity, of Saints, { Ephesians 4:1-6 }. In Paul's estimate water "Baptism" could neither have been a confession of CHRIST nor of sin, for then he would have thanked GOD that so few had confessed CHRIST or their sin, and any such understanding makes no sense at all.

6. It must also be understood that the Apostle Paul didn't believe or teach that water "Baptism" was a matter of obedience of the Child of GOD because in that case he would have thanked GOD that so few had been obedient to CHRIST's Word. It is equally certain, that Paul saw no burial or resurrection in water "Baptism." It is completely unthinkable that he would have thanked GOD that none or a few only had been buried and raised with the LORD JESUS. Read again { 1- Corinthians 1:13-17. }

7. Therefore, how could "water Baptism" be performed for Children of GOD to acquire a good conscience? Should this be so, Paul would have thanked GOD that this was absent. All must admit that he did thank GOD for not being called to perform the "Baptizing" ritual. Paul would have never thanked GOD for not "Baptizing," if there had been any real benefit in it whatsoever.

8. One man asked: "If water "Baptism" was then deformed, why did Paul not reform it? Negatively, because Paul had no revelation from heaven about it, and positively, he knew that it was not GOD's order for this day of Grace, but had to disappear with all the signs and miracles given to Israel. Those in the Body of CHRIST are to live by faith alone and this excludes signs, visions, angelic visits, O.T. legalistic Biblical ordinances and material rites like "water Baptism."

9. It is a liberating union. Should Christians presently desire to comprehend what their position is before GOD, then they only have to ask what the standing of the LORD JESUS is before the FATHER. If JESUS is presently the Head of the Body of CHRIST, when He Himself was born under the law of Moses, { Galatians 1:3-6 }, and is 'NOT' now under the old Mosaic Law of commandments and ordinances of works, then neither are we! To teach that we today are under any part of the old law is teaching covenant theology!

10. Since JESUS is 'NOT' now under the rites and ritualisms of that old order as He definitely was under the Kingdom Gospel, { Romans 15:7,8 }, then neither are those who have been bought, and brought by Him to the FATHER unified through "water Baptism" into Him. All should know that we as adopted Children of the FATHER have been raised spiritually with JESUS in newness of life, see { Romans 6:5-14; - Colossians. 2:13, 20; - & - 3:1-4 }.


11. { V. 1 } Scripture: "If you then be risen with CHRIST, seek those things which are above, where CHRIST sets on the right hand of GOD the FATHER, see { Psalms 110:1 }:

12. { V. 2 }: Set your affection on things above not on things on the earth.

13. { V. 3 }: For you are dead, and your life is hid with CHRIST in GOD.

14. { V. 4 } When CHRIST, Who is our life, shall appear, then shall you also appear with Him in Glory, { Colossians 3:1-4 }." See { 1- Thessalonians 4:16-17; - & - 1- Corinthians 15:50-57 }.


15. The above 4 verses paraphrased in Commentary form . . . 11. { 1 } Scripture: "If you then be risen 'with CHRIST to a new life thus sharing His resurrection from the dead,' aim at and,: seek those 'things that are rich eternal treasures' which are above, where CHRIST' sets at' the right hand of 'GOD the FATHER', see { Psalms 110:1 }. { 2 }: Set your 'affection and your minds, and keep them' on things that are 'above the higher things', not on things that are on the earth. { 3 }: 'For as far as this world is concerned,' you are 'dead in CHRIST', and 'your new real' life is hid with CHRIST in the Trinitarian GOD. { 4 }: When CHRIST, Who is our life, shall appear, then shall you also 'appear with Him in the splendor of His Glory' on the day of the redemption of our bodies, { Colossians 3:1-4 }." See { 1- Thessalonians 4:16-17; - & - 1- Corinthians 15:50-57 }.


16. Commentary . . . The resurrection of the Body of CHRIST is going to bring fourth an all-embracive union. It should be well known among Saints of GOD, that we as true Children of GOD have been spiritually crucified. We have been buried, "Baptized," quickened, resurrected, ascended, seated, and hidden with the LORD JESUS CHRIST. All Saints will soon appear with Him in glory according to the Thessalonian verse above.

17. Isn't it amazing that the present Body of CHRIST was a unique mystery, and that it was hidden in the LORD for ages and generations according to Ephesians. 3:9-10; - & - Colossians 1:26-27 }. It is also most wonderful that it along with the one "Baptism" of { Ephesians 4:5; - & - 1- Corinthians 12:13 }, was revealed to the Apostle Paul, and this particular "Baptism" gives us the knowledge as to how we as GOD's Adopted Children became all oneness with our Saviour. Always remember that you as a Child of GOD have every right as GOD's Child through this adoption of GOD the FATHER to call yourself His Child with a capital C!

18. The evidence is clear that this one "Baptism" of the HOLY SPIRIT is GOD-ordained, and that man hasn't anything to do with it. This means that since man had absolutely nothing to do with this one "Baptism," neither can human officiators be required to perform any rituals or even be present when it is bestowed on Christians. This proves that any person can be saved under a shade tree or anywhere else and receive SPIRIT "Baptism" with nobody else in their presence!

19. Man has changed the LORD's Word and made a lie out of it by pushing it aside, and with his Phariseeism he has made a materialistic and ritualistic point of debate from it. A terrible sin has been committed, and is still being committed by modern Pharisees by going on to brain wash their congregations with the false teachings concerning ritualism. CHRIST's Holy Word and His one HOLY SPIRIT "Baptism" has been erroneously set aside and replaced by man with O.T. ordinances.

20. By accomplishing this brain washing, they have again placed the average Child of GOD back under the old order of the Israelites, and for what reason? Because it seemed to the so-called Church fathers of this present age, that rituals were such beautiful ordinances to behold. Assembly leaders still go on with this farce, this sham, because they cannot accept or believe their own Bible. Instead, these people listen to covenant theories taught and practiced by brain washed denominational teachers!

21. Modern Theologians in many respects have caused more harm to the Body of CHRIST then what is realized by the average Christian. Good Bible Ambassadors of the LORD must tell it like it is! Don't beat around the bush with false theories taught by the dictates of Romanism! The one "Baptism" has been made into a lie to where it - in most circles, has been made worthless and meaningless. Therefore, by accepting this kind of doctrine the average Saint of GOD has become as blind as the infidels in our midst. One well-studied Minister stated: "What could be more bold and blatant then the contempt of GOD's Word on the one hand and the high esteem for man's religion on the other hand? How sly on Satan's part to substitute an ancient rite for a glorious doctrine of union. While at the same time the false interpretation of a Jewish, legal rite has been read into this one glorious "Baptism" of { Ephesians 4:5 - etc." }

22. Wouldn't it be most wonderful if Christians would accept the Word of GOD in a literal rendering and not commit treason against it? Men today are trying to approach righteousness through works of unrighteousness when CHRIST, ages ago, was made Himself righteousness for men, and at this very time He is our righteousness! Folks in this age are seeking for purification by works of the flesh, they do not accept the fact that the LORD is right now pouring out on GOD's Children the highest level of blessings from the HOLY SPIRIT. Why do some Christians seek, pray and long to be more holy, I.e., why do they seek for outward manifestations to take place as proof of their salvation when their salvation has been assured in Heaven by the words of the LORD JESUS, and by the writers of His Word?


23. { V. 30 } Scripture: "But of Him are you in CHRIST JESUS, Who of GOD is made unto us wisdom, and of righteousness, and redemption."


24. The above { V. 30 } paraphrased in commentary form . . . "But it is from Him, the TRIUNE GODHEAD, that you have your life in CHRIST JESUS, Whom GOD made and gave us our wisdom from Himself, that is, He revealed to us a most wonderful and great knowledge of the Divine plan of salvation previously hidden. Therefore, manifesting itself as our Righteousness and thus making us upright and putting us in the right standing with Himself. And, the LORD being fully behind our Consecration . . . thus making us pure and holy; and bestowing on us our redemption . . . by providing our ransom on His Cross, from our eternal penalty for sin .


25. { V. 31 } That, according as it is written, 'He that glories [ boasts and proudly rejoices and glories' ], let him glory in the LORD, { 1- Corinthians 1:30-31 }." See { Jeremiah 9:24 }.


26. Commentary . . . Again we repeat, as we have before stated . . . Paul makes clear that he had received no Commission from the LORD to water "Baptize" anyone. If the Student doesn't believe this text, we wonder how many other Scriptures he fails to believe!


Write Down The Answers To The Following Questions That Are Associated With This Above Lesson . . .

27. [ 1 ]: Since JESUS was born and raised to adulthood under the Mosaic law, should we as Christians follow His earthly lifestyle in order to be CHRIST like? . . . Be careful with your answer!

28. [ 2 ]: During CHRIST's lifetime, animal sacrifices were offered for atonement. Since water "Baptism" was performed for the same reason, doesn't this prove that Saints today must be "Baptized" like JESUS was "Baptized" in order to follow Him as the Head of the Body of CHRIST?

29. [ 3 ]: If we are to perform one of these rituals today, then - why not the other?



30. Commentary . . . concerning the "jot" or one "tittle" of the Mosaic Law CHRIST talks about, the jot is the smallest Hebrew letter, 'yodh.' which looks like an apostrophe ( ' ). A "tittle" is a very small extension or protrusion on several Hebrew letters which distinguish these letters from similar ones. The point is that every letter of every word of the Old Testament is vital and will be fulfilled. See { Matthew 5:18; - & - Luke 16:17. } This means that if one is to obey even one of the O.T. Commandments or Ordinances that were to be obeyed only under the old Law, he must obey each and every one of the others!



31. [ 4 ]: Would you want to be guilty of placing your friends and loved ones under such law during this Grace period? GOD forbid! Grace, and pure Grace alone is what we are under today! NOT the works of the Mosaic Law, or the Kingdom ordinances!

32. [ 5 ]: When the Dispensation of the Mystery Gospel is taught by the Apostle Paul, what actually takes place, along with the HOLY SPIRIT "Baptizing" new born again Saints into the Body of CHRIST during our own age?

33. [ 6 ]: When one is "Baptized" in water today, afterwards, does he receive the same kind of power that was received by Saints of GOD at Pentecost? . . . Did you perform any miracles just after you were converted?

34. [ 7 ]: Can people be purified by performing any type of good works, if so what type of works could one do to become pure in CHRIST's sight? Give Bible text if you can!

35. [ 8 ]: If there is a visible Church and an invisible Body, is there a "Baptism" that can make one a member of both of them or perhaps just one of them? . . . Which one would it be, and what kind of a "Baptism" would put one there?

36. [ 9 ]: What is the Greek word for Church? . . . Is the word Church even in the Greek Bible text? . . . Read Your Greek text!

37. [ 10 ]: Is the place you go to attend a worship service a Church or an Assembly according to the Greek?

38. [ 11 ]: What does the word 'Ekklesia' mean, is it in your Bible? . . . Does it have more than one meaning?

39. [ 12 ]: To teach that one must be water "Baptized" in order to go all the way with CHRIST, would this be considered as legalism, ritualistic or purely Biblical, or could it be an old grandmothers saying? . . . Where can you find this saying in your Bible?

40. [ 13 ]: Why was the Dispensation of the Mystery and its Mystery Gospel hidden in GOD until revealed to the Apostle Paul?

41. [ 14 ]: It is said that the "Baptismal" ordinance is very beautiful to behold, is this why many folks glory in their water "Baptism?".

. . . What is beautiful about water "Baptism"? . . . Are folks more beautiful when they are soaked with water? . . . Are their clothes more beautiful when they are wet? . . . Why do people love this ritual, or any other ritual?

42. [ 15 ]: When one receives the "Baptism" of the HOLY SPIRIT, can he feel the SPIRIT come into him?

43. [ 15 ]: If one feels something come into him when he prayed for the SPIRIT to come into him, could it be a different kind of spirit that entered him?. . .Could another kind of spirit cause one to receive the gift of tongues or perform miracles? See { Isaiah 8:18-19. }

44. [ 16 ]: Where can one find a text that states one should pray for the HOLY SPIRIT to come into him? . . . Be careful now! . . . What kind of spirit might come into a person as a counterfeit?

45. [ 17 ]: What is the difference between a Saint, a Believer or a Christian? . . .

46. [ 18 ]: There are those who believe that a person must be voted into Sainthood, can you name any organization who teaches this doctrine?

47. [ 19 ]: Can a deceased Christian afterwards become a Saint?

48. [ 20 ]: Can you name a denomination that teaches their people to pray to, or through a deceased Saint or an idol of some sort? . . . Discuss each of these questions with your class!

A Class teacher should add many other questions to this above Lesson!


Continued in part two of this Baptismal message.