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Prophecy, fact or fiction?

Read the messages below and find out where your Eternity begins!

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Click Here - If the transition periods in the New Testament are not understood, there are many things in the                 New Testament that cannot be understood. 



Part 1  -  When all Israeli's receive the Great God, "Messiah", in the ancient land of Edom, at the city named Petra.                 Satan to this very day has everything in his mighty power, continually attempts to destroy God's people                   and same thing applies to Christian's today.  He wants to destroy all of us.

Part 2  -   This message concerns the land of Edom and the city Petra.  The question is, where is the place that                         the Jewish remnant will be living when they accept Christ as their Messiah and King during the last                           half of the tribulation period?

Part 3  -     What about that which converned ancient Edom?  What does history say about the strife that brought                      the wrath of Jehova against that wicked nation?  Who was the proginator at the end of the the Edomite                  kingdom? 





Part 1  - The Future Of God's Hebrew People and of Planet Earth

Part 2  - God's Compassion For Israel and God's Compassion Declared

Part 3  - Polluted Offerings To the Lord

Part 4  - The Lord's Table Profaned

Part 5  - The Sixth Prophecy Concerning Jesus Christ and His Law

Part 6  - That Which Concerns The Temples And The Priesthood Of Israel

Part 7  - The Relation To The Apostasy

Part 8  - Past Tense - The Crowning Of Joshua The High Priest

Part 9  - Israel Became A Worrisome Problem To the Lord Jehovah

Part 10 - The Apostle Peter's Confession and The Millennial Congregation - Proof of Christ's Deity

Part 11 - The Forerunner Of Messiah's Coming - The First Time

Part 12 - The Angel Of The Covenant

Part 13 - The Millennial Dispensation To Follow The Short Seven Year Tribulation Dispensation

Part 14 - The Sixth Charge That Jehovah God Held Against Israel - Was There Neglect In Bringing Their Tithes                          Into The Storehouse?

Part 15 - What About The Devourer, When Does It Come On The Scene?

Part 16 - That Which Concern's The Future Of The Hebrew People As Predicted By Prophets, Plus - And Interlude                     Of The Redeemed Of The Tribulation Period.




 The Trinitarian Godhead - The Three In One

 Part 1 Who Is God

 Part 2 -  The Trinity Referred To In The Old Testament

 Part 3To The Many That Are Left Behind

 Part 4 -  The Trinity Illustrated By Nature

 Part 5 -   Light Is A "Trinity

 Part 6 -   The Trinitarian God's Plan For The Human Race



 What You Should Do If You Are Left Behind - If many of your friends and family disappear

Part 1 Trouble, Trouble, What Are You Going To Think If Your Loved Ones Disappear Right Before Your Eyes

Part 2 -   The Great Tribulation Of Colossal Chaotic Judgments That Follow The Rapture Of God's Saints!

Part 3 -   To The Many That Are Left Behind

Part 4 -   The Lord Jesus As Messiah, He Teaches Israel About the Horrible Tribulation To Come.

Part 5 -   That Which Concerns The Name And Number Of the "Two Beasts" Of The Great Tribulation

Part 6 -   The Judgment Of The Two Beasts Of The "Day Of The Lord" and Their Continued Eternal Existence In The                                   Lake Of Fire  - Along With All Of Un-Saved Humanity!



The Destruction of Russia

Part 1 -  The Soon Destruction of Russia, Iran and other nations - Not if, but when!

Part 2 -  The Day of the LORD

Part 3 -  The invasion From Russia, and many other nations predicted

Part 4 -  Chapter 3 of Joel - The events of the Day of the LORD

Part 5 -  The Sixth Trumpet Judgment

Part 6 -  Syria - A Muslim nation who at present hates Israel

Part 7 -  The ancient & future "partial" demise of Egypt and her future desolation

Part 8 -  The funeral song & unveiling of the unseen world

Part 9  -  Will homosexuals go into the Tribulation Period

Part 10  - Many things today point to the soon coming of our LORD to Rapture us from this Earth



As It Was In The Days Of Noah, So Shall It Be At The End Of This Present Age

 Part 1 - Christ's Return - At His Own Allotted Time

 Part 2 - A Tremendous Increase In Knowledge Has Taken Place

 Part 3 - Pestilences In The Last Days

 Part 4 - Of These Are The Beginning Of Sorrows { Matthew 24:8 }

 Part 5 - We Believe That The Very End Of This Age Of Grace Is Upon Us

 Part 6 - The Prophetic Signs Concerning The Days of Noah! "The End Of All Flesh"

 Part 7 - The Scientific Approach To The Great Flood, And The Later Points Of Historical Events

 Part 8 - The Final Call, Death Was Never God's Desire For Mankind


                                                The Bride And Body Of Christ

Part 1The Various Churches - Congregations: Mentioned In Our Bible

Part 2 - The Great Commission For The BODY of CHRIST

Part 3 - Has Been revised and is listed at the top of the page.

Part 4 - The Five Resurrections Each Followed by A Judgment

Part 5 - The Many Covenant's Of Scripture

Part 6 - Will CHRIST have two brides in the future and much more


Part 8  - The BRIDE OF CHRIST - Foretold In The Song Of Solomon

Part 9  - The Different Temples Of GOD, Including The Millennial Temple For The BRIDE of CHRIST, plus "The                           Personal Temples Of The BODY OF CHRIST    




The Truth Concerning The 12 Baptism's In The New Testament

The One God Given "Real Baptism" For This Grace Age

Part 1 - Baptism With the Great Church Fathers

Part 2 - The Baptism Of Death In Romans


Part 3 - And Were All Baptized Unto Moses In The Cloud And In The Sea


Part 4 - The Lord's Ritual Baptism With Water, Performed By John The Baptist, To Fulfill All Righteousness And 

             Israel's Great Commission

Part 5 - What About The Sin Question?

Part 6 -  Many Believe That Babies Must Be Baptized In Order To Be Placed Under A Christian Covenant

Part 7 -  Why Did Paul Baptize When He Wasn't Commanded To Do So?

Part 8 -  The Synopsis Of Our Baptismal Message



Click Here -  The Continued Well Being With Harmony and Peace In Our Soul



Click HereFornication In The Last Days, and Throughout History


Prophetic Events That Must Soon Be Fulfilled

Part 1 - Prophetic Out-look World-Wide and The times of the Gentiles.  Plus: The Dispensation Of The Mystery

Part 2  - The Dispensation Of The Mystery According To Paul

Part 3  - John's Writings On The Book Of Revelation

Part 4  - The Parable Of The Fig Tree And Various Signs

Part 5  -  The Times Of The Gentiles, Spiritually

Part 6  -  When Messiah Has Returned

Part 7  -  The Son Of Man, As Conqueror




Click HereVarious Lessons Concerning Sanctification and the Second Blessing




Part 1 -   Law versus grace.

Part 2 -   Will man rob God?

Part 3 -   Are ordinances an order for the body Of Christ to obey during this present age of grace?

Part 4  -  Were any old testament legalistic ordinance that were nailed to the cross of Christ, passed on to the                      present grace period.

Part 5 -   The law of bondage was a hard task maker .  But Jesus still offers the unsaved a yoke that is easy and a                  burden that is light.

Part 6 -   Are we to condemn various ministers of God because they teach unsound covenant doctrine?

Part 7 -   Conclusion; What are the comment's of minister's and other Christian's concerning giving?





Various Theories Concerning The Rapture/Millennium: Pre, Post, Mid, Non, Pre-Wrath, Or Ah-millennialism

ballmv.gif - 1.65 K  Parts 1 - 3

ballmv.gif - 1.65 K  Parts 4 - 6

ballmv.gif - 1.65 K  Parts 7 - 10




Click -  The Significance Of Bible Numbers


Click -  What You Should Do If You Are Left Behind - If many of your friends & family disappear


Click -   PANIC...Will You Survive If You Are Left Behind?


Click -   Antichrist & The Mark Of the The Revived Roman Empire


Click -   The Great Prophecy Of "The Seventy Weeks Of Daniel", Possibly The Greatest O.T. Prophecy


Click -   Proof Of Christ's Second Coming (Bible Numerology)


          What "You" Should Know About Heaven!


Click -   What Are You Going To Do With The Lord Jesus Christ?


Click -   What The Bible Has To Say About Divorce

Click -   We Are Always In The Presence Of The Lord

Click -   The Prison Of No Return - Everything One Needs To Study About Hell

Click -   The Gift Of Tongues, Are They For Us Today?

Click  -   Is Mary The Mother Of God As Many Folks Today Are Teaching?

Click -   The Meaning Of The Biblical Word "Sheol", Which Refers To The Afterlife Of All Humanity!

Click  The Unpardonable Sin - Can We Commit This Sin Today?

Click -   Giants of the Old Testament and their origin and The origin of Satan - plus knowledge concerning demons.


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These messages also contain thoughts and excerpts from several great Bible teachers such as "Cornelius Stam, Charles F. Baker, Dave Hunt, Paul M Sadler, Clarence Larkin, Drs.: Jack Van Impe; David Webber; Noah Hutchings, Ernest R. Cambell, John Barela, Arno Gaebelein, Charles R. Taylor and others.

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